Mamma Mia! Cast

Isabel Asher (Sophie Sheridan)
Isabel is a senior and is so excited to pursue a BFA in Musical Theater in college after her experience with Sanford Performing Arts! Mamma Mia! is only her second full musical production at Sanford, but she is so grateful she’s had the opportunity to work with dedicated faculty and amazing friends. Sanford Performing Arts has offered her the most enjoyable and professional performing experiences that have prepared her for the future. Isabel wants to thank her parents, Clint Williams and Jennifer Kowalski for encouraging her in the performing arts, and she is so excited to take part in this wonderful show playing a dream role!
Amanda Belej (Donna Sheridan)
Amanda is beyond thrilled to be performing one of her dream roles! She fell in love with theater at the age of nine while playing the role of Flounder in The Little Mermaid Jr. She has enjoyed performing at several local theaters and some of her favorite credits include Katherine Plummer in Newsies (Stagelight at SALT Performing Arts), Miss Scarlett in Clue (Sanford Performing Arts), Spiker in James and the Giant Peach, Cinderella in Cinderella (Sanford Performing Arts), and Gertude McFuzz in Seussical (Limelight Performing Arts Center). When she is not on the stage, Amanda can be found target shooting with the Archery Club, writing songs, and playing D&D. Amanda would like to thank Mr. Williams, Mrs. Kowalski, and Kaylan Wetzel for their amazing instruction, inspiration, and encouragement. She would also like to thank the wonderful cast and crew of Mamma Mia! and all of her family and friends for their continued support! Amanda leaves us with these thoughts: “Sanford Performing Arts has been such an amazing experience for me and something I will value for the rest of my life. I hope the future generations of Sanford Performing Arts continue to make the magic I felt while going through this program. I cannot wait to see what the future brings for the underclass students. Sanford Performing Arts has been such a home for me and I cannot thank everyone enough.”
Jack Lazarski (Sam Carmichael)
Jack is appearing in his ninth Sanford Performing Arts production. Jack has performed in Beauty and the Beast, Bye Bye Birdie, Sanford Musical Revue, and Cinderella. Jack has also participated in stage crew for The Diary of Anne Frank, Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play, Assistant Stage Manager for Clue, and the Stage Manager for Dracula. Jack also sings in US Choir and Vocal Ensemble, as well as playing trombone for US Band and Jazz Band. Jack wants to thank his family and friends for always supporting him in the shows he performs in.
Sean Keiser (Bill Austin)
Sean is in eleventh grade and has been a resolute student of the performing arts during his tenure at Sanford. Sean started off his performing arts career in the musical Seussical the Musical in which he played a Little Who and an Angel. Sean has been in every aspect of the performing arts during his time at Sanford; he has been in choir and in band during middle school. Sean is also in Vocal Ensemble, an audition-based choir where he has enjoyed working with other students who share his love of the performing arts. Sean takes voice lessons at Sanford to improve every aspect of his voice to become a better musician. Sean has been in the musicals Beauty and the Beast, Bye Bye Birdie (in which he played Randolph MacAfee, one of the main characters), the Sanford Musical Revue, Cinderella (where he played Lord Pinkleton) and lastly Mamma Mia!, where he plays Bill, one of the three potential fathers to Sophie. Sean has also been in three plays at Sanford: Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play, Clue (where he was Mr. Body), and Dracula. Outside of Sanford Sean had the opportunity to be in Shrek the Musical as a part of Broadway Experience Student Theater. Sean enjoys everything music-oriented and cannot wait for his last couple of shows with Sanford Performing Arts next school year.
Aidan McDermott (Harry Bright)
Aidan is very excited for the opportunity to perform in his second big role this year as Harry, following his performance in the title role of Dracula this past fall. He has previously performed in a number shows in and out of Sanford, most notably being Footloose at the Everett Theater as Travis, an ensemble member in The Wizard of Oz for The Brandywiners and Colonel Mustard in Clue at Sanford last year. He would like to thank his family, friends and most importantly Mr.Williams, Mrs. Kowalski, and Kaylan Wetzel.
