About The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare

Lake Erie College's Theatre Department will be presenting the classic comedy by William Shakespeare The Merry Wives of Windsor. With an ego as big as his appetite, Sir john Falstaff conspires to woo the two wealthiest married ladies and pocket their riches. Join these two clever Mistresses as they devise a scheme of their own to teach him a well-deserved lesson.

Join us for the Sunday, November 7 for a special presentation and talkback given by Senior BFA Theatre student Cameron Zona, Dr, Jaffe and the cast.

November 7 matinee will be the only live-streamed performance but still requires a virtual ticket

Note from the Director

Much could be said of The Merry Wives of Windsor, and much of what has been said is not always nice. Some critics have called it Shakespeare’s “worst” play. It is his only “city comedy” and is arguably his most farcical. We find a story full of plots, plans, nearly every character lies and has 2 (or more faces!), there is violence, pratfalls, and extreme silliness. It almost as if Shakespeare had written this for the Three Stooges or something. However, for just plainly stupid, funny, witty jokes Merry Wives might also be his funniest.  

If you don’t know the play, Falstaff is a kind of braggart soldier who comes in to town with a plan seduce the wives and con them out of money. The rest of the play involves the wives turning the tables on the old knight. There is a subplot concerning which suitor daughter Anne Page will marry.  There are some dirty jokes, a “Mrs. Doubtfire”-scene, and other goofy stuff.  I haven’t laughed this hard at a play in quite a while, I hope you do too. One other thing—rather than build elaborate Hollywood sets, we are using an open floor design that allows the actors to step up and make the stage whatever place they need—you know, just like Shakespeare would have done.  And you might hear some modern references, that’s just more of us having fun with this, Shakespeare’s funniest of plays.  (Oh, and puppets. Expect puppets!)
- Jerry C. Jaffe
1 November  2021