About Alone, Together


March 2020. As California entered a “stay at home” order due to the coronavirus pandemic, UC Santa Barbara’s LAUNCH PAD commissioned 24 distinguished playwrights to pen monologues and short plays inspired by the prompt “Alone, Together.” These were written to be performed live on Zoom. The immediate goal was to create vibrant opportunities for theatre students during the challenging moment when in-person productions at all schools and theaters across the country were canceled and everyone quickly pivoted to remote learning. The plays accomplished that—and so much more. These 39 extraordinary pieces reflect the moment of lockdown and capture our longing for connection. For the NLRHS Theatre Arts Department's production, we will perform 8 of the 39 pieces, because of the content matter and length of the show.

Alone, Together Scenes​

Pandemic Therapy

- Jami Brandi

A young married couple struggles to adjust to their new pandemic living situation while their therapist wrestles with her own problems. 

Dynamite Sales

- Dan Castellaneta & Deb Lacusta

When a business motivational speaker loses control of her sales seminar to her only participant—a clueless, sexist, misanthrope—she begins to question her own career.

Which Actually Isn’t So New - Mia Chung
ac·tu·al·ly, adverb, 1. as the truth or facts of a situation; really; 2. used to emphasize that something someone has said or done is surprising. Two friends catch up with each other. 


- Yussef El Guindi

This is supposed to be Salma and Justin’s date night, but Justin is worried that Salma may be coming down with the virus. She hesitates seeing a doctor because she is undocumented. A marriage proposal, and learning to cha-cha are a couple of the things that occupy this call between two people in love who are trying to survive.

All The Cranes in the World

- Arlene Hutton

While her sister is hospitalized, Meredith has to remotely babysit her five-year-old niece via FaceTime. 

South Lake Tahoe, California

- Brian Otaño

A Zoom party/movie night takes a frightening turn for four quarantined students.

But Here I Am

- Lynn Rosen

In this serio/comic scene, two siblings who are polar opposites try to connect during a late-night call. 

Safety Net

- Cheryl L. West

An essential worker tries for government assistance, but soon realizes how non-essential she really is. This piece is written as a monologue but can be performed with two people. The intake worker, Mag, can be played by a second actress of any race. 

“Alone, Together” edited by William Davies King and written by Jami Brandi, Dan Castellaneta, Deb Lacusta, Mia Chung, Yussef El Guindi, Arlene Hutton, Brian Otaño, Lynn Rosen, and Cheryl L. West is presented through statement special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois.

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