About The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker is a three-act play by William Gibson based on Helen Keller's autobiography "The Story of My Life". The play takes place in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and follows the life of Helen Keller who was rendered blind, deaf, and mute by a childhood illness. We journey with Helen as she grows from a pitied and spoiled, tantrum-throwing child into a disciplined and persistent youth and adult through the aid of a governess, Annie Sullivan.

MVPS Theatre

Theatre at Mount Vernon is truly an immersive experience where students have endless opportunities to act, design, build, stage manage and create electrifying experiences like no where else. From Hitchcock to Shakespeare, original plays inspired by podcasts to popular musicals we all know and love, our students are able to tailor their drama experience to suit their passions & interests. Students begin learning about theatre in Preschool Performing Arts Class and continue to hone their skills until elective courses become available in Grades 5-12. Whether they are new to theatre or an experienced veteran, students have no shortage of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to flourish in theatre arts!