Holy Darkness Cast

Frank (John McNamara)
This is John’s eleventh show he has been apart of, he was last seen yelling about Beethoven in his kindergarten classroom while wondering why a spider was attacking some randomly lady. He responds to the name John and likes to stay in the same room all day. If found please return to the Montini auditorium. If not found he would like to thank his family for showing up to every show he’s ever done and continuing to support him for the past 6+ years.
Deborah  (Sarah Ernat)
This will be Sarah’s seventh time performing in a Montini Theater production. At Montini she is also involved in Peer Ministry, Tri-M, Mu Alpha Theta, math team, French club, and Treblemakers. In her free time Sarah loves painting, playing ukulele, and being outdoors. She is currently considering majoring in interior design or veterinary medicine at college next year. Finally, she would like to thank her family, friends, and Mr. Cramer.
Andrew (Justin Gergan)
Justin is a senior at Montini and this is his first year acting. He previously did the lights before being recruited by the other actors, and is exited to see what it’s like on stage. Justin would like to thank Mr. Cramer and all the actors for encouraging him to act and helping him learn the ropes. He is also is active is Lasallian Youth, Chinese Club, NHS, Volleyball, Robotics, and gives excellent pep talks as the manager of the Cross Country team.
Gretchen (Julia Moran)
This is Julia’s fifth production at Montini. Outside of school, you can find Julia at work, in bed, or buying too many earrings. She is incredibly grateful for the role she has been given in this community and looks forward to the future. Julia does not know which college she will go to yet, but she’s getting there. Lastly, Julia would like to thank Mr. Cramer for his scones, her good friends for the laughs, and her family for putting up with her shenanigans. #filibuster
Dr. Sanchez (Jessica Watts)
Jessica is a transfer senior from St. Joseph High School and this is her 6th year doing theatre her and 9th theatre production. Jessica spends her free time rewatching glee and listening to boy bands. Jessica would like to thank Mr. Cramer for providing her with scrumptious pickles. Jessica is also a member of NHS, SHS, Peer Ministry, Treblemakers, Executive Board, Student Government, and Montini Maniacs. Shoutout to Var and Julia for helping Jessica maintain her sanity. “I LOVE PLAYING A NUN!”
Kemper (Sofia Fisher)
This is Sofia’s third show at Montini. She was last seen in the production of ‘1984’ and “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten”Sofia enjoys acting, crying, hanging out with her friends and watching Tiktoks until 3am. She wants to thank her friends and family for supporting her through everything.
Natas (Diana Maimonis)
This is Diana’s third performance at Montini. In her free time Diana has a love for art that lead to her developing carpal tunnel. After high school Diana wants to study animation. She would like to thank herself for always being there for her, for always believing in herself, and for always being herself at all times. Diana supposes she could send some gratitude to Mr. Cramer, but that’s propaganda.
Sr. Rose (Mia Egan)
This is Mia’s third performance at Montini. Her first production was in 1984 as a messenger, Gladys, and a guard. Mia enjoys acting, hanging out with friends, spending time with her pets and family, playing softball, participating in Broadcasters Club, and participating in Student Government. I would like to thank my family for believing in me. I would also like Mr. Cramer for being an amazing director.