About Stories from the Space Between Us

It's all about relationships.  Stories from the Space Between Us began from an enlightening conversation with another actor who shared why, in her experience, people of color could come across as being harsh in dealing with their own children.  It had to do with the reality that so much was at stake.  Growing up, especially in the South, a wrong move, even a perceived wrong move from a child of color in public, could result in unwarranted arrest, permanent loss of educational and job opportunities, and worse.  That loss of an entire future for yourself, for your children and family -  is a layer of hardship, based on color, that many of us never had to consider.

In this incredible time when much in our society is being exposed, we have real opportunity to move forward with optimism to reshape our institutions and our understanding of each other.  These two evenings of art and conversation are invitations to be entertained, and to listen in on fresh perspectives.  Listening is healing.  As we make room to take in another's story without judgment, we are invited to recognize and celebrate the richness and worth of each human being, and to see ourselves in each other. 

Equal access, fair play, a level playing field - this is a simple idea and a core value we cherish as Americans, and as people.  I believe in the end, it's what we are all rooting for in the treatment of every human being.  Enjoy this evening and thank you for being with us.  --- Michelle Britton, Producer​

Lionwoman Productions (supported by Driven Theater Co.)

Welcome aboard!  We're glad you're here!  Lionwoman Productions  has a two-fold mission:  (1) To create opportunities and space for understanding and healing through arts and education events; and (2) to celebrate artists, especially performing artists, by providing visibility for their works, as well as employment and promotion of ideas, design, and creative expression.

Because a robust arts community is an essential element for the health of our city and society; in addition to events, workshops and other formats,  Lionwoman Productions bends towards theater as an avenue to promote and contribute to real and positive change in our society.  Lionwoman strongly believes in relationship-building as a guiding principle in working with people.  The way we treat others matters.

There will always be a need to provide space and opportunity for dialogue, connection, and understanding, that can lead to positive progress.  Through the lens of community entertainment and enlightenment, Lionwoman joins with like-minded organizations who understand that arts and education can be powerful strategies to minimize differences, and create space for healing. 

With this in mind, Lionwoman is honored to have the support and encouragement of DRIVEN THEATER COMPANY, a Houston-based, woman-led 501(c)(3) organization,  led by founder and Artistic Director, Rachel H. Dickson.  Driven Theater Company - People moved to think, feel and act.