Performance Project Cast

Maddy Schwendener (Rosalind, Celia)
Maddy has been taking classes at Piven since 5th grade. She loves kittens, roller blading, and acting.
Tyler Torf (Silvius, Adam)
Tyler is a 7th grader at Wood Oaks Jr. High, and he has been taking classes at Piven since 3rd grade. Tyler has been performing since he was 3 years old, and some of his favorite performances include Willy Wonka and Newsies. He loves spending time with his family, sports, and sewing.
Xander Mroczek (Touchstone, Orlando)
Xander has been taking classes at Piven since fourth grade. This is his second year participating in Performance Project. Xander loves acting/comedy, swimming with the YWCA Flying Fish and eating ramen.
Maude Hovey-Bradshaw (Celia, Rosalind)
Maude is a 7th grader at Helen C. Peirce School, and she has been taking classes at Piven since 4th grade. She was in Loyola University Chicago’s Fun Home earlier this year, and she is the lead singer for the band The Seven Ten Splits. Maude loves meditation, cats, and anime.
Clementine Frazer (Phoebe, Ganymede/Rosalind, Celia)
Clementine is a 7th grader at the Carleton Washburne School and has been acting and doing improv for 8 years. She joined Piven in January 2020. Some of Clementine’s past favorite productions include Aladdin, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Alice in Wonderland. In her spare time Clementine likes to play tennis, bullet journal, and travel.
Dylan Miller (Ganymede/Rosalind)
Dylan is a 7th grader at Shepard Middle School. Dylan has been taking acting and improv classes since they were 5. Dylan joined Piven in September 2019. Dylan’s favorite play is Six the Musical. In their free time they love bike-riding with friends, singing and creating Tik-Tok videos.
Max Buchko (Orlando)
Max started at Piven in January of 2020. Max Has done improv, acting, and stand up at The Second City for 5 years. He is an 8th grader at Rogers Park Montessori School and loves biking and playing video games.
Joshua Gordon (Oliver, Corin)
Joshua Gordon is 14 and has been a part of Piven for 4 years. This is Josh’s second time doing Performance Project, and he is very excited to be a part of it again. Josh enjoys Video games, Watching theater, and playing instruments.
Sean Zielinski (Duke Frederick, Orlando)
14 year old, Sean Zielinski is making his Performance Project debut this year in the roles of Duke Ferdinand and Orlando. He recently appeared in Piven's Resilience project earlier this spring. Sean started acting at the age of 6. Since then, he's performed in Theatre, Improv, Musical Theatre, Film, and Stand-up Comedy. Some of his favorite stage roles include Nathan in The Full Monty and Grover in The Lightning Thief. His hobbies include filmmaking, music production, and video gaming.