Gently Unhinged Contributors

Show A (Abigail Felstehausen)
Abigail Felstehausen was born on the ides of March, during a blizzard in Wisconsin. Being allergic to language and despising senseless rules, she spent much of her childhood arguing with teachers who wanted her to be generic. During college, she decided to leave her traditional education for a career in circus. She is currently in NECCA’s protrack program where she majors in Lyra and minors in… uh, floor things?
Show A (Bri Thompson)
Bri always knew she wanted anything but a desk job, requiring movement to stay inspired. After pursuing an education and career in biomedical sciences, she let her need to move and create lead her in a new direction. Pulling from her background in dance, cheerleading, and obstacle course training, Bri soared as an aerialist where she could use her strength while morphing her strategy driven science brain into a space where creativity could thrive.
Show B (Chanty Aguirre)
I am a gymnast turned circus artist currently in year two of the professional training program at the New England Center for Circus Arts. In my work, I aspire to explore the seemingly mundane under a new perspective. When I’m not standing on my hands or flipping around a pole, I can be found making photographs of colorful New England homes.
Show B (Cheyenne Miller)
Cheyenne was raised in the small town of San Luis Obispo, California, where she discovered circus arts at the age of 12 years old. She has been training for eight years, specializing in aerial hoop where she combines dynamic movements and flexibility for passionate, engaging performances. She currently resides in Brattleboro, VT, as a year two student in NECCA’s ProTrack program where she spends every day honing her aerial, contortion, and hand-balancing skills.
Show A (Colleen Agozzino)
Ever since she was little, Colleen has been climbing up wooden door frames, swinging on monkey bars, and doing flips off the swings on the playground. Today, things aren’t much different. Colleen is student of the New England Center for Circus Art’s ProTrack Program, specializing in Chinese Pole and Swinging Trapeze. IG: dabucci3
Show B (Darian Kaulahao)
Darian was exposed to circus at the age of five, and it changed her life forever. The first show she saw amazed her with feats of strength and flexibility, intriguing movement, and whimsical storytelling. As she grew, she went through gymnastics, dance, and theater programs, but she was always chasing that one truly magical experience. Eventually, she discovered a way to run away with the circus, and the rest is history.
Show A (Jessica Guilmain)
Jessica discovered her passion for acrobatic movement from the early age of 3 as a young gymnast and an avid tree climber. When not flying through the air or spinning dangerously fast, she enjoys making magic come to light in the form of live events and television productions. She specializes in Aerial Fabric and Cyr Wheel at the New England Center for Circus Arts ProTrack Program.
Show A (Joelle Nye)
Joelle Nye, like the science guy, is a circus performer and coach from Las Vegas, Nevada. Gymnastics was in her blood, but she decided to deviate from the norms and join the circus. She is in NECCA’s ProTrack program. Unable to pick just one apparatus, she majors in fabric and hoop rigged together (foop!) and minors in bungee (rigged off a dance trapeze). Be prepared to jump out of your seat during Joelle’s exhilarating acts!
Show B (Josephine Somerville)
Josephine Somerville’s performance career started at age 4, singing the entire soundtrack of The Sound of Music on her grandparents porch. She started circus 10 years later and fell in love. After graduating college with a BS in neuroscience, Josephine came to NECCA, specializing in tippy lyra and german wheel. When not upside-down, Josephine enjoys geeking out about psychology and circademics and cuddling her cats, Sam and Clyde. @josephinecircus
Show B (Layton Hahs)
Layton Hahs has always been drawn to expressing themselves through movement - from hula hooping in a bedazzled leotard to Pink as a toddler, to showcasing an aerial act on a professional stage as a young adult. They focus primarily on sling and chinese pole, but can frequently be found upside down in a handstand or attempting to contort themselves into a pretzel. Instagram: @layton.m.h
Show B (Marine Scholtes Labrecque)
Marine Scholtes Labrecque grew up in Montreal doing ballet, but after realizing something was missing, they discovered circus. Since then, its been an adventure full of happiness and craziness. You can see Marine perform as their character, Jérémi, in an attempt to make you laugh and forget about the hard times.
Show B (Megan Gimnig)
Megan spent much of her childhood finding ways to be upside down. When her parents brought home a DVD from a cirque du soliel show, she was enthralled by the circus acts, or as 6 year old Megan called them, gymnastics with a cool costume. She started Trapeze classes at age 10 and never looked back. When she’s not swinging, spinning or flipping on her trapeze, she can be found hiking, or sewing her next costume.Instagram: megan_gimnig
Show A (Shir Wonder)
Shir is a rope and tightwire artist based in Boston. A former robotics engineer, her fastidious and curious mind has remained strong -- from one profession that asks “what if?” to another. She exalts in the weird and macabre, and loves spilling out the contents of her brain for you on stage. One day she’ll knit a circus tent. @shirwonder /
Show A (Thea LaSan)
Thea LaSan is a circus artist from San Francisco, California. She grew up training and performing in the SF Circus Center's Youth Circus troupe. After graduating high school in 2020, she moved across the country to pursue her circus dreams at NECCA, where she specializes in dance trapeze and chinese pole. When she isn't doing trapeze, you can find Thea eating huge salads or singing at an astonishing volume in her car.