Victor Lowell (Sky)
Victor is a junior, and Mamma Mia! will be his first show with Sanford Performing Arts. Victor has always loved theater and particularly appreciates how Sanford Performing Arts allows him to act in such a welcoming and positive community. Victor has acted in a few smaller shows outside of Sanford, but is excited to bring his talents to a larger stage as the leading role of Sky. Victor loves playing soccer and running track as well as joining the Sanford Stream Team in the spring. He is one of the heads of the Sanford Chess Club and also goes to Sanford Archery. He would like to thank the entire music department for encouraging him to join Sanford Performing Arts. He can't wait to act alongside such a talented group of actors and stage crew.
Annabelle Bagdon (Tanya)
Annabelle, a junior at Sanford School, loves participating in plays and musicals. Mamma Mia! is her eighth Sanford Performing Arts production. Her first musical with Sanford Performing Arts was Beauty and the Beast in seventh grade which helped her realize her love for the performing arts. Since then she has been participating in shows such as Bye Bye Birdie, Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play, the Sanford Musical Review, Clue, Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz (with The Brandywiners), Dracula, and now Mamma Mia!. Sanford Performing Arts is incredibly important to Annabelle because it is an amazing community of students and teachers who are incredibly accepting and supportive in not only performing arts but everyday life. She has met some of her closest friends while working on productions and she is so thankful to have the opportunity again! Annabelle is also part of US Choir and Vocal Ensemble. Additionally, Annabelle was accepted and sang in the All-National Honors Choir in November. She sang and met many different talented musicians from around the United States, and is incredibly grateful for the experience. She continuously finds every opportunity to grow as a musician and performer and is incredibly excited about her first lead role in a musical. Up until this show Annabelle has always been in the ensemble. While Annabelle loves being in the ensemble, she is excited to take on this new challenge of a larger role!
Amelia Xu (Rosie)
Amelia has previously participated in the Sanford Musical Revue and Cinderella, with Mamma Mia! being her third show with Sanford Performing Arts. On the surface, Amelia and Rosie are opposites of each other in every way. While Rosie is like a fierce cougar that roams her forest alone, Amelia is the kind of humorously unthreatening raccoon you would find in the trash disposal behind an ACME. Rosie is set on the mentality that she doesn’t need a man unless a man needs her, while Amelia is instead a hopeless romantic that spends every Saturday rewatching and crying over the same sad movies, including Call Me by Your Name, Titanic, and many more. The real Amelia loves wearing semi-formal clothes and six-inch heels to school every day, but she’s just as ecstatic to trade in her heels and embrace the feisty, down-to-earth role of Rosie. Amelia would especially like to thank Clint Williams and Joanna Gates, who have both been infinitely valuable mentors in her career thus far, helping her not only to navigate her progressively maturing voice, but also teaching her the intricacies of stage presence and how to command her audience. Amelia would also like to give a shout-out to all of her friends who have kept her sane as she progresses through junior year, as well as her teachers that lovingly challenge that sanity in efforts to always make her a better person than she was the day before. Lastly, Amelia thinks it might just be necessary (just a little) to also mention her parents - Frank and Sunny Xu, the parents who share the silent, skillful love language of always remembering to buy Amelia’s favorite snacks from the grocery store, and who have had to endure so many car rides polluted with Amelia’s awful music taste. Amelia loves you so, so much.
Stella Adamopoulos (Lisa)
Stella is a senior this year and Mamma Mia! will be her sixth and final show with the Sanford Performing Arts program. In her senior year, she played Lucy Westenra in Dracula and Lisa in Mamma Mia!. In previous years, she has been in Cinderella, Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play, and the Sanford Musical Review. She also was a part of the stage crew for Sanford's production of Clue. She has also participated in other shows outside of the Sanford School Performing Arts Program including The Wizard of Oz, Annie, and High School Musical. In Geipel, besides performing in the shows, you can see her as a clarinet player in the US Band, a soprano in the US Choir, or taking vocal lessons with Mrs. Williams; she loves anything that has to do with music. Outside of music, she enjoys archery, soccer, and reading books with her friends in their book club. Stella hopes to continue her theater journey in college by double majoring in theater along with history as her other major. Stella would like to thank everyone involved in the show for making it so special and to thank the audience for coming. She will miss everyone in the Sanford Performing Arts program and will cherish all the great moments they have shared. She holds some of her best Sanford memories here and has learned so much and met so many amazing people. There is no place that makes her feel more at home than the Sanford Performing Arts program, and though she is sad to leave, she knows the program has prepared her for her next stage in life. She wants to give a personal shoutout and thank you to Mr. Williams, Mr. Molush, Ms. Derrick, Mrs. Williams, and Mrs. Kowalski for being the best performing arts teachers she could ask for. Now wiping her bittersweet tears away, she will perform for the last time on the Geipel stage. Oh Mamma Mia!, here she goes again, one last time. Enjoy the show, everyone!
