All Together Now Cast

Terri Beerens (Featured Vocalist)
Terri has been with MCP since 2004. Her favorite roles have been Maggie Jones in "42nd Street" and a Catholic school girl in "Do Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?" Her favorite show is "Les Miserables." Her hobbies other than theater include Jazzercise, Pickle ball, walking and traveling to see family!  She also loves kids and hopes to get back into teaching one day! Terri is so excited to be back on stage with her theater friends, loving to be able to perform and sing in front of an audience again!  She wants to thank all her family and friends for all the support over the years!
Susan Berger (Chorale)
Susan has been with MCP since 1993. One of her favorite opportunities was directing "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in 2009. Although she rarely appears on stage, she states, "If I could get up the nerve, I'd love to tap into my inner witch and play Ouiser in 'Steel Magnolias'." Susan is a part-time property manager/bookkeeper. She sends her love out to her children, Katie and Anthony Werner, and her thanks for their support.
Alex Bisig (Featured Vocalist/Youth Ensemble)
Although technically "on stage" five years ago with his mom in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," this show is the first time Alex is being seen on the MCP stage. His favorite show is "Seussical, the Musical." But he is enjoying all the singing and dancing in "All Together Now" and is very proud of his jazz square!
Brian Bisig (Soloist/Vocal Director)
This is Brian's 5th production with MCP, and he is glad to be sharing the stage and his love of theater with other members of his family. His favorite roles for MCP have been conducting the orchestra for "Shrek, the Musical" and "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels." Brian would love to play Captain von Trapp in "The Sound of Music." He is the Director of Music & Worship at St. Michael's Church in Sharonville. Welcome back to live theater, Everyone!!
Jennifer Bisig (Soloist)
"It is wonderful to be back for the 4th time on an MCP stage!" Jen's favorite role with the group was as a Narrator for "Joseph." Her dream role is to play Elphaba in "Wicked." During the day she is a Care Manager for Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Jen has enjoyed having her kids and husband on stage with her this time, but it has been especially entertaining watching their 5-year-old catch the theater bug!
Michael Bisig (Featured Vocalist/Youth Ensemble)
Though not a stranger to the stage, Michael is excited to be in his first MCP show! His dream role is to play Pippin in "Pippin." We hope he gets that "corner of the sky" some day. While keeping busy in 6th grade, he enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, baseball, and swimming. He also plays a mean fiddle!
Rachael Bisig (Featured Vocalist/Youth Ensemble)
Happy to be in her debut performance with MCP, Rachael has enjoyed participating in several community theater shows. An 8th grader with a creative streak both on and off stage, it is no surprise that Rachael would like to be the set designer for "The Little Mermaid." She loves to bake exceptionally tasty treats. Rachael also plays piano and violin, and is on her school volleyball team!
Dominic Catlin (Youth Ensemble)
Dominic has been in MCP since 2020 and will be gracing the MCP stage for the first time with his Papa-a, Mumum, and big sister. He loves shows with lots of song, color, and movement. When not doing theatre, he amuses himself by challenging his parents and big sister in every way possible.
Felicity Catlin (Youth Ensemble)
Felicity has been with MCP since 2017 and her favorite show to date is "The Visit" where she played the “town’s baby.” When not doing theatre, she is swimming, at preschool, or being the best big sister ever. She is excited to be on stage with her little brother for the first time.
Phil Catlin  (Featured Vocalist)
Yes, he has always wanted to be the Governor in "The Best Little Beep-Beep in Texas." But he has pretty much done all that there is to do in Tech, so nothing more, please!
Steve Catlin (Soloist)
Stephen has been doing theatre since he was five. His favorite role so fas has been Lord Farquad in "Shrek, the Musical." Dad by night, mild mannered FedEx Office employee by day; Stephen is ecstactic to be in a show that includes his wife and both of his adorable kids.
Tess Catlin (Chorale)
Tess has been with MCP since 2005 and she cannot think of just one favorite show. When not doing theatre, she can be found working as a librarian or being a busy mom of her two “littles.” She thanks her husband every day for putting up with her and getting her involved with MCP.
Stephanie Dalsfoist (Chorale)
Stephanie has been a member of MCP since 2016. Her favorite MCP role was as a horse/ensemble for "Man of La Mancha." Her favorite show is "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." When not doing theater, Stephanie can be found in the corporate office for Graeter’s Ice Cream or ringing hand bells at her church. She is excited to be back on stage with so many talented people.
