Seussical Cast

McKenna Howard (Stage Crew)
McKenna is a sophomore at La Follette high school, who has apart of in La Follette’s Stage Crew for two years. She has mostly been a sound assistant but has helped with building the set as well. McKenna has worked on many productions over the course of the two years, along with other productions outside of La Follette. (Diary of Anne Frank, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Arsenic and Old Lace, Hairspray, and now The Seussical)
AJ Kersten (Wickersham 2)
AJ is thrilled to participate in their second musical here at LHS. They are happy to be a bigger small part.(Wickersham 2) AJ love to sing dance and act so this is the best few months of the school year for then. They want to thank each and everyone out you who supported us and came to the show. Thanks a bunch.
Hyrum Oliphant (Horton the Elephant)
Hyrum Oliphant is excited to be playing in one of his favorite shows his Senior year, yet he is also sad to be leaving his newfound Theatre family at LaFollette. He has most recently been seen in Arsenic and Old Lace (Jonathan Brewster), House Theatre Co.’s Hairspray (Fender), and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Linus Van Pelt). He involves himself in Theatre as much as possible and plans to continue in college.
Lauren Trowbridge (Wickersham)
Lauren Trowbridge is beyond excited to be portraying a Wickersham brother in this production of Seussical! Some of her favorite past roles include Sally Brown in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown and Mrs Harcourt in Anything Goes. She’d like to thank her fellow Wickershams for being so awesome, as well as her astounding cast family. She hopes you enjoy the show and have a blast!
Annabelle Reynolds (Wickersham)
Annabelle Reynolds is a sophomore, and “Seussical the Musical” is her fourth show at La Follette High School. She was most recently seen in the play “Arsenic and Old Lace” at La Follette as Abby Brewster. Annabelle plays varsity tennis, as well as manages for the boy’s tennis team. She enjoys doing theatre outside of school, and just recently closed the show “Jesus Christ Superstar” with St. Bernard Players. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Chris Moura (Crew)
Christian “Cool Boy” Moura is thrilled to be a part of this year’s musical stage crew, as he has had little to no experience with the technical side of musical productions. Although he may be famous for his role as Hansel in his middle school’s sixth grade play, “Hansel & Gretel” he has decided to take part in this year’s musical behind the stage, rather than on it.
Mina Linsenmayer (Gertrude McFuzz)
Mina is very excited to be playing Gertrude McFuzz in this year's "Seussical". She hopes you will find as much joy in this quirky show and its characters as she does. She last performed as Elaine Harper in "Arsenic and Old Lace", and is currently preparing to play a Newsie is VACT's "Newsies" this Spring.
Jillian Ley (Ensemble)
Seussical will be the second performance Jillian has been in and she looks forward to being a Who Child! She will be graduating this year and is excited for her future beyond high school. She would like to thank her family and friends for continued support throughout high school.
Greyson A. Baldwin (Crew)
Greyson is a 10th grader at La Follette. That is normally part of crew/running crew. That helped with previous shows at La Follette; You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown and Hairspray at East High School and can't wait to see how Seussical turns out!
Mad Rose Brandt (Yertle the Turtle)
Mad Rose Brandt is excited to be a part of Seussical this year as Yertle The Turtle! This is Mads very first musical and they are absolutely thrilled. Mad was also in the fall play last year and in the play this year Arsenic and Old Lace, they played Teddy Brewster. Mad sincerely hopes that you enjoy the show and have a wonderful night!
Lexie Brown (Molly May Who)
Lexie Brown is a Sophomore this year. This is her first Musical at La Follette. She is in the ensemble and plays various roles. As a Who she plays the role of Molly May Who. Lexie would like to thank her parents and close friends for their support, and all of the new friends she’s made during the rehearsals. She would also like to thank the crew and staff for their hard work.
Audrey Burke (Luna Lou Who)
This is Audrey Burke’s first musical at LaFollette, and she couldn’t be more excited to participate in Seussical. Audrey can’t wait to be a part of ensemble as “Luna Lou Who”. Audrey would like to thank her parents, her sisters, and everyone involved in the show for making this a wonderful and memorable experience for her. Enjoy the show!
