About Why Goodbye?

As Angela prepares for her first post separation date, her soon to be ex-husband, Jerome arrives to gather his remaining belongings. In this sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, always engaging encounter, Angela and Jerome pick through the ashes of their shattered relationship and ask the question ‘Why Goodbye?’

New African Grove Theatre Company

The New African Grove Theatre Company is a community theatre founded to encourage African American participation and involvement in all aspects of theatrical production.  New African Grove Theatre Company carries on the spirit of the first African American theatre company in the United States, the original African Grove  company.  Free Blacks established the theatre in New York City in 1821. Even though the company folded after only two years of play production, the theatre was important because it provided and opportunity for African Americans to present plays that gave them dignity.

                                               Come visit us at www.newafricangrove.com