SNEAK PEEK: The SpongeBob Musical Cast

Olivia Adao (Sardine)
Hi! My name is Olivia Adao, I'm a freshman, and I'm so excited to be playing one of the Sardines in The Spongebob Musical! Last October I was part of Hair and Makeup Crew for The Play that Goes Wrong, but this is my first SDA production I've acted in. Other shows I've been in include Into The Woods, Our Town, The Lion King, and Clue. In my free time, I like hanging out with friends and my pets, reading, doing anything art related, and eating oreos. Thank you so much for coming to this silly musical and I hope you enjoy it!
Katie Anderson (Squidward Q. Tentacles)
Katie Anderson (senior) is 18 years old. "The SpongeBob Musical" marks her 11th and final production at SDA. Last year, she was the dance captain for "Pippin," and she is ecstatic to be taking on that role again. Additionally, this is her first acting role of the school year, as last semester she was the lighting designer for both "The Play That Goes Wrong" and "Lost Girl." Katie is also the treasurer of SDA's Thespian troupe. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching reality television, and spending time with her friends. She is thrilled to put on her dancin' shoes again and have a grand time.
Hailey Armentrout (Foley Artist Fish)
Hailey (senior) is 17 and so excited to be a part of Spongebob. She is a fish. She does a bit of sound. After she graduates she will go to college. Enjoy Spongebob.
Julia Atkins (Patchy the Pirate )
Julia Atkins is a senior, and will be attending the University of Oregon after SDA. SpongeBob the Musical is her 10th SDA show and her last theatre production. She has been apart of both the cast and crew in various productions. Outside of theatre she loves to make all kinds of art and hangout with her friends and family.
Kai Betitia (The Mayor of Bikini Bottom)
Kai Betita (Senior) is very excited to be playing the mayor. This is (approximately) his 12th show with SDA theatre and he hopes you enjoy the show!
Kate Choisser (Sardine)
Kate Choisser (sophmore) is crazy happy to be a part of this musical theater production: Spongebob the Musical! Kate has loved being a part of SDA productions in the past and is excited to play a weird cult-like sardine! She hopes everybody enjoys the show!
Mila Ellis (Mrs. Puff)
Mila Ellis (Junior) is thrilled to be playing Mrs. Puff in The Spongebob Musical! This is her 4th production at SDA. Most recently playing A in Lost Girl and Annie in The Play That Goes Wrong. Other than doing theater, Mila enjoys hanging out with friends and going to Target. She hopes you enjoy this amusingly whimsical show!
Sophia Funicello (The Electric Skates/Girl Fish Trio)
Rock on! Sophia is a Senior and this is her 7th show with SDA. Other credits include hula-hoopin 'around in Pippin, Taylor in The Play That Goes Wrong, Amy in Little Women and Mrs. White in Clue! Most recently she appeared as Wendy in Lost Girl. She was also seen as Decius Brutus in Julius Caesar (The Firebird Project, NYC) and in Matilda the Musical (Ovation Theater). She hopes the show is totally tubular!
Molly Garot (Larry the Lobster)
Molly Garot is ecstatic for you to see Spongebob The Musical! This is her third time acting on the SDA stage. Last fall she played the role of Inspector Carter in The Play That Goes Wrong! And before that, she co-directed Oh, Ollie! with the talented Hailey Armentrout. Molly is sad to leave the SDA black box but she hopes that you'll see her name in many more playbills. She thanks her family, Mrs. Siers, and the talented cast and crew of Spongebob The Musical. This show is gnarly dude!
Samantha Kates (The Electric Skates/Girl Fish Trio)
This is Samantha's 8th production overall, and she is thrilled to finally have the opportunity to participate in a musical at her high school. Some of her most recent shows include MYT's Mary Poppins (Miss Smythe) Ovation Theatre's productions of Something Rotten (Sad Little Egg) Curtains (Featured Dancer/Ensemble) and Into The Woods (Lucinda). She is so thankful for the wonderful cast and crew of "Spongebob the Musical" and for the fabulous production team! Enjoy the show!
