The Wizard of Oz (R.S.C. 1987) Cast

Chloe Ament (Dorothy Gale)
Chloe Ament began theatre in her eighth-grade year, debuting as Lead Bird in “A Year with Frog and Toad.” Since then, she has made appearances in “Hamlet” (Horatio), “As You Like It” (Celia), “The Winter’s Tale” (Time) and this year’s earlier production of “World War II Radio Christmas.” When she’s not singing, Chloe serves as the yearbook editor, represents the junior class in SGA, and plays volleyball.
Angelo Cicone (Hunk/Scarecrow)
Angelo Cicone, senior, started RCCS Theater in 7th grade when he played Rick in “Dames at Sea.” He has participated in Redeemer theatre every year since, in shows like “Scrooge’s Christmas” (Bob Crachit), “The Importance of Being Ernest” (Algernon), “The Winter’s Tale” (Florizel), “As You Like It” (Orlando), “Hamlet”(Leontes), and “A Year with Frog and Toad” (Frog). Outside of theatre, Angelo serves the RCCS community as an editor on the yearbook staff, vice president of the SGA, and treasurer for NHS.
Christy van Greunen (Almira Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West)
Christy van Greunen’s passion for theatre began when she first appeared last year in “Scrooge’s Christmas” (Woman #2). Since then, she has worked diligently to enhance her acting skills and acted earlier this school year in “WWII Radio Christmas.” Christy represents RCCS as an ACSI art winner and by singing in the concert choir. Outside of school extracurriculars, Christy is very present at her church, helping with worship and tech crew.
Steve Lim (Hickory/Tinman)
Steve Lim hasn’t acted in a play before, although he’s excited to take on a role as the Tinman in “Wizard of Oz.” Entering the Redeemer community this year a freshman in high school, he also joined concert choir. Additionally, he assists in the general tech crew on Fridays after school.
Chris Morrison (Zeke/Lion)
Chris Morrison first stepped on stage in the 2018 Shakespeare Festival, and has been involved in theatre ever since. He acted as Polixenes in “The Winter’s Tale,” as Mr. Fezziwig in “Scrooge’s Christmas,” and in the most recent show, “World War II Radio Christmas.” When not onstage, Chris is a member of the ACE Mentoring team, a baritone in the choir, a member of the chapel team, and the captain of our It’s Academic team.
Mitchell Reda (Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz)
Mitchell Reda made his RCCS debut last year in “Scrooge’s Christmas” (Dick Wilkins/Belle’s Husband). This year he returns as a sophomore to perform as Professor Marvel and the Wizard of Oz. Mitchell also serves as an SGA representative and plays on the varsity soccer team.
Lindsey Wright (Glinda)
Lindsey Wright, senior, began her RCCS theater debut in 7th grace as Ruby in “Dames at Sea” and has been involved ever since. Her previous Redeemer productions include: “Scrooge’s Christmas” (Belle), “The Winter’s Tale” (Perdita), “As You Like It” (Audrey), “Hamlet” (Narrator), “A Year with Frog and Toad” (bird), and most recently “WWII Radio Christmas.” Outside of RCCS theater, she has acted in community theater in productions of “Les Miserables” (Eponine) and “Into the Woods” (Cinderella). In addition to theater, Lindsey serves as SGA secretary, NHS president, and sings in the chapel team.
Patrick Ament (Uncle Henry)
Patrick Ament, senior, began his RCCS theater career in 8th grade as the lead, Jack in the “Importance of Being Earnest.” Since then he’s appeared in “Scrooge’s Christmas” (Scrooge), “The Winter’s Tale” (Leontes), “Hamlet” (Hamlet), and “A Year with Frog & Toad” (Father Frog/Squirrel). Around the RCCS campus, Patrick leads the SGA as president, serves as vice president for NHS, and leads the chapel team. In addition, Patrick published his first novella, “Somnas,” this summer.
Maddie Mobley (Aunt Em)
Maddie Mobley, a sophomore, has participated in the RCCS theater program for many years, most recently performing in “Scrooge’s Christmas” (ensemble). Maddie debuted in “As You Like It” (Bard) and in “The Winter’s Tale”(Maid/Sailor). When not on stage, Maddie is a member of the RCCS It’s Academic team and enjoys horseback riding.
