Measure for Measure Cast

Juliette Belke (Isabella)
Juliette Belke (Isabella) is super excited to be a part of Measure for Measure. Her most recent productions include Clue (Yvette), Road to Paradise (Hazel Flynn), and Little Shop of Horrors (Choreographer). Juliette is a senior at PVPHS and plans to study musical theatre in college. She would like to thank Mr. Cohen for giving her this amazing opportunity. Enjoy the show!
Anara Cook (Gentleman / Froth / Boy)
Anara is very excited to be in this production of Measure for Measure. She is very grateful for her family for always supporting her. She has had an amazing time rehearsing with the cast and being a part of the Peninsula Drama Department!
Jessica Doty (Lucio)
Jessica Doty is a senior and is hyped to be in her 9th production at Pen and her first Shakespeare show! A couple of her past roles include: An Inspector Calls (Gerald Croft), Little Shop of Horrors (Orin Scrivello) and Fiddler on the Roof (Golde). Enjoy Measure for Measure! 
Melanie Flores (Mariana/Servant)
Look mom! My first ever show and my own bio! What should I put? Maybe a cute heart <3 Perfect. 
Paul Kerker (Angelo)
Paul is a junior at Peninsula and is thrilled to be a part of Peninsula’s production of Measure for Measure. He’d like to thank the cast and crew for all the effort they put in and he hopes you enjoy the show!
Alison King (Duke Vincentio)
Alison King is delighted to be back for her ninth show with Peninsula Drama. Recently: An Inspector Calls (Sheila), Little Shop of Horrors (Seymour), Road to Paradise (playwright/Rory), Clue (Miss Scarlet). She would love to thank Mr. Cohen, her mom, the cast, and the crew for a wonderful experience.
Ben Leet (Claudio)
Ben is thrilled to be a part of the cast of Measure for Measure. He is a junior who has been involved in the Drama Department ever since freshman year. He is currently the Junior Comedy Sportz manager for the Peninsula team. Ben would like to thank his family and friends for all of their constant support throughout the years.
Colt McGuire (Abhorson / Friar)
Colt is a senior and is so excited to be in his first full-length production at Peninsula. He recently completed his first on stage role in the Drama 2 one acts in Raven About Poe, and is looking forward to continuing this journey through Measure for Measure. Colt would like to thank the incredibly supportive drama community, especially the cast and Mr. Cohen, and he hopes you enjoy the show!
Holly Miller (Pompey)
Holly is beyond excited to be a part of the cast for Measure for Measure. It is her second year being involved with Pen Drama’s amazing productions. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Iris O'Connor (Escalus (Isabella u/s))
Iris is very excited to be in her first production at Peninsula High School. She’s been very lucky to have been in many other Shakespeare productions including Romeo and Juliet (Juliet), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Puck), Macbeth (Witch 3), and Taming of the Shrew Jr. (Bianca). She’s excited to be in Measure for Measure with so many talented people. Enjoy the show!
Lynn Omari (Francisca)
Lynn is excited to be part of the Measure for Measure cast. This is Lynn’s first full production that is not a class project. Lynn can’t wait to be a part of more amazing shows at Peninsula High School. Lynn hopes you enjoy the show!
Bela Osorio (Mistress Overdone / Officer)
Bela is very excited to be in this amazing production. Her previous roles have included Road to Paradise (Bea/Parker), Little shop of Horrors (Ronette), Anything Goes (Passenger), Forbidden Broadway (Chita), and Fiddler on the Roof (Constable). She wants to thank this amazing cast and crew for as always making this experience so fun and exciting. She would also like to thank Mr. Cohen for being an amazing director and teacher. Enjoy the show!
Armon Riaz (Barnardine / Gentleman)
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Caroline Shoff (Justice/Juliet)
Caroline is very excited to be a part of Measure For Measure. It is her first play with Pen and she hopes you enjoy the show!
Chloe Sohngen (Provost)
Chloe is a junior and she is so excited to be in her first fall play with Pen Drama! You may have seen her in the spring musical, Anything Goes (Passenger), or in the play Pen took to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Road to Paradise (Scarlett). Chloe has been in Drama since freshman year and is currently the Drama Club's Treasurer. Needless to say, she adores this department and everyone in it. She would like to thank Mr. Cohen for "putting up with us." She hopes you enjoy the show!! Shakespeare! Yay!!!
Erica Tsuei (Elbow / Varrius / Messenger)
Erica is a senior and has been very excited to join her second winter play here at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School and her first Shakespeare performance. She has taken on incorporating her acting skills to the world of classic plays to make her final winter performance a memorable one. Her experiences include Avram the Bookseller/bottle dancer in Fiddler on the Roof, Harold in A 1940’s Radio Christmas Carol, Bird girl in Seussical Jr, Ensemble in Forbidden Broadway and Little Shop of Horrors, and more.