Young People's Company Cast

Sophie Hurd (Cast)
Sophie joined YPC in 2019. Her first performance was a sailor in The Tempest, then Pocked Louise in the Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place in 6th grade. As a junior at ETHS, she is happy to be in her first comedy sketch show!
Lily Gilbert (Cast)
Lily was invited to YPC in 2019, and she is extremely excited to be in its first sketch comedy performance this year. She is a junior at New Trier, and some of her favorite shows she was in are Shrek and Once On This Island.
Delcene Relaingita (Cast)
Delcene joined YPC in 2020. She is a sophomore at ETHS, and is relatively new to the Piven family, having moved to the Chicago area in 2019. Some of her favourite roles in the past were as Mrs. Hannigan in Annie, and Helka Zimmering in Hiding in The Open. She’s excited to be in her first comedy sketch performance!
Mordecai Evans (Cast)
This is Mordecai! He has been in YPC since the 6th grade. He came to YPC for laughter and as a creative outlet for something more than what he was. He’s been here for about 6 years now and has never regretted a moment of it not only that he also came to Piven to express himself and that’s what YPC and all the other programs have done!
Sara Morales (Cast)
Sara joined YPC in 2020 and is excited to get a lot more involved at Piven Theater. As a junior at Loyola Academy she’s actively involved in the theater department at school. Although, her primary focus is musical theater as a performer, she has thrived as both a writer and director in several student written productions in the past as well.
Quinley Brady (Cast)
Quinley joined YPC this Fall, and is so excited to be a part of this amazing company. After moving from Wilmette to Nashville, she was able to reconnect with Piven when they went virtual last Spring. Since leaving the Chicago area, Quinley has acted with local theaters in Nashville, most recently performing the roles of Hortensio, Maria, and Salisbury in Theater Bug's Blitzkrieg Bug and the role of Puck in Nashville Shakespeare Festival Apprentice Company's culminating performance this past summer.
Oliver Reich (Cast)
Oliver joined YPC in Fall 2019 and has taken classes at Piven for over eight years. He’s a Senior in the International Baccalaureate Program at Lincoln Park High School and is interested in various kinds of art in addition to acting, such as drawing and writing. This is his first sketch-comedy show and he’s very excited to show what he and his ensemble have prepared!
Destiny Dyer (Cast)
Isabella Escobar (Cast)
Isabella joined Piven in 2013. She loves attending classes and learning the different styles and techniques each class has taught her. Beginning classes since the third grade, she is now a Junior at ETHS and very excited to participate in her second year of YPC as it's been quite different than what she's used to but still extremely fun!
Olivia Pastor (Cast)
Olivia Pastor is 17 years old. She joined Piven’s Young People’s Company this fall. Olivia’s favorite part about YPC has been the supportive community and elaborate learning environment that offers a creative outlet for all its members. Though her life outside of the virtual theater space has called for a less active part in the company’s fall production, Olivia is honored to be a part of this hilarious, unique and collaborative show! She most recently performed in Piven’s Resilience Project. Olivia is a student of Chicago Youth Shakespeare, Actor’s Training Center and Kevin Long (Chicago Shakespeare’s text coach and associate). Olivia was formerly a member of Writers Theater’s Youth Council, and Thin Ice Ensemble Theater. She is represented by The Rock Talent Agency. Olivia hopes you enjoy the show! xoxo
Belise Gorleku (Cast)
Belise has been a part of YPC since 2019. She loves to be at piven theatre and be a part of their projects. She has been with Piven for about 5 years! She is now a junior at Evanston Township Highschool. She is very excited to be a part of YPC again this year and try something new. She loves comedy and is excited to work with such talented actors!
Saryu Ravuri (Cast)
Saryu joined YPC in the fall of 2020. She is a freshman at Stevenson High School, and this is her fifth year with Piven. She has always loved comedy, and is constantly trying her hand at stand-up with her family, but this is her first time experimenting with sketch comedy. Saryu was thrilled to work with such amazing actors and actresses this fall!
Lucabella Sangin (Cast)
Bella became a member of YPC in 2019. She is a Junior at Loyola Academy and joined their theater program this year. She also has performed in a few musicals, one her favorites being, How to Succeed at Business Without Really Trying. Sketch comedy holds a special place in her heart, and she would like to thank everyone for tuning into the show during these uncertain times.
Alexandra Kerr (Cast)
Alexandra joined YPC in 2020. She has been a part of the piven community since 6th grade taking part in productions such as the Resilience Project this past spring. She is now a sophomore at Jones College Prep and is very excited to be a part of this amazing production. Though her primary focus is musical theater, she enjoys taking part in the creative process of shows as well as improv and sketch comedy.