An Appalachian Christmas Carol Creative

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Clark Taylor
Clark Taylor is a professional teaching artist who has performed and designed scores of productions for companies and academic institutions on the local, national and global level. Notable companies include Tony award winner, The Alliance Theatre, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The Globe Theatre in London, England, The International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, Georgia Shakespeare and the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern. Clark has also worked as a performer and clinician for conferences with the Presbyterian Association of Musicians, presenting in Mo-Ranch, Texas and Montreat, North Carolina.   Clark shares a blessed and rich life with his wonderful wife, Leigh and two awesome adult sons, Malcolm and Ethan and two eccentric cats.
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Shannon McCarthry
Shannon McCarthy is a senior and Mount Vernon’s Thespian Society troupe president. She is thrilled to be in her second Christmas Carol production; her past performances include "Eurydice", "A Hipsummer Night's Dream", "The Addams Family", "The Magic Paintbrush", "Our Town", "Aladdin", and most recently, "A Night in Elsinore". She would like to thank her family, the incredible MV Arts team, and her amazing group of friends for their support! Enjoy the show!
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Ashley Hall
Ashley Hall is a Senior at Mount Vernon and is very excited to kick off the year with this play! Her previous shows include "Hipsummer Nights Dream", "The Addams Family", "The Magic Paintbrush", "Our Town", "Aladdin", and "A Night in Elsinore". She would like to thank not only her family, but also Mr.Taylor for helping her support her passion! Enjoy the show :)
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Technical Director
Jake Lortz
Jake Lortz is a tenth grader, involved in the MV Allstars. He is a member of the Thespian Society, being the technical representative for the Mount Vernon troupe. Some past shows include; "Shrek", "I’m Fine", "Our Town" and "A Night in Elsinore". Another hobby he enjoys is woodworking. He would like to thank Mr. Taylor and Mr. Neylon for having such an advanced technical program at Mount Vernon. He also thanks his parents for supporting him in his interest.