Almost, Maine COMPANY

Brady Barrow (Hope, Director)
Brady is super excited to be spending her time with the northern lights for this performance. She would like to thank her classmates for doing this very cool show with her. She HOPES you enjoy it and hopes you love this aMAINEzing show. She is ALMOST done. Just kidding she is done now because that is all the puns she could think of. Enjoy the show!!
Aiden Branham (Pete, Jimmy, Director)
Aiden has been involved with Ponderosa Theatre his entire 4 years he's been at Ponderosa. He was always looking forward to his senior year and his senior performances, but he never imagined things would be like this. In his perfect world, everyone who wants to watch can come and watch, all the seats would be filled, and these beautiful stories would have the audience it deserves. Now, Aiden still doesn't know where Almost, Maine is, and he doesn't know if it's real or not. He hopes the audience can figure this question out and let him know. He is confused, but hopes the audience will walk away from this show smiling.
Riley Christian (Steve, Deena)
This is Riley's tenth show at Ponderosa. Previously, she has acted in Cinderella as Madame, and was the writer and dramaturg for Eros & Psyche. This is her first time in Theatre Productions Ensemble, and if she wasn't a senior, she would definitely take this class again. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Cara Colwell (Gayle, Director)
Cara is overjoyed to be a part of this heartfelt and hilarious production! In the past, she has played Catherine Connolly/Barbara Pitts in the Laramie Project, ensemble/understudy Cinderella in Cinderella, and Little Bo Peep in Bedtime Stories, among others. She would like to thank her friends, Mrs. Diaz, and family for supporting her through this new and interesting process. She hopes this show will bring the audience "closer together!
Kaeleigh Grizzle (Ginette, Shelly, Suzette, Director)
Kaeleigh is so excited to be a part of Almost, Maine! She has been in several productions at Ponderosa, but this is definitely one of her favorites. Kaeleigh has had such a fun and amazing time working with her friends on this production, and she's going to miss all of them SO much next year. She truly enjoyed creating an entire production with some of her closest friends and making something for everyone to watch and enjoy. Kaeleigh hopes everyone enjoys the show and falls in love with it just as much as she did!
Mari Iannone (Sandrine, Lendall)
Hi there! This is Mari's 9th show with ponderosa theatre. This is definitely one of her favorites that she's done and if she would want the audience to know anything prior, it would be that love comes in all forms. It is something so complicated but so important at the same time. This story is such a great, creative way of showing that and from all of those involved, enjoy Almost, Maine!
McKenzie O' Connor (Marvalyn, Phil)
This is McKenzie's eighth show at Ponderosa and she is so excited to be sharing this show with her friends and her family. She has had such a fun time being apart of this show with her friends. McKenzie is a senior this year and her favorite past role has been The Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. She really hopes that everyone enjoys the show!
Maddie Piatz (Digital Production Support)
Maddie has been an active member of the theatre community since 6th grade and is excited to be participating in another show at Ponderosa. I hope you enjoy the show!
Kaley Sikora (Glory, Marci, Director)
Almost, Maine is Kaley Sikora's 14th show at Ponderosa Theatre. She has previously worked on Eros & Psyche (Co-Director), The Laramie Project (Rebecca Hilliker/Reggie Fluty/Waitress), Aunt Leaf (Aunt Leaf), and Bedtime Stories (Assistant Director). Kaley would like to say thank you for coming to see this wonderful show. We all need a little love in times like these. She would like to also thank Brett, Brady, Kaeleigh, and Aiden for being wonderful actors and directors that she was lucky enough to work with. Remember to stay safe, take care of yourself, and drink lots of water.
Brett Walker (East, Man)
Brett is very excited for you to see the town of Almost, Maine! In the past he has played fan favorite character Lord Pinkleton in Cinderella and Lucas in The Addams Family, and he has stage managed for other shows. His favorite cereal is Reeseā€™s puffs and he can go thirteen minutes without blinking. This bio is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends.
Eric Shand (Tech Director)
This show was one of Eric Shand's favorite shows. He had so much fun working with his classmates to create this show and perform it for the people of Parker, Colorado.
Adele Angus (Stage Manager, Waitress)
Adele is sooo excited for everyone to see this show!! She is sooo happy with the way things turned out and she hopes that it warms everyone's heart in the cold weather. She enjoyed working with her friends and hopes that you think we did as good a job as she thinks we did!! Enjoy the show!!