The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Cast

Ashley Carraway (Beth)
Ashley is the child of Kurt and Pam Carraway. She has been involved with Dreamland, Freaky Friday and The Musical Murders of 1940. She is the Drama Club co-president and often serves as makeup crew chief. Along with this, she enjoys cosplaying, drinking monster, and creating outfits/makeup looks.
Mia Dennett (Grace)
Mia is the child of Amber and Bryan Dennett. Mia has been in An Echo of Wings, All Shook Up and Dreamland. She is a Drama Club officer, costume chief, and a New Dawn singer. She also enjoys filmmaking, photography, writing, and spending time with her dogs.
Thomas Moyer (Bob)
Thomas Moyer is the son of Adrienne Oneal and Jon Moyer. He has appeared in Dreamland, The Musical Mystery Murders of 1940 and Radium Girls. He has broken 5 parts of his body, enjoys virtual reality, and is in robotics.
Ethen Lainer (Charlie)
Ethen is the son of Melissa and Joshua Lainer. He has recently appeared in One Acts 2019, Dreamland, and An Echo of Wings. Previous to Drama Club he was in Student Council, but then found Drama Cub and has been “head over heels” ever since. Ethen also states “I really enjoy listening to music and eating food.”
Nathan Streeter (Ralph)
Nathan is the son of Kelly and Michele Streeter. He has recently appeared in All Shook Up, Dreamland, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. He has played the violin for 13 years, in New Dawn, and competes in bowling and tennis. He has been set crew co-chief for 3 years and participates in Scholars Bowl.
Aubrey Powell (Imogene)
Aubrey Powell is the child of Sarah Powell and Josh Lundblade. She has been in The Watercooler and Me, Dreamland and An Echo of Wings. “I enjoy making strange and creative outfits, but even though I’m in theatre I don’t know how to sew. I’m pretty much a master at hot gluing though.”
Aidan Heusman (Leroy)
Aidan is the child of Matt Heusman and Tess Leach. He appeared in Dreamland, All Shook Up and The Musical Mystery Murders of 1940. “I’m in New Dawn, I wore a maid dress in Musical Comedy Murders.”
Ryan Graff (Claude)
Ryan Graff , a senior, is the son of Jill and Mikel Graff. He has previously appeared in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, All Shook Up and Dreamland. He has played guitar for 7 years, and has been a crew chief for 3 years. “I am taller than Megan.”
Alondra Mendiola (Ollie)
Alondra is the daughter of Hilda Garay, Arturo Mendiola, Cindy Rodriguez, and Joan Contreras. She has previously appeared in Echo of Wings, Radium Girls, & How to Kiss a Girl. She currently plays the clarinet in marching band. She enjoys playing sports, watching movies, doing anything related to art, music, & writing.
Yesenia Torres (Gladys)
Yesenia is the daughter of Adrian Torres, Elena Escalante, and Delia Avila. She recently appeared in An Echo of Wings and The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darned World. She also stage managed for Dreamland and Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. She says Je suis heureux. (French for ‘I am happy.’)
Kaydence Dickson (Alice)
Kaydence is the daughter of Beth and sister to Javon Dickson. Kaydence has stage managed The Miracle Worker, Almost, Maine and appeared in All Shook Up and Dreamland. She is a member of the New Dawn Singers and is a Drama Club officer.
Emily Streeter (Maxine)
Emily is the daughter of Kelly & Michele Streeter. She has previously been in Annie and Aladdin Jr. She is a part of Shannon’s Stars twirling club, Skills USA, drama club, & volleyball. “I enjoy my two dogs Buster & Gracie, and spending time with friends & family! This is my first SHS performance, and I am excited for many more.”
Seth Carter (Mrs. Armstrong)
Seth is the child of Abbey and Shaun Carter. They have appeared in Radium Girls, Musical Comedy Murders and Almost, Maine. “I am in Debate, Forensics, and New Dawn along with theatre. I am also related to the person who invented the Port-a-Potty.”
Andrew Lagerman (Rev. Hopkins / Stage Manager)
Andrew is the son of Amy Woody-Lagerman, Mike and Joni Lagerman. Along with being a senior, he has been a stage manager for The Miracle Worker and The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, along with publicity crew chief. Last year he could be seen on stage as an alien in Dreamland.