Kaitlyn Kopensky (Old Man Jenkins)
Kaitlyn Kopensky (Senior) is very excited to be a part of the SpongeBob Musical, which will be their first musical at SDA. She is very passionate about theatre and enjoyed getting to work on this show. He has been in past school productions such as the Play that Goes Wrong, Oh! Ollie, and Lost Girl, as well as outside of school shows like Chicago and Addams Family. Outside of the theater, they enjoy reading, drawing, and listening to music. Enjoy the show y'all!
Alanna Kumagai (Teen Fans)
Alanna Kumagai (freshman) is thrilled to be a part of the Spongebob Musical as a teen fan. She has previously been a part of the crew in The Play That Goes Wrong, and played a part in the One Act Festivals of the Acting 1 class. Outside of school and theater, Alanna loves to figure skate, dance, play piano, and sing. She is so happy for this opportunity and hopes you all enjoy!
Erica Livesey (Teen Fans)
Erica Livesey (sophomore) is thrilled to be playing the role of a teen fan in Spongebob the Musical! Past productions have included Beauty & the Beast, Oh,Ollie! (both of which were canceled) and the 2021 SDA One Acts! When not on stage, Erica helps design the makeup & hair for shows (Clue & The Play That Goes Wrong) or house crews. She is also a part of The Queen's Guard where she will be designing the makeup & hair as well as playing the role of Patrick in May! She hopes you have fun watching this show!!
Callum MacLean Lewis (Buster Bluetang / Mob Fish)
Callum MacLean Lewis (sophomore) is so excited to be in his first musical at SDA. Previously, he was in the 2021 One Acts and has done tech for Clue as costumes and stage crew. In the near future he will be in the drama production show of The Queens Guard. In his free time, he enjoys singing and hanging out with friends.
Aidan Marquez (Johnny The Bartender)
Aidan Marquez (senior) is excited to be apart of Spongebob the Musical he is playing Johnny the bar tender and it is his second production at sda he did Pippin and in his free time he enjoys playing a variety of video games and likes watching Spongebob.
Javier Marquez (Eugene H. Krabs)
Javier Marquez (senior) is psyched to perform and voice the legendary role of Mr Krabs. This is his first actual theater production, but took acting 1 in freshman year, where he wrote "Mario the Musical" and acted as Oliver Dune in the 2019 One Acts. Javier works as a lifeguard with the YMCA, and in his free time, he reads wikipedia, writes original stories, and enjoys a good game of Mario Kart (or Monopoly/Catan). He hopes you'll enjoy Spongebob the Musical, and that it is a great adaptation of the classic cartoon.
Curren Martin (The Electric Skates/Girl Fish Trio)
Curren Martin (sophomore) is so excited to play Electric Skate 3 in her first musical at SDA! Last semester, she was involved in the fall show "The Play That Goes Wrong" in which she played Sandra / Florence Colleymore. Her freshman year she was a part of the publicity crew for "Clue" (fall show 2021) and house crewed for "Oh, Ollie!" and "Pippin" (2022). She hopes you enjoy the performance! Rock and roll!
Mae McClave (Sardines)
Mae McClave (sophomore) is so excited to be a part of her first musical at SDA! Mae has been a part of five productions at SDA: Chef #girl as part of the 2021 One Acts; house crew for Pippin, the Play That Goes Wrong, and Lost Girl; and house manager for Oh, Ollie! When she's not acting, Mae enjoys reading and listening to music. She is so excited for you to see the Spongebob Musical and hopes that you enjoy the show!
Keegan McGowan (Spongebob Squarepants)
Keegan McGowan is 18 years old, a senior at San Dieguito High school Academy, and is playing the roll of Spongebob. After playing other roles at SDA like Pippin, in Pippin, Perkins (Denis) in The Play That Goes Wrong, and Oliver in Oh, Ollie, Keegan is so happy to be a part of this production as his last production in high school. He is so thankful to the cast and crew of Spongebob, and he hopes you enjoy the show!