Alisha Flaherty (Featured Vocalist)
Alisha has been performing with MCP since 2017, and her favorite role with the group is Rose in "Mamma, Mia!" She would love to play Maria in "The Sound of Music" because "it was my first and favorite musical from when I was a kid!" She is thrilled to be back on stage with her fellow Dynamos, and a fantastic group of creative people. She also enjoys being her own boss, clogging dancing, and ice skating!
Linda Geering (Chorale)
Linda is one of the founding members of MCP.  She has worked both on, and backstage on numerous shows. Her favorite role with MCP was Marian Paroo in "The Music Man", the 2nd incarnation. Linda's dream role is Mama Rose from her favorite musical, "Gypsy." Though she would really like to direct "Chess." She is a retired chef, and joyfully married to her love, Tim.  Tim is newly retired, and they are enjoying every day together! You can wave to him! He’s a follow spot operator.
Jason Gonzalez (Featured Vocalist)
Jason has been a member of MCP since 1994. He had the privilege of playing Horton the Elephant in this group’s rendition of "Seussical the Musical." His favorite show is "Civil War" by Frank Wildhorn. It happens to contain his favorite role, that of, Confederate Captain. A software developer, Jason is excited to sing on stage for the first time with both his wife and daughter!
Lara Gonzalez (Featured Vocalist)
Lara has been in MCP for ten years. Her favorite MCP experience was directing "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels;" with parking cars a close second! Lara's dream is to be in the cast of the musical "Once." She will take any role - Girl, the pianist; Ivanka, the violinist; Reza, the accordian player. In order to support her theater habit, Lara works as the North America Homecare Supply Director for P&G. She is thrilled to be back on stage in Cincinnati and join Jason and Melody in the inaugural performance at the Mason Community Playhouse!
Melody Gonzalez (Featured Vocalist/Youth Ensemble)
Melody has been in MCP for 10 years; earning her first "Bloody Smurf" during "Seussical" set strike at the age of 2. Mel's favorite show is the musical "Six." She is a 7th grader in Sycamore Junior High and loves Anime. She is occasionally thrilled to be appeaering on stage with her parents and to be back in Cincinnati. Don't tell the parental units, but Mel is everyone's favorite Gonzalii.
Peyton Hahn (Soloist)
Peyton has been with MCP since 2012. His favorite tole for the group was Sam in "Mamma, Mia!" Peyton says that his favorite show changes daily, but there is no wavering about the fact that his dream role is J.M. Barrie in "Finding Neverland." He leads a data analytics team for Western & Southern Financial Group by day. Peyton is excited to be back on stage with people he loves.
Emma Hall (Soloist)
Emma's dream role is Christine in "Phantom of the Opera." She has also always wanted to do lighting design. Her favorite show is "Anastasia."
Maria Hall (Featured Vocalist)
Maria has been with MCP since she was 5. Her favorite role was being the baby sour kangaroo in "Seussical the Musical." Maria is currently a freshman in college at Miami University. Maria would like to thank her family for always be supportive of every step she takes.
Jennifer Lisa (Featured Vocalist)
Jennifer has been with MCP since 2005. Her favorite role with the group being Donna in "Mamma Mia!" Her dream role is Christine from "Phantom of the Opera." No one will be surprised by this once they hear her voice. Something she does outside of theater is - "wait, there's life outside of theater?" Enjoy the show!
David Manegold (Soloist)
David is happy to be performing in his 9th show with MCP. His favorite role has been Joseph in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". David has always wanted to be Jekyll and Hyde in the musical of the same name. He is not getting that opportunity in this show, but we did allow him the signature song from the show. He is grateful to be performing for the first time with his two sons, Luke and Greg! Enjoy the show.
Gregory Manegold (Featured Vocalist/Youth Ensemble)
Greg is delighted to be participating in his first show! He is excited to be on stage with his dad and brother. He’d love to play Tweedle-dee, with his brother playing his twin.
Luke Manegold (Featured Vocalist/Youth Ensemble)
Luke is excited to be performing in his first show with MCP! He would love to be able to play Jack in "Newsies" someday. Luke thanks his family for their support and hopes you have a great time!