Haden Welsh (Emerald City Guard)
With nearly a decade of theater experience, Haden Welsh has performed in over a dozen shows such as “The Importance of Being Earnest” (Dr. Chausable), “A Year with Frog and Toad” (Toad), “Scrooge’s Christmas” (The Ghost of Jacob Marley), and most recently “World War II Radio Christmas” (On Stage Sound Effects). In addition to theater, Haden sings in choir, is a part of the yearbook staff, and the It’s Academic team. After high school Haden plans on majoring in Elementary Education.
Tucker Ament (Mayor of the Munchkin City)
Tucker Ament first acted in the production “A Year with Frog and Toad” as Young Frog in his 5th grade year. Since then, he has performed in “The Winter’s Tale” (Mamillius) and in “Scrooge’s Christmas” (Boy in Street). Off stage, Tucker sings as a tenor in the concert choir, serves as a member of the yearbook staff, and plays basketball for the middle school team.
Kennedy Harrell (Tree #1)
For the past few years, Kennedy Harrell had been involved in RCCS theater as a member of the hair and makeup crew. Last year, however, she decided to take to the stage in “Scrooge’s Christmas.” Returning this year as a sophomore, Kennedy once again decided to participate as an actor. Outside of theater, she also is involved in many RCCS extracurricular activities, such as varsity volleyball, varsity basketball, yearbook, and choir.
Elisabeth Sadowski (Tree #2)
Elisabeth Sadowski, a freshman, has been participating in RCCS theater productions since 7th grade. She has appeared in “As You Like It” (Phoebe), “Hamlet,” (guard) and “Scrooge’s Christmas” (Mrs. Cratchet). Off stage, Elisabeth participates in concert choir and plays the piano in the chapel team at RCCS.
Leah Lacey (Tree #3)
Mason Cost (Crow #1/Nikko)
As a 7th grader, Mason Cost is excited to debut in “the wizard of Oz” Beside theater, Mason also participates in other school activities such as SGA, middle school basketball, orchestra, and concert choir.
Thi Cost (Crow #2)
Thi Cost returns to the stage after acting the previous year in “Scrooge’s Christmas” (Peter Cratchit) during his 7th grade year. After the “Wizard of Oz,” Thi plans to continue contribute to the theatre productions ahead. When not on stage, Thi plays for the middle school basketball and soccer teams, but also works with SGA as a rep for 8th grade, the yearbook team, and is in the choir and plays violin in the orchestra.
James Biondo (Crow #3)
James Biondo has been in numerous homeschool plays before he came to RCCS. However, last year he took to the stage for his first RCCS production in “Scrooge’s Christmas” (Young Scrooge/Old Joe/Thomas). Earlier this year, he worked behind the scenes on tech crew for “WWII Radio Christmas.” When he’s not working in theater, James plays on the middle school basketball team and sings as a tenor in the concert choir.
Aaron Sadowski (Chorus)
Aaron Sadowski, senior, began acting in his sophomore year in the RCCS Shakespeare Festival. Previously seen in RCCS productions “Scrooge’s Christmas” (The Balladeer), “As You Like It” (Duke Frederick), “Hamlet” (Claudius), and “WWII Radio Christmas” (Alfred Bell), Aaron is excited to perform in his last show. At Redeemer, he also serves as the SGA treasurer, a member of NHS, and on the yearbook staff. Outside of school, Aaron takes lessons for violin and viola at the Peabody Institute and plays viola in the Peabody Youth Orchestra.
Allison Battagilia (Chorus)
This year is Allison Battaglia’s first year in an RCCS production, but has been involved in theater outside of school for a few years. At the Children’s Playhouse of Maryland, she acted in “Annie Jr” (Duffy), and “The Little Mermaid Jr” (Ensemble). As her first RCCS play, she can’t wait to perform in “The Wizard of Oz”. Allison also plays on Redeemer’s middle school volleyball team in the fall.
Delilah Barber (Chorus)
Tamar Haga (Chorus)
Tamar Haga will be stepping onto the stage for the first time in “Wizard of Oz,” as a eighth grader. Previously she worked on the hair and makeup crew for “Scrooge’s Christmas,” and “World War II Christmas Radio.” Outside of theater, Tamar sings for the concert choir and chapel team.
Lela Tchoundjo (Chorus)
Grammar School Cast (Munchkins, Jitterbugs, Poppies)
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