Macbeth (Gavin Elbert)
Lady Macbeth (Riley Christian)
Riley has loved Shakespeare ever since middle school, which is probably why she worked on her audition for nine months and reread her lines over and over again until she could finally say them onstage. For a final performance, Riley could not ask for a better role than Lady Macbeth. Any actress that loves Shakespeare, has her on their bucket list, and she is so grateful to be able to cross her off with Ponderosa theatre. She hopes to see you in the audience again one day (hopefully in Much Ado About Nothing). Enjoy the show!
Witch #1 (Brady Barrow)
Brady is so excited to be a part of Macbeth! Shoutout to all the seniors this year and past, she is so happy to be back with all of you! She hopes you enjoy the show! This show is the MacBest
Witch #2 (Jordan Gavlak)
Witch #3 (McKenzie O'Connor)
This is McKenzie’s last show at ponderosa high school. She has loved being apart of shows at ponderosa since she moved here. She has met so many wonderful and talent people that she will miss. She would like to thank everyone who had supported her such as her family and her friends. She will continue doing theatre in college as she is going to Long Island university to study musical theatre. She hopes that you all enjoy the show!
Duncan (Andrew Brundige)
This is Andrews first show at ponderosa theatre after being apart of Peter Pan at Sagewood. He is very excited to be apart of this show and is looking forward to being apart of future productions.
Malcolm (Zayden German)
Zayden is beyond excited to finally be a part of this show after so many delays. He is also excited to lead an army for the first time!! Overthrowing a tyrant is a great way to spend summer vacation.
Ross (Kaley Sikora)
This is Kaley Sikora's 17th and final show at Ponderosa. She has previously worked on Blackout in Brooklyn (Playwright/Jiji Sowa), The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Marcy Park); and Almost, Maine (Director/Glory/Marci). Kaley is so exicted to finally be back doing Macbeth after a long year, and they hope you enjoy her love of Shakespeare. They would also like to say thank you for all the adventures Ponderosa Theatre gave her over the years, and they are exicted to be continuing her musical theatre journey at Western Wyoming Community College. Enjoy Ponderosa's Scottish Play!
Banquo/Ghost of Banquo (Aidan Clifton)
This is Aidan's final show with Ponderosa. She is grateful for everybody who has helped her along the way and for the role that Ponderosa Theatre has played in her life. She is so excited for the show and hopes you enjoy it!
Angus / Messenger (Amelia Feist)
This is Amelia’s fifth show at Ponderosa and she is so glad she was finally able to do this production! She wants to thank everyone who is a part of this show for making the process one of the best. Amelia hopes you enjoy the show!
Fleance / Young Siward (Reed Grayner)
This is Reed's fourth show at Ponderosa and he has enjoyed the process immensely. Putting on the show in two weeks and learning Shakespeare has been challenging but thrilling. This was a great start to the summer and he hopes the audience enjoys this tragic, historic, and powerful show!
Porter / Doctor (Chaeli Hobbs)
This is Chaeli’s seventh show with the Ponderosa Theatre Company. They really hope that audience members enjoy the show as much as they do. They had a great time being a part of Macbeth and can’t wait for the next show.
Macduff (Aiden Branham)
Lennox (Elena Diederich)
Elena is thrilled to finally be a part of this show as Lennox! She's glad to be back with old friends and is excited for you to see the hard work everyone put into this production. She'd also like to give a shout out to her homie, Ross.
Donalbain / Doctor (Kaige Gardiner)
Murderer / Apparition (Skyler Wilks)
Murderer / Apparition / Seyton (Kaeleigh Grizzle)
Kaeleigh is lowering the curtain with Ponderosa Theatre Company after four years, twelve productions, and a multitude of experiences she will never forget. Kaeleigh would like to thank her family for supporting her. She's hoping she can make them proud with her final high school bow. She would also like to thank the Ponderosa Theatre Company and everyone in it for the support, motivation, and opportunities they have given Kaeleigh. She has grown so much with the help of PTC and cannot be more excited to have one more show with her second family. She hopes everyone enjoys the show!
Murderer / Apparition / Siward (Julianne Larson)
Hecate (Olivia Gaizutis)
Lady Macduff / Servant / Attendant (Cara Colwell)
This is Cara's twelfth show with Ponderosa and she's delighted! Past roles include Catherine Connolly/Barbara Pitts in Laramie Project and Gayle in Almost, Maine. She gives her admiration to the lads, lasses and all who brought life to this show. She hopes the audience will have a "deadly" good time!
Waiting Gentlewoman / Messenger / Servant (Allie Cook)
Menteith / Old Woman (Anna Hopkins)
Anna is thrilled to be in Macbeth as she has gotten to say things such as "Alas!", "Tis", and "Hath". She would like to thank her lovely fellow cast and crew for their support. They’ve amazed her by creating this stunning show in such a short time.
Caithness / Son of MacDuff. Set Crew member. (Kaitlyn Tuller)
Kaitlyn is very excited to act in her first Shakespeare show, Macbeth! This is her sixth show with Ponderosa and she has loved working with the very talented cast and crew. She is happy that everyone could come watch the performance in person, and hopes you enjoy the show!
Sergeant (Ben Rychlik)