The Laramie Project Cast

Greg Pierotti, with various roles and monologues (Eli Locke)
Eli Locke is 20, born and raised in Circleville, Ohio. They’ve participated in 8 productions, with The Laramie Project becoming their 9th production total; and their fourth production through RTP. They are an upcoming Sophomore at Miami University. They would like to thank their friends who participated in it along with them, and anyone who came out to see them and the production itself in general, it means a lot to see the compassion of those from Circleville.
Emily Allen (Reggie Fluty, with various roles and monologues)
Emily draws inspiration from her LGBTQIA+ peers in the arts, their journeys weaving into her performances. Each portrayal reflects the diverse experiences that have shaped her into who she is today.
Auora O'Phelan (Amanda Gronich, with various roles and monologues)
Aurora is a rising sophomore at The Ohio State University studying biochemistry. She has been involved in theater since 2021. This is her first time acting with Roundtown Players.
Mary C. Murphy (Marge Murray, with various roles and monologues)
Mary works in a property management/real estate office and is a proud cat mom. She has got back into theatre in the last year, but this is her first show with Roundtown Players. She thinks being part of such an important show especially during Pride month is a privilege and is excited to work with everyone in this production!
Brendan Brown (Moises Kaufman, with various roles and monologues)
This is Brandon's third play with Roundtown Players, the others being Pride and Prejudice as Mr. Collins and Murder on the Menu as Major Major Major. He works as a specimen collector for a local laboratory. He lives in Ashville, OH with his wife, Michele, and their three dogs. He is honored to have been chosen to participate in such an important play.
Jimmy Laux (Stephen Belber, with various roles and monologues)
Jimmy has participated in musicals and plays for over 20 years with RTP and has had all his children in a play or two with him. This play is enough of a difference to make a difference...enjoy.
Hailee Shough (Babara Pitts, with various roles and monologues)
This is Hailee’s seventh theater production and her second at roundtown. Theater has always been a big part of her life ever since she joined her first in 6th grade. Hailee is very excited to try a different genre of show as all her other ones have been comedy. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Rachel Thompson (Leigh Fondakowski, with various roles and monologues)
Rachel is 19 years old and has been involved with Rowndtown since the 7th grade. She is beginning her second year at the University of Cincinnati studying Civil Engineering, and will be interning with Messer Construction in the fall. The Laramie Project has been a great educational experience for Rachel, and she hopes it is for you too!
Ethan Snyder (Andy Paris, with various roles and monologues)
Ethan is a 17 year old man who has been doing drama productions for 2 years and been in such titles as: Clue, James and the Giant Peach, Pride and Prejudice, and the upcoming Nunsense.