Chantal Torres (Mrs. McCarthy)
Chantal is the daughter of Reyna and Fernando Torres. She has recently appeared in One Acts 2019, Dreamland and The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. She plays in the school orchestra and volunteers at SCT and the Salina Art Center. “I always think positive and try my best to help others. I have played soccer, I am in the SHS drama club, and also in New Dawn.”
Shelby Stolzenburg (Mrs. Slocum)
Shelby is the daughter of Susan and Jay Stolzenburg. She has been in An Echo of Wings, Dreamland, and The Miracle Worker. “I have been playing clarinet in band for 8 years and I am an active member of drama club. Outside of school I have been in 4-H for 10 years and I am the president of my 4-H club.”
Ariana Hawk (Mrs. Clark)
Ariana Hawk is the child to Teresa Bell. She has previously been I One Acts 2018, One Acts 2019, and An Echo of Wings. She is admitted into Wichita State University and plans to continue being involved in theatre. She has done vocal at South for all 4 years.
Comet Mitchell (Mrs. Clausing)
Comet is the child of Angi and Paul Mitchell. They have been in An Echo of Wings, Back Cover, and did tech in Almost, Maine. “I am an artist and after high school I intend to go to college for animation and I spend most of my free time drawing or playing video games.”
Elias Torres (Elmer)
Elias Torres is the son of Jennifer Lucio. He has recently appeared in One Acts Fall 2019, Dreamland and An Echo of Wings.
Evan Dickson (Hobie)
Evan is the son of Vanessa and Andy Dickson. He has previously been in Dreamland and One Acts. He originally went to school at Ell-Saline, and planned on playing tennis last year before it was cancelled.
Malina Szyndlar (Beverly)
Malina is the daughter of Saralyn Szyndlar. She has been in One Acts, An Echo of Wings, and running crew on Dreamland at SHS. In her free time, she is a Drama Club Officer, Shannon Star’s Baton Twirling Club, High School Softball, Acrylic painting, and Cougar Twirler.
Lillian Ardis (Shirley)
Lillian is the daughter of Derrick Ardis and Christine Garrett. This is her first performance. In her free time she enjoys doing Debate and is planning to get involved in girls swimming.
Leslie Guardado (Juanita)
Leslie is the daughter of Paula Guardado and Juan Guardado. She has been in An Echo of Wings. She is currently in Debate, can sing, and wants to be in Girls Swimming and Girls Soccer.
Megan Graff (Doris)
Megan is the daughter of Jill and Mikel Graff. This is her first show. She is in Student Council and enjoys playing the Ukulele, playing/watching Volleyball, and loves Harry Potter. “I'm taller than Ryan.”
Destiny Hamilton (Angel Choir)
Destiny is the daughter of Melyssa Jackson. This is her first show. In her free time Destiny enjoys Bowling, Music, and enjoys learning lyrics and dances.
Halie Johnson (Angel Choir)
Halie is the daughter of Michell Johnson. In her free time she does We Dine Together, Drama Club, S.A.F.E, and enjoys working out.
Nicole Medley (Angel Choir)
Nicole Medley is the daughter of Shenandoah Palenske. She is proud to be in her first show. Nicole is in vocal and debate, and enjoys drawing. “I like to listen to music, and I’m currently involved in practicing for roller derby.”
Emma Rogers (Angel Choir)
Emma is the daughter of Christina Keim and Leo Rogers. She was previously in The Wizard of Oz. In her free time, you can catch Emma painting, drawing, skating, or playing basketball.
Reese Kimmi (Voiceover)
Reese is the daughter of Steven Kimmi,, Rachael and Dalton Johnson. She was assistant stage manager for Dreamland and stage manager for An Echo of Wings. “I'm very very very tall and if you ask me for pictures of my cats i will give you lots of pictures”
Sam Cox (Stage Manager)
Samantha is the daughter of Lucina Meza and Joseph Cox. She has been a stage manager for the show Watercooler and Me. “I really enjoy doing makeup, painting, writing stories, photographing, filming/editing videos, and playing the piano.”