The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare Cast

Director (Jerry C. Jaffe)
Jerry has been teaching at Lake Erie College since 2008 and has directed numerous plays here, including Measure for Measure, I Hate Hamlet, Dracula, and many more. He previously lived and worked in Japan and New Zealand, having over 100 directing credits on 3 continents. He has published widely on theatre and comedy, with numerous articles, conference presentations and book reviews. He co-edited the book Performing Japan: Contemporary Expressions of Cultural Identity.
Sir John Falstaff (Craig A. Webb)
Craig is a retired Traffic Control Supervisor with a BA in theater from Cleveland State University. He has performed with three diverse Shakespeare companies, two touring Circuses, and ten other Northeast Ohio theaters, colleges and universities. Shakespeare's character of FALSTAFF has long been on his bucket list. He wishes to thank Lake Erie College and Dr. Jaffe profusely for finally allowing him to kick it!
Master Ford (Cameron Zona '22)
Cameron is excited to be a part of Merry Wives of Windsor at LEC, where he is currently working toward a BFA in Theatre and a BS in Entrepreneurship. During his time at LEC, he has appeared in Tales From a Pandemic, Dracula (Harker), The Man Who Couldn't Dance (Eric), Next to Normal (Gabe), I Hate Hamlet (Andrew), The Zoo Story (Jerry). He currently owns and operates his own company, The Access Theatre Project, a not-for-profit theatre in Mayfield, OH, focused on accessibility in the arts. Cameron would like to thank his parents and his girlfriend for their love and support.
Mistress Ford (Abigail Marie)
Abigail is an actor, producer and director from Cleveland, Ohio. Her most current roles include "The Long Goodbye" Lake Worth Playhouse, "Life Ain't Da Pits" Twin Masks Performing Arts Centre, "Cyrano" Carolina Shakespeare, and an ensemble member with Plague Masked Players. Abigail's directing and producing credits include "Linda" Steep Theatre, "The Picture of Dorian Grey," "The Shipment," and "When We Dead Awaken" Richmond, The American International University in London. Whilst studying in London, Abigail performed at Shakespeare's Globe during a 12 week course focusing on "Hamlet". Abigail is extremely excited to be performing in Cleveland for the first time with Lake Erie College. When Abigail is not breaking a leg, she is taking photos and travelling around the world, one country at a time.
Mistress Page (Jessica Moore '17)
Having graduated from LEC in 2017 with a minor in theater, she fondly remembers many shows here including her roles of Catherine (Proof), Evelyn (The Shape of Things), Hypatia Tarleton (Misalliance), and others. She’s taken a few years off the stage and is happy to finally be back doing what she loves! Of course, a massive thank you to the ever patient, always supportive Lance and Little Lance. You made it possible, and encouraged me to get back out there, and I couldn’t have done it without you.
Master Page (William Benton)
Father, architect, marine biologist, hand model, realtor, latex salesman, assistant to the traveling secretary. Oh, and I do some wood working and acting. This is my third play at Lake Erie College.
Anne Page (Isabelle Laughlin)
Having just transferred to Lake Erie College as a Junior, Isabelle is very excited to be performing in her first show at the school. She fell in love with acting when she joined her New Hampshire high school’s drama department in 2017 and has been finding opportunities to perform ever since. Some of her favorite roles thus far include Madame Defarge in A Tale of Two Cities and Rosie McMillan in The McMillan Way. As an Adolescent Young Adult Integrated Language Arts Education major, Isabelle hopes to teach English and Theatre to middle and high school students in the future.
Slender (Richard Keay '13)
Fenton (Sean Scott)
Sean doesn't know a lot about theater. But what he does know is that he actually knows absolutely nothing about theater. That's not going to stop him from acting in his first play, though! Sean graduated from The University of Akron in 2019 with a degree in Early Childhood Inclusive Education and currently works as a preschool teacher for students with special needs. He has actively been directing, producing, writing, and acting in short and feature-length films since 2014 for local film festivals, with a total of twelve acting credits to his name.
Mistress Quickly (Emily McGrath)
Emily is very excited to return to the stage for this show, after a long stint of behind the scenes work. Outside of the theater, Emily has a solid decade of improvisational theater work under her belt, and a long running stint at local Renaissance festivals throughout Ohio. Thanks to Cameron for telling me to do this show, and my dog for not destroying my house when I'm at rehearsal.
Host of the Garter (Jackie Welch)
Jackie is excited to join the cast of MWoW for her first show with LEC. When she's not trying to make Captain Planet proud by educating the young and less young with conservation tips and animal facts, she can found singing in one of the many ensembles/choirs she participates in. Thanks to Emily for letting me know about this show, this is way different from the improv we usually do!
Servant “Mistress Kayla” (Kayla Clark '23)
Kayla Clark is a junior at Lake Erie College majoring in history and plans to graduate in 2023. She also plays women’s basketball and sings in the choir for LEC. Kayla has enjoyed past roles in the LEC theatre productions of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and “Tales from a Pandemic”. Previously, she has also been in "Bye Bye Birdie", "Guys and Dolls", and “Floating on a Don’t Care Cloud".
Pistol (Dominic Cheekbones)
Dominic, or Dom as his friends call him, is an old veteran of the theater. While never a star in his own right, he has understudied for such notable puppets as Jeff Dunham's Peanut, Edgar Bergen's Charlie McCarthy, and Willie Tyler's Lester. Since retiring he works part time as a greeter at Harry's Food Mart 2 in Painesville. It has been his lifelong dream to perform Shakespeare.