Lena Medak (Karen the Computer)
Lena is thrilled to be playing Karen in Spongebob the Musical! This is her third and final production at SDA after playing Catherine in Pippin and Gwen in A Most Average Musical. In her free time, Lena enjoys painting, rock climbing, and hanging out with friends. Lena wants to thank Mrs. Siers, Pamela Laurent, and Paul Stine for making this show possible.
Mariana Minger (Pearl Krabs)
Mariana (senior) could not be more excited to be apart of her last show at SDA, Spongebob The Musical! She is playing the role of Pearl Krabs and was previously apart of SDA’s productions of Clue, Pippin, The Play That Goes Wrong, and Lost Girl.
Mallory Oien (Sandy Cheeks)
Mallory Oien (senior) is thrilled to be on the SDA stage once again to play Sandy! Spongebob marks Mallorys 6th show with SDA theater. Noteably, you may have previously seen her as Jo March (Little Women) or Fastrada (Pippin). Mallory has perfomed theater across San Diego since she was young, and even qualified to compete at the International Thespain Festival last summer, earning her second Overall Superior in Monologue! She would like to thank the entire cast and crew for making Spongebob, her last show, so very wonderful--maybe even the "best show ever?"
Connor Overton (Sheldon J. Plankton)
Connor Overton (Sheldon J. Plankton) is super hyped for his last show and first musical production at SDA! He has completed a total of eight shows here, including The Haunting of Hill House, A Virtual Whodunnit, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, Clue, Little Women, Oh Ollie, and Lost Girl. Outside of school, Connor enjoys video games, skiing, and fishing. He plans to study Marine Biology in college while still minoring in theater.
Lucia Pederson (Security Guard 2)
Lucia Pederson (Sophomore) is excited to be a part of this production of Spongebob and play the role of Security guard 2! This is their third production at SDA, formally being part of the 2021 One Acts as a performer and director, and a performer for Cabaret Night 2023. They have been a part of the house crew for Pippin, Cabaret Night 2022, TPTGW, and the One Acts 2022, along with painting crew for TPTGW and publicity crew for the original Oh Ollie! In her free time, Lucia loves to sing, read, play volleyball and spend time with friends and family. She is so excited to welcome everyone to the show and hopes that everyone has an incredible time!
Kai Tesan (Patrick Star)
Kai Tesan is a Senior at San Dieguito High School and is so excited to be finishing his last year in Spongebob the musical. Kai has been performing since he was in the sixth grade with his first show being The Drowsy Chaperone and ever since has made performing his passion. His previous roles at SDA have been Max in The Play that Goes Wrong and Colonel Mustard in Clue. His other hobbies include film, writing, books as well as video games. Dedicating nearly four years to SDA's theater community Kai has spent most of his time at school performing on the stage. His coming plans after graduation include taking a gap year to travel the world before applying next year to schools in Europe.
Ari Trette (Security Guard 1)
Arianna Trette (junior) is excited to be playing Security Guard #1! This is Ari's fourth production at SDA, and most recently worked on Lost Girl and Clue. Ari has also worked with North Coast Rep, Trinity Theatre Company, and Write Out Loud. In her free time, Ari enjoys spending time with her friends and thrifting. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Ava Welcher (Perch Perkins)
Ava Welcher is so excited to play Perch Perkins! She has been previously seen as B in 'Lost Girl,' an acrobat in 'Pippin', a student director in 'Clue: On Stage,' and numerous other acting and technical roles! She feels right at home playing a newscaster, since she directs the SDA News, but in Spongebob, she lives on stage instead of behind the camera! Ava is also a Thespian Officer and an ASB Junior Director. Ava wants to thank her family and friends for their unconditional love and support. She hopes you enjoy the show!