Juliet Procope (Ali)
Juliet, currently a sophomore, is thrilled to be playing Ali in Mamma Mia! at Sanford, as it is one of her favorite shows. Previously, Juliet was in Sanford’s productions of Dracula and Cinderella, which were life-changing experiences! Before her Sanford career, Juliet was also part of the ensemble in Frozen Jr. The performing arts have always played a key role in Juliet’s life. Starting with the violin at age three, Juliet has been involved in the music department for as long as she can remember. While having just performed in National Harbor, MD, as part of the All-National Choir (sponsored by the National Association for Music Educators), Juliet also participates in the Delaware All-State Sr. Chorus, her parish’s choir, and Sanford’s US Choir and Vocal Ensemble. Juliet would like to thank Noel Williams, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Kowalski, Ms. Derrick, and, last but not least, Kaylan Wetzel for giving her such an incredible, impactful experience in addition to the many things she has learned. Juliet is forever grateful to the people and experiences of Sanford Performing Arts and cannot wait for future shows!
Nasir Kellman (Pepper)
Nasir Kellman has been very excited to be a part of Sanford Performing Arts since his freshman year. After his performance in Dracula, Nasir wanted to continue this program and continue the fun. This is his second show at Sanford School. Nasir would like to thank everyone who has come out and supported everyone’s passions. He hopes that he can continue this for as long as possible.
William Giardina (Eddie)
William is an eighth grade student and has been in two Sanford Performing Arts shows, Cinderella and Mamma Mia!, as well as this past summer’s The Wizard of Oz with The Brandywiners at Longwood Gardens. He is extremely excited to perform on stage with his first speaking role. He plays the piano, loves to act, and make short films. William thanks both the crew and cast for amazing rehearsals and hopes that you like the music and the performance.
Finley Anderson (Ensemble/Dance Captain)
Finley is a junior and is pleased to say that Mamma Mia! will be her eighth show with Sanford Performing Arts. She enjoys both being on stage as well as working behind the scenes, as she was previously the Head Props Manager for Clue this past year. Apart from crew, she was an ensemble member in Beauty and the Beast and Bye Bye Birdie, and most recently the Dance Captain for Cinderella and one of Dracula's Brides in Dracula this previous fall. At Sanford, she is an active member of the US Choir and enjoys studying voice with Noel Williams. Whether she is helping Mrs. Kowalski with summer theater camps or simply attending advisory, Finley has loved all of the time that she has spent in Geipel. Finley enjoys photography, writing, and spending time with her friends and family outside of school.
Alex Asher (Ensemble)
Alex loves music and theater. He sings, plays the piano, and the ukulele. Alex was a band member of the bands The Junior Jammers and The Jammers. His first show was Beauty and the Beast as the Pepper Shaker at the Wilmington Drama League. Last year he played Michael in Elf also at the Wilmington Drama League, where he is a member of The Chrysalis Youth Committee. Currently, he is a member of 7/8 Chorus. He is very excited to be a part of Sanford Performing Arts.
Alyssa Bernard (Ensemble )
Alyssa is a seventh grade student at Sanford who has been looking forward to being in a musical for a long while. She has been to acting camp and is excited to take the stage this year and hopefully in years to come. She plays flute, is on the middle school dance team, and has been a part of choir for multiple years. She is excited to see all of you at Sanford’s performance of Mamma Mia!.
