Holy Darkness Stage Crew

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Kenneth Cramer, MA, MA
Mr. Cramer is a theology teacher at Montini High school and is a former Catholic Psychotherapist. This is the first play he has written, although he plans on writing more. He would like to thank God, his beautiful wife Laura and his beloved students for sharing their stories with him. For more about Mr. Cramer's life pre Montini visit: https://youtu.be/e3TgoZbL4xk
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Stage Manager
Alexis Holmes
Alexis is a (senior) transfer student from St. Joe’s. She done theatre all throughout High School including parts in After Happily Ever After, The Tortoise and the Hare, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, The Nutcracker and Joseph and the technical colored dream coat. She is an accomplished gymnast and dances pointe, tap, jazz & hip hop. In the future she hopes to become a Pediatric Oncologist, Go to the Olympics for gymnastics, star is a movie, and be in a Broadway show.
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Asst. Stage Manager
Angela Maduzia
Angela is a senior and is excited to a part of this production. She would like to thank the love of her life John and her amazing parents for supporting her through thick and thin. She'd also like to thank Mr. Cramer for welcoming her back to the beautiful weirdness of Drama.
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Tech Director / Sound
Jillian Todd
This is Jillian's 7th show at Montini Catholic. She is interested in tons of music and programming, playing video games, and making bad decisions. She doesn’t know where she wants to go to college just yet but intends to go into computer science. She would like to thank her friends for keeping her going, Justin Gergen and John McNamara (and if found please return to the Montini Auditorium) for being her chaotic brothers, and the past set crew members who have most likely been cults in a past life.
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Lucy Rizzi
Lucy is a Sophomore and this is her 3rd production working in the booth. She enjoys thinking about what she enjoys and a bunch of other stuff. She would like to thank her parents for being such great people who also happen to give her rides. She would like to also thank all her friends who have no idea that she is even doing this. Lastly she wants to thank Mr. Cramer for being Awesome and bald.
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John Martin
This is John's first time helping out with a theatre production. Although he's been supporting his wonderful girlfriend (Angela) for years. John plays Hockey in his free time and would like to thank his parents, Angela and Mr. Cramer for letting him back stage at all.
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Julia Schinsky
Julia is a Freshman, what else do you need to know. She loves God, her parents, the back nine and very much looks forward to not being a freshman.
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Grace Rostello
Grace (senior) is a transfer from St. Joe’s. She gets a lot of joy from creating and likes to read books. After high school: Her goal is to go to a community college in state. Where she wants to study English, art or even maybe science. She would like to thank her family and friends for all of their support.
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Erin Slaten
Previously, Erin has been an actor in Montini’s productions of Hooray For Hollywood and The Little Mermaid. Then, she joined set crew for Montini’s All Shook Up, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Outside of school, Erin enjoys doing art, being with friends and family, and volunteering at the hospital. Erin would like to thank her friends for encouraging her to be a part of the crew, Carla for doing art with her, and Mr. Cramer for the opportunity to work with the cast and crew
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My name is Carla Osorio Palomino and I have been in backstage theater for All I Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten on my sophomore year. My hobbies are writing, reading, drawing, and playing music. I am thankful for Erin for teaching me stuff about theater as a noob. And of course Mr. Cramer who did not write this part at all ;)
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Costume / Makeup
Gianna Velarde
Gianna has done several performances at others schools such as The Wizard of Oz and Annie Jr. Gianna likes to read books, listen to music, and is a part of the Drama Club and Book Club. I would like to thank my grandmother for all the love and strength she has given me over the years. Also, I would like to give thanks to Mr. Cramer for giving me this opportunity to be apart of a wonderful family.
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Emotional Support Person
Varshika Karthi
Var did not intend to be apart of this production. Var was solely convinced by Julia Moran to come and observe rehearsals. Jessica Watts and Julia Moran held Var hostage to observe rehearsals and was officially declared Jess and Julia's emotional support person. Outside of school Var plays lacrosse, sings for a traveling choir, and enjoys ranting about her problems. She also thinks Mr. Cramer is well...amazing!

Thank a Crew Member

When students and adults buy tickets for a theatre production, they often come to see the actors performing in the play. When they wait in line to get to their seats, they often are anticipating an incredible show. Unfortunately, the people in the audience do not realize what goes on behind the scenes.

 “[Stage crew] is the backbone that holds the show together,” MCHS theatre director Kenneth Cramer said.

Stage crew is the heart of any production; no show would flow without these vital young men and women. While the actors and actresses are performing on stage, there is a whole other world unfolding just feet away. Stage crew members are responsible for everything from costumes to props to set design.

 Without these people pouring their hearts into what they do, the stage would be empty save the ones performing. There would be no elaborate set to fawn over; there would be no intricate costumes to give life to the characters.

 “They need to know the show just as well, or maybe even better, than some of the actors because they need to know what needs to be happening,” Cramer said.

Stage crew is often forgot about due to the fact that they do not appear on stage. The hard work and dedication they put into their shows is deserving of as much applause as the actors and actresses on stage. The cast and crew is a well-oiled machine; the whole operation would fall apart if one part of the machine was missing.

 Though it may be easy to focus on the actors and actresses saying the lines, the audience must look beyond who they can see. Those behind the curtains are stars as well. Their passion for theatre matches the actors on stage. Acknowledging them for all that they do is vital. Next time a play comes to town, thank a stage crew member. The show would not be the same without them.