About After Juliet

After Juliet, by Scottish playwright Sharman Macdonald and developed with the Royal National Theatre, explores the world of Romeo and Juliet after their deaths. 

The play follows Rosaline, the girl who Romeo was pining for in the days before he met Juliet, and, ironically, Juliet's cousin. She, and peers, the many other young Capulets and Montagues who live on, are forced to reckon with the unthinkable: The murder and suicide of 5 young people in the span of a week. 

The adults in their lives are thinking of other things. They are absent, ignoring the children, while they seek legal revenge against the Nurse and Friar Lawrence, who they blame for the spate of violence. once more with increasing violence, need for revenge, and doomed loves in turmoil. It is up to the young people of Verona to decide whether the cycle of violence and prejudice will continue or if they can rise up, above the world given to them by their parents, and move towards peace and new beginnings.

Our Produtction

You may have noticed that there is a lot going on in the alcove between the gym and the theater. This is in preparation for our Spring Play, After Juliet. The show is an examination of what happened to the kids of Verona in the days and weeks following the action of the somewhat obscure play that this guy Shakespeare wrote, Romeo and Juliet. The alcove is being transformed into an Italian Piazza (modeled after the Piazza Delle Erbe in Verona) complete with a bell tower and fountain.

Our Piazza will feature wandering musicians and artisans as well as the following storefronts and vendors: 

  • Galleria d’Arte (Art Gallery), featuring work by the students of Brian Magargal and Charles Barilo will be throughout the Piazza as well as in their stall.
  • Negozio di moda firmato (Designer Fashion Shop) featuring designer ties and other accessories brought to you by Michael Finocchiaro of “It’s Britney, Stitch.” 
  • Enoteca (wine shop), offering wine, prosecco, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages, brought to you by Frank’s Wine (www.frankswine.com).
  • Granita (Italian water ice) as well as cannoli (brought to you by Joe Staffieri and Fusco’s Original Italian Ice). 
  • Salumeria (Charcuterie shop) offering charcuterie boards (options serving 2-4 for $20 or 4-6 for $32) will only be available via pre-order either through our box office or directly through our vendor, Marea Kessler ([email protected] or via telephone at (302) 824-6174).
  • There will also be an Alcove Chapel for reflection and prayer. 

All seating for the show will be at tables in the Piazza and the play will be presented in an environmental style. This means the action takes place in and around the piazza, not in a traditional stage/audience structure. Performances are: 

  • Thursday night, May 19th
  • Friday the 20th
  • Saturday the 21st  

The venue opens at 6:45 each evening so patrons can enjoy the piazza, musicians, artisans, and vendors. 

The play begins around 7:30 and runs 85-90 minutes.