Sam Cascio (Ensemble)
Sam is in eighth grade and Mamma Mia! is his second Sanford Performing Arts musical. After seeing the Sanford Performing Arts performance of Anything Goes when he was in second grade, he knew that someday he wanted to be on the Sanford stage. Sam plays tenor saxophone in the 7/8 Band, sings in the 7/8 Chorus, takes voice lessons with Mrs. Williams and has been in the Delaware All-State Jr. Chorus. Sam was in the ensemble of the Sanford Performing Arts production of Cinderella last year. He is so excited to be in his second Sanford Performing Arts musical. He also would like to say thanks to his mom and dad for supporting him.
Campbell Eckard (Ensemble)
Campbell is currently an eighth grader and this is her second time in a Sanford Performing Arts production. Campbell is thrilled to be continuing her career at Sanford Performing Arts with Mamma Mia!. Before Sanford Performing Arts, Campbell starred in many roles such as the Host in What Could Go Wrong the Night Before Christmas? She was also the Lawyer in Turkeys on Strike, Munchkin/Ensemble in The Wizard of Oz, and the Once-ler in The Lorax. Last year Campbell also was accepted into Delaware All-State Jr. Chorus. She is in The Cheerios (Middle School Rock Band) and the 7/8 Chorus. Campbell came to Sanford two years ago (sixth grade) from St. Croix, U.S.V.I., and has loved it ever since. Outside of school, Campbell enjoys sailing, sewing, crafting, and hanging out with her friends. Campbell also enjoys her voice lessons with Mrs. Williams. Campbell would like to thank her parents for always encouraging her, and she would also like to thank Mr. Williams for always supporting her in all her endeavors.
Eliza Friedemann (Ensemble)
Eliza is extremely excited to be part of her first musical at Sanford. She has done many musical productions, her biggest musical being Suessical the Musical, Jr. last year. She also is in US Chior and is having such a blast both getting ready for the musical and being part of choir. Eliza would like to thank the cast and crew for making a dream come true with this production, and also her family and friends for supporting her throughout the entire process. Eliza hopes you sing along and enjoy the show!
Alice Goodall (Ensemble)
Alice is a freshman and she is very excited to be in Mamma Mia! for her eleventh year at Sanford School. She has been in Sanford's Cinderella, and the Sanford Musical Revue. She also enjoys participating in US Choir, in US Band on the oboe, and in the US Jazz Band on the piano. She enjoyed participating in Delaware All-State Sr. Chorus and Band last year as well. She has had an interest in music since she was little, playing piano most of her life and participating in the Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra for two years on the oboe. Thank you to everyone who is going to help make the amazing production come together. She can't wait for you to see the show!
Charli Harris (Ensemble)
Charli is a freshman, and Mamma Mia! will be her third musical performance at Sanford. Charli was four years old when she played the role of Gretl in the The Sound of Music in 2013. Starting from the age of three, she has taken various styles of dance with many different teachers. She was also a competitive gymnast for seven years. During her competitive gymnastics career, Charli was twice given the title of ‘State Champion’ in Delaware and Pennsylvania for her level and age group. In 2018, Charli participated in DEACDA Children’s Honor Choir, and last year she participated in Delaware All-State Jr. Chorus. This year she will be participating in Delaware All-State Sr. Chorus. For four years she took voice and piano lessons with Crystal Simms, and now she receives voice lessons from Joanna Gates. This past summer, Charli performed on the Longwood Gardens Stage in The Wizard of Oz with the Brandywiners organization. Other than performing arts, Charli enjoys fashion, listening to music, and cuddling with her dog, Langston. Charli would like to give thanks to her parents for encouraging and supporting her through everything she does. She would also like to thank Clint Williams for helping her so much throughout her performing arts journey.
Ada Henry (Ensemble)
Ada, currently in ninth grade, has been attending Sanford since she was in kindergarten. Mamma Mia! is her fourth show with Sanford Performing Arts; previously she has been in the ensemble of the Sanford Musical Revue and Cinderella. She also worked on costumes for the fall play this year, Dracula. Ada has been in several shows at the Wilmington Drama League, with her most recent being Matilda, The Musical over the summer. Ada takes violin and voice lessons with Joanna Gates and is a competitive Irish step dancer. An avid reader, she loves poetry, writing, and the performing arts, and is a member of US Choir. She would like to thank everyone who has made this show possible, as she has had so much fun rehearsing, and she hopes everyone enjoys the performance!