Sonya Neff (Soloist)
Sonya has been with MCP for 21 years. She had the most fun with her role as Lady Catherine de Bourgh in "Pride & Prejudice." For many years, Sonya has wanted to chreograph "Sweet Charity." So the singer is also an accomplished dancer! Besides theater, Sonya enjoys golf.  She wants to thank her husband Greg for his love and support.
Julie Poux (Soloist)
The first professional stage musical Julie ever saw was "Les Miserables."  Eponine was Her dream role "because I identified with her angst."  The first stage musical she performed in was "Children of Eden" and the part of Eve/Mama Noah "has stayed close to my heart ever since."  Lately, she would love to be Elizabeth in "If/Then" or any of the characters in "Come From Away."
Ella Predmore (Featured Vocalist/Youth Ensemble)
Ella has been with MCP for one year. Her past show was the birtual "Gender Bender" last year. Ella's favorite show is "Mean Girls" because, she says it relates directly to her own life. She is a middle school student in Mason and in her free time, she likes hanging out with friends and singing. She is excited to perform in the show and hopes that you enjoy it!
Maureen "Mo" Rettig (Featured Vocalist)
Mo has been a member of MCP since Fall 1985. Her favorite onstage role with the Players was Leading Player in "Pippin." Mo's dream role is George M Cohan in "George M." But her favorite show is "A Chorus Line." Might she be a dancer? A Director of Data Management during school hours, she is happy to be one of 3 generations of her family to take the stage after hours and be All Together Now.
Gail Rose (Soloist)
Gail W. Rose has been with MCP for many years. Her most challenging role, and first with MCP was Mother in " 'night, Mother." She says it is really hard to pick her favorite show, but it comes down to "Les Miserables" in the end. Currently, Gail is an adjunct instructor for the University of Dayton. She is excited to see MCP return to the stage in its own theater.
Gail Rudolph (Chorale)
Gail has been a member of MCP since 1997. She loved portraying Mrs. Bennett in the group's "Pride & Prejudice." Her dream show is "Steel Magnolias." As talented and skilled as she is, though, does she want to act in it, direct it, costume it, do the set decor, or just watch it? Gail is a nurse practitioner in geriatric psychology. She is thrilled to share the stage with her daughter, Monika, and grateful, as always, for the support of her husband, Rich.
Monika Rudolph (Featured Soloist)
Monika has been a part of MCP for a glorious 20 years. Her favorite show with the group was "Mamma Mia!" Her favorite show is "Les Miserables," because the story line has many arcs and climaxes, each character shares their own story with the audience, and the differences in the characters is so defined. During the day Monika works at Helping Hands Healthcare. She is glad to be doing another show with MCP and would like to thank her family and friends.
Caitlyn Sanderson (Chorale)
Caitlyn has been a member of MCP since 2016. She loved portraying Sancho’s Assistant in "Man of La Mancha." Her dream role is Esmerelda from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." And, she has always wanted to direct that show someday! Caitlyn is an Order Picker at The Hillman Group. She wants to thank her family and friends for their support and the directors for letting her be in this show.
Gaylene May Schumacher (Chorale)
Gaylene has been with MCP since 2007. She really enjoyed playing Doris, opposite Sister, in MCP's "Damn Yankees." Her favorite show is "Phantom of the Opera." A retired Speech Pathologist, now part-time docent at the Museum of Spiritual Art in Franklin, Gaylene is excited to be performing in the very first production in MCP's new theater! She thanks her husband, Bill, for all his love and support.
Erin Marie Schwartz (Chorale)
Being the skilled actress that she is, Erin Marie's dream role is Belinda/Flavia in "Noises Off."
Mary Taylor (Soloist)
Mary has been an MCP member since 2005, when she was Mother Abbess in "The Sound of Music". Her favorite show is, in fact, "The Sound of Music," which may have something to do with her role for MCP. Mary (Peggy to many) thanks her children, friends and fellow barbershop and church singers for their support and encouragement through the years.
Kim Toft (Soloist)
Kim has been with MCP for 21 years. Throughout those decades, she has performed many bucket list roles with MCP: Baker’s Wife, Irene Molloy, Sarah Brown, and Marian Paroo. Her dream role is Lily in "The Secret Garden." And, just in case any directors are reading this, if it helps in casting, her very talented daughter is the perfect age for Mary Lennoz. Kim works as a physical therapist for Sycamore Community Schools and attends Rivers Crossing Community Church.