The Mystery of Edwin Drood Creative

Costumes and Props
Grace Tolla
Grace is a junior at Westhill High School and is in the AgriScience program. She assisted with costumes and props with Northstar for Barefoot in the Park and Our Macbeth. This is her first musical at Westhill, and she's super proud of the entire cast and crew for all their hard work.
Art head, running crew
Charlotte Long
Charlotte Long is a senior and is very excited to be working on her final Northstar show. This is her fifth show with the program. She has previously worked on Crimes of the Heart, 9 to 5, Barefoot in the Park, and Our Macbeth. She is the art head for the tech crew. She has had a great few years as a part of the crew.
Stage Manager
Arjun Ahuja
Arjun is the current stage manager for the Northstar Playmakers, he always had a passion for the technical aspects of film and theater and saw stage managing as the perfect opportunity to immerse himself in those aspects of theater by doing stage managing
Aaron Eben
Malcom Fenster
Malcom is happy to work on Drood. This is the third performance he's done on construction. He's a junior, has been doing tech since middle school (Jungle Book, Seussical, School House of Rock, Barefoot in the Park, Our Macbeth), and would like to keep doing this forever.
Justin Gonzalez
Justin Gonzalez is a senior at Westhill. He is excited to do his last show on construction and runner. He also worked on Crimes of the Heart, 9 to 5, Barefoot in the Park, Our Macbeth, and Matilda.
Lighting, T-shirt & Poster Design
Maddie Lapin
Maddie Lapine is a senior at Westhill and is excited to take be head of lighting for The Mystery of Edwin Drood! This is her fifth production after taking part in Crimes of the heart, 9 to 5, Barefoot in the Park, and Macbeth.
Building and Running Crew
Jennifer McKernan
Jennifer McKernan is a senior and is very excited to be working on Edwin Drood! She is tech crew’s running head, and this is her fifth show. She has worked on Crimes of the Heart, 9 to 5, Barefoot in the Park, and Macbeth. This is her final show at Westhill, and she’s had a great time working on these productions.
David Morocho
David Morocho is a junior at Westhill and this is his first musical as part of the crew for a musical. He also worked on the 2019 fall drama Barefoot in the Park. He is thrilled to be part of the crew and has deeply enjoyed this experience
Student Orchestra - Trombone 2 / Percussion
Meredith DiGiacomo
Meredith is currently a senior at Westhill High School and plays the Trombone in the Concert Band and Jazz Ensembles at Westhill. This is her first time playing in a pit orchestra and is very excited to be apart of this!
Student Orchestra - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Matthew DiLorenzo
Matthew is currently a junior at Westhill High School. His main instrument is clarinet, but he’s working on expanding to other instruments. He served as 1st Clarinet in the prior marching band season. This year, he participated in the Connecticut Western Regional Symphony Orchestra, as 2nd Clarinet, and the Connecticut State Concert Band as 3rd Clarinet. Matthew also plays clarinet in the school concert band and tenor saxophone in the school jazz band. He aims to pursue Aerospace Engineering in college, while still learning and performing music throughout.
Student Orchestra - Reed 2
Samantha Nieves
Aiden Morgan

Original Creative Team

Directed by
Mathew Young

Musical Director
Jonah Garcia

Choreographed by
Kelly Nayden

Michael Wyatt

Instrumental Musical Director
Blair N. Roberts

*Student Musicians

Reed One: Gary RuggieroViolin: Kate StockerTrombone 1: Devin Mitchell
Flutes: Samantha Nieves*Cello: Lonnie RootTrombone 2: Meredith DiGiacomo*
Clarinets and Tenor Saxophone: Matthew DiLorenzo*Bass: Marshall ToppoPercussion: Steve Musitano
Oboe & English Horn: Blair RobertsTrumpet: Natalie ParadiseKeys 1: Nathan Perry
Reed 3: Ariana TullaiHorn: Avery DeLongKeys 2:Howard Kilik

Produced by
Northstar Parents Production Group with special thanks to:
Nicole Boruchin
Nancy Laist
Lorriane Masone
Susan Leferman