Audrey Honaker (Ensemble)
Audrey is a seventh grader who has been at Sanford since fourth grade. She has been in Sanford’s 5th and 6th Grade Play’s production of Law and Order: Fairytale Unit, and a Children’s Opera Box’s production of Hansel and Gretel. Audrey has been singing for her whole life, and is enjoying voice lessons and being a singer for Sanford's Middle School Rock Band. Audrey recently joined Sanford’s Middle School Dance Team to learn more about types of dances and how to perform them. Audrey loves to listen to music in her free time or even writing her own songs or playing piano.
Liam Jezyk (Ensemble)
Liam is a freshman and this will be his third year as a member of Sanford Performing Arts. As a seventh grader he participated in Sanford Performing Arts as part of the Sanford Musical Revue and he was a member of the ensemble in eighth grade for the production of Cinderella. This summer he was part of the ensemble for The Brandywiner’s production of The Wizard of Oz at Longwood Gardens and most recently he was a member of stage crew for Dracula. Liam has always loved music, plays piano, is a member of the US Choir, and also sings with the Sanford Vocal Ensemble. Outside of music, Liam is an avid reader and enjoys baking. Liam has also always taken a liking to sports and fitness. You can almost always find him on a soccer field or a tennis court. Liam would like to thank all of his amazing teachers, family, and friends for their continued encouragement and support. He also wants to give a shout-out to all of the cast, crew, and producers for keeping his dream alive.
Charlie Kahler (Ensemble)
Charlie is in eighth grade and has been attending Sanford since Pre-k. He is excited to be in his second Sanford theater production! Most recently Charlie re-opened the National Tour of The Lion King as Young Simba. You can also catch him in the movie “Better Nate Than Ever.” Enjoy the show!
Charlotte McLeod (Ensemble)
Charlotte is in eighth grade, and is thrilled to be a part of this year’s production, Mamma Mia!. This will be her second Sanford Performing Arts show, her first being Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella in 2022. Outside of Sanford Performing Arts Charlotte has been in other productions such as The Nutcracker, The Little Mermaid Jr., and Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. She is also a member of 7/8 Band and 7/8 Chorus. Charlotte enjoys vocal lessons with Mrs. Noel Williams, piano lessons with Mr. Clint Williams, soccer, and playing with her dogs Frankie and Bobby. She hopes you have as much fun watching the show as the cast and crew have had bringing it to life.
Julia Mitchell (Ensemble)
Julia is a senior, and will wrap up her final year in the Sanford Performing Arts. It's been three years since Julia started as a freshman member of the ensemble in Bye Bye Birdie. She loved everything about it and wishes she could go back and do it all again. Julia was excited to participate in the Sanford Musical Review during the pandemic by sharing her musical talents. Last year, Julia was in Cinderella as a member of the ensemble. She was so happy to be back on stage again! Now as a senior, Julia has grown so much since she first joined the Sanford Performing Arts. She would like to thank Mr. Williams, Mrs. Kowalski, Ms. Derrick, and her family for supporting her throughout this journey. Without these amazing role models, Julia would not be the person that she is today. Julia is thankful for the Sanford Performing Arts program which has allowed her to grow more confident and become a stronger singer. Sanford Performing Arts will always be in Julia’s heart. Enjoy the show!
Nico Mucchetti (Ensemble/Father Alexandrios)
Nico is a seventh grader and is so excited to be a part of his first Sanford show. Nico has previously performed with Waterglass Arts and New Light Theatre. He plays cello, piano and electric bass and loves to do theater, curl up with a good book, and work with computer coding. Nico wants to thank the amazing cast and crew of Mamma Mia! for welcoming him and putting together a great show. He also wants to thank his parents for always supporting him and pushing him to be the best actor he can be.
Jenny Munis (Ensemble)
Jenny is sophomore and Mamma Mia! is her first show at Sanford. Previously at other schools and performing art centers she has performed in Mary Poppins Jr., The Grinch, Imaginary, and Golly Gee Whiz. Outside of Sanford Performing Arts, she participates in volunteering at Winterthur Museum and at her church. Jenny has a musical background of playing piano and the double bass. She is very excited to continue to participate in Sanford Performing Arts in the future and is thankful for the opportunity of being a part of Sanford Performing Arts.
