About Almost, Maine

Theatre Production Ensemble is an advanced class of juniors and seniors who develop leadership skills and productions through the year. Almost, Maine is student directed and designed, and we are excited to welcome a small live audience. 

Each performance will have an approved capacity of 54, with seats in spaced out groups of 2. Tickets will be sold online only, and there will be masks worn while in the building along with a digital health screening form completed upon arrival.

Thoughts from the ensemble of Almost, Maine:

Almost is a place where nothing happens and yet where everything can happen. It's an obscure town that doesn't even appear on a map. To anybody outside of its vicinity, Almost would be entirely unremarkable. However, it's a town full of life, where people fall in and out of love and can experience moments where everything feels like magic.

It is cold and has beautiful winters. It's small and homey, everyone knows each other whether you like it or not. It's for everyone. It's for the successful it's for the down-on-their-luck. It's for the dreamers and the doers. Almost, Maine is just like every other town but in its own way its special. The connections run deeper and the people there all feel it.

It is much like a snow globe. Those outside don't think much of it but on the inside it's just home for those there. It doesn't really need anything extra to make it special for them. Sometimes it is under-appreciated by the characters living there but they know it is where they want to stay.‚Äč

 They are just like real people, but sometimes they just have a shattered heart or cannot feel pain or lose a shoe. Each of these connect directly back to the experiences of love that they have. Almost is almost a magical place, but everyone is a person, just like you and me.

These stories are about the importance of love in our lives. The vignettes are about how love can be magical or fleeting. Love can mend your life, but love can break your heart. These stories are not always happy, but they show how quickly things change and how important holding on to love where you can find it is.

All of the stories within Almost, Maine carry the themes that love is both complicated and unexpected. In many stories, love seems to sneak up on the characters, like in "This Hurts" or "Her Heart". It surprises them, and also holds the promise of a new beginning. For stories like "Getting it Back" and "They Fell", love becomes much more complicated, but ends on a hopeful (or sometimes sad) note, saying that there is always the chance of a future.

Theatre Production Ensemble

"Our rehearsal process involved a lot of work from home and collaboration from the entire class to get it to this point. Our biggest challenge was not being at school, and having to rehearse the production remotely. We had to schedule rehearsals outside of school and work remotely throughout the process, but we are all very proud of how the show turned out!"

"I would say the rehearsal process was a learning experience, but also a chance to find some normality in our present situation. It was difficult, but, in the end, it was extremely rewarding to come together with friends and do what we all love. Throughout the rehearsal process, we faced challenges like time, ability to rehearse in person, and sometimes communication, but we overcame those challenges to produce a show, in hopes that the audience will find connection within it. This process was a very new experience for all of us, but it showed us how we can overcome challenges with determine and passionate minds."

"The rehearsal process for Almost Maine has been long and different from most. Starting the process in-person then moving to a fully online school model made rehearsal difficult to structure and difficult to make large strides in the rehearsal process. Yet there was always passion behind the show that pushed the people to continue to make a great final product that we are proud to put on."

"The unique rehearsal process we've had to go through was long. We started off in person getting down basic blocking for every scene but once we moved online we couldn't do any of that. Because of this while online we focused on memorizing lines as well as getting things such as costumes, sound. and props ready for when we go back. Over time we had everything memorized and everything ready to go back. To keep things interesting we had tiny breaks where we would work on a different project or have fun with the show and do it as outrageous as possible. A lot of the challenges we faced for the show process was how long it's been taking. We've been working on the show for around 4ish months and after a while there's just not much to work on without being in person. We've all pushed through the challenges and are now ready to put on a great show!"