About How I Became a Pirate

Young Jeremy Jacob is digging in the sand at North Beach when he is greeted by Captain Braid Beard and his mates, and is recruited to help find the perfect digging spot for their treasure. Boarding the ship, the Captain introduces the boy to his pirate crew who share with him the ins and outs of a pirate’s life at sea. Jeremy is instructed on how to talk like a pirate and schooled in pirate manners and etiquette (or the lack thereof). In turn, Jeremy shares with them what a typical kid’s day is like and the wondrous game of soccer! The pirate world proves to have many surprises for Jeremy Jacob, not the least of which is when the fearsome pirate Sharktooth admits to him that he is really just a sensitive guy! When a storm arises, the skills of the crew are called upon to steer the ship to safety and Jeremy Jacob begins to wonder if the pirate life is really for him. But all is well and they arrive back at the beach in time for soccer practice – but not before they survey the area, following the map that Jeremy has drawn for them, leading them to the perfect spot to bury the treasure – his own backyard! They reminisce that it’s always good to go home and Jeremy realizes that the simple things in life, like a kiss and a warm tucking in at night, are among those that are most important. Parting is bittersweet, but before leaving,  the pirates assure Jeremy that they will be back if he ever needs them. He only has to fly the Jolly Roger, or he can simply find them at pirates-dot-aarrgh! A story of adventure and finding one’s own heart – a path that can’t be found on any treasure map!

Saratoga Children's Theatre

Saratoga Children's Theatre is a local non-profit organization! We are so happy to be back doing live theater! We have so many fun events this summer make sure you keep checking in to learn more!!