Kaylee Rathbone (Ensemble)
Kaylee is a senior and is very excited to take on her fifth and final show with Sanford Performing Arts. She fondly remembers time in her first Sanford Performing Arts show, Bye Bye Birdie, and she is excited to take on another musical role. Her most recent role in Dracula has left her hungry for more, and she is sad to know that this show will be her last with the warm community she has found in Sanford’s theatrical program. She hopes you enjoy this year’s production, Mamma Mia!.
Cat Shapiro (Ensemble/Dance Captain)
Cat Shapiro is thrilled to be in Mamma Mia! and to serve as Dance Captain. At Sanford, she has appeared as Professor Plum in Clue and Ensemble/Dance Captain in Cinderella. Last year she played Mr. Toad in Wind in the Willows at the University of Delaware Theater camp. She has also performed with the Wilmington Drama League, Aldersgate, Delaware All-State Jr. and Sr. Chorus, and Reedy Point Players. She studies dance at Anna Marie Dance Studio.
Zoe Symons (Ensemble)
Zoe is a sophomore and Mamma Mia! is her third Sanford Performing Arts production and her first Sanford musical. She previously appeared as Bride One in Dracula (2022) and was on stage crew for Clue (2021). She has loved theater since she was a little girl and Mamma Mia! is Zoe’s tenth musical performance. Outside of theater, Zoe is an avid reader and writer who loves to travel and explore new places. She is active in volleyball, sailing, and swimming and has a passion for baking. Zoe would like to thank her family for being her biggest supporters, especially her own “mamma, Mia”, as well as her castmates, Mr. Williams, and Mrs. Gates for helping her throughout her Sanford musical experience. She is very excited to perform for you all and hopes you enjoy the show.
Abbey Tomeo (Ensemble)
Abigail is a freshman and Mamma Mia! is her first musical at Sanford! Abigail is very excited to be a part of this production of Mamma Mia! as it is one of her favorite musicals! Even though this is her first show at Sanford, she’s been on stage before! Abigail did dance at the Hockessin Athletic Club when she was in fourth grade and she has also been attending Delaware Theater Company’s ‘Summer on Stage’ program since 2018, creating short plays and acting in them. Abigail has also been a member of Sanford’s choirs from fourth grade to eighth grade. She also took ‘Intro To Acting’ in eighth grade, growing her love for acting. The musical has been a great experience for Abigail and she hopes you enjoy the show!
Lily Tomeo (Ensemble)
Lily is a junior at Sanford School. Lily has been performing on the Sanford stage since seventh grade. Previously, you may have seen her in Beauty and the Beast (Ensemble) and Bye Bye Birdie (Ensemble). As well as on the stage, Lily also works backstage for the plays at Sanford. Lily designed some of the costumes for Dracula and Clue. Outside of performing, Lily likes to sew, make jewelry, design clothes, hang out with her friends, and most recently make body butter. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Dylan Tuskweth (Ensemble)
Dylan is in eighth grade, and Mamma Mia! is her first Sanford production! Outside of Sanford, she has been in musical theater and dance all her life, and the performing arts have always been her go-to! Aside from music, Dylan loves school, photography, and being around her friends and family. She would like to thank her mom, for always being her biggest supporter, and the Sanford Performing Arts team for helping to guide her through! She is incredibly grateful for the new friends she has made and things she has learned, and is excited to be part of her first Sanford Performing Arts show!
Patrick Young (Ensemble)
Patrick is a junior here at Sanford School. Mamma Mia! will be Patrick’s fourteenth production. Previously, he has performed in High School Musical (Troy), West Side Story (Officer Krupke), Cinderella with Sanford (Jean-Michel), Descendants (Coach), and most recently Bah Humbug! (Bob Crachit). As well as performing, Patrick has worked backstage on multiple productions such as Matilda, Frozen, A Christmas Story, Annie, Sweeney Todd, and most recently Magic Tree House: A Ghost Tale for Mr. Dickens. Outside of the stage, Patrick plays varsity lacrosse at his school, hangs out with his friends, and hangs out at home.