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Keith Franklin
Keith Franklin is the Artistic Director of the New African Grove Theatre Company. He has been involved in productions across the Atlanta area. He was last seen as an actor in the role of Solly in New African Grove’s production of Gem of the Ocean. Some other favorite productions include performing in Louie & Ophelia, and the entire August Wilson Century Cycle and directing: Front Porch Society, Love You Better, Stories About The Old Days, and Long Time Since Yesterday.
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Lori Minor Sinclair
Lori Sinclair Minor is an playwright/actor/singer born and raised in South Carolina, now based in NY. She’s always been a storyteller but has been a playwright since 2012. Her work had been presented at the National Blank Theater Festival, in Winston Salem, NC, in NY with Blackboard Plays the Bechdel Group’s 24-hour playwriting challenge, and the Quick Quarantine (virtual) play fest.
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Stage Manager
Evelyn Rogers
Writer/Director She is the writer of the stage play Just Be A Man About It and I Love Him So Much But Three’s A Company. She has worked on the stage play What God Joined Together and many more. Actress Her first professional movie she appeared in was Tyler Perry For Color Girls. She has also been featured in movies such as “ Get On Up,” “ Comeback Dad,” “A Christmas Blessing,” and many more. Her mentor is Mr. Jeffery Poiter.
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Set Designer
Natasha Young
Natasha is a world traveler who has visited over 25 countries and loves all art forms, especially theater. She believes that art can change the world for the better. She has directed New African Grove's productions of King Hedley II, Radio Golf and Holy Intervention. She has designed sets for New African Grove's productions of Waitin' 2 End Hell, Single Black Female, Me and My Boy, Two Trains Running and Jitney. Additionally, she has served as Stage manager and Assistant director for those productions.