Lydia Burke (Birdena Shine)
Lydia Burke is ecstatic to be in this year’s production of Seussical. This will be her second show at LaFollette, as she was in ensemble in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown just last year. She cannot wait to perform this year as “Birdena Shine”, one of the eclectic “Bird Girls”. She’d like to thank her family, her friends, and her fellow “Bird Girls” for making this process the best it could be. Enjoy!
Taryn Davis (Ensemble)
Taryn is a senior and is super excited to be apart of the Seussical. This is her second production at La Follette. Her first being “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” as ensemble. She is so glad she tried the musical last year.
Emma Dupor (Stage Crew)
Emma Dupor is excited to be a part of the Seussical as her last production at La Follette High School. She has been involved in stage crew for multiple shows such as, Arsenic and Old Lace, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown and The Diary of Anne Frank. Emma would like to thank cast and crew for putting so much work into the show, and for making memories that will last a lifetime.
Max Jacobsohn (Ensemble)
Max. is a very energetic, funny, and kind. He loves playing the guitar and piano and he loves to sing and dance. He has wanted to be in a Musical for a long time, but he has been too afraid to do it until now. He cares a lot about his grades and will try his best to get good grades. He can’t wait for the musical next year and so he can get another chance and getting a lead role. He hopes you will enjoy the show too.
Laila Jenkins (Student Technical Director)
Laila is very excited to be finishing her senior year as Student Technical Director of Stage Crew. She is looking forward to putting on an amayzing production of Seussical, her seventh show at La Follette. She wants to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped put the show together, as well as the outstanding cast and crew who put in lots of hard work and creativity to make her last production at LHS wonderful.
Amie Kabera (Bird Girl)
Amie Kabera she is the president of Black Student Union and vice president of marketing in her schools DECA. This is her first production. She is so excited to be one of the extravagant bird girls in the Seussical. She loves to sing and dance, so for her to able to receive such a role is both an experience and a great opportunity to have her last year at La Follette.
Toby McFarlane (Jo Jo Who)
Toby McFarlane is super excited and proud to be joining his second LaFollette musical as the role of JoJo, and his fourth LaFollette production onstage. Other notable roles he’s played over the years includes officer Patrick Brophy the 2018 Fall Play Arsenic and Old Lace, and Anne Frank in last year’s production of The Diary Of Anne Frank.
Aaraf Khondaker (Stage Crew)
Aaraf Khondaker is excited that he can finish his senior year at Lafollette with all the amazing people he was able to meet during his time at stage crew. This is Aaraf’s first year helping with the shows, and he was very surprised on how accepting everyone was. He is disappointed that he didn't get involved sooner, but grateful for the time he had. Even though, this is his first and last year participating in stage crew, he is never going to forget all the magical experiences he and his friends were able to share. Oui Oui
Dija Manly (Lady Bird)
Dija Manly, a newcomer, is excited to be playing the role of Lady Bird (a bird girl) in the Seussical this year. Dija would like to give a shoutout to her car, Martha Mctaggart Manly, for dutifully getting her to and from rehearsals.
Tziah McNair (Birlina Peekablue)
Here is my updated bio: Tziah McNair is sooo excited to be apart of her second La Follette Musical. This time around, she will be playing the role of "Birlina Peekablue," a follower of Mayzie. She would like to send a special shoutout to her fellow "Bird Girls," as well as her dad for being her loyal (yet disgruntled) chauffeur. Enjoy the show and remember: Who Run the World: Birds!
McKenzie Minter (Stage Manager)
McKenzie Minter is thrilled to be finishing out her senior year, stage managing La Follette’s production of Seussical. This is her third show as the stage manager and she couldn’t be more grateful for the hard work and dedication everyone has put into this show. For the cast and crew, I got you and you got me.
Ila Oliphant (Ensemble)
Ila is a citizen of Whoville. She enjoys acting on stage and loves being with the crew and cast. Ila likes to pretend and this is the perfect opportunity for her to do that. Off the stage, Ila spends time with her animals and many siblings. Ila wants to make sure her brother, Hyrum, gets the spotlight for his senior year and supports him from behind the stage. Good Luck, Hyrum.
Parker Olsen (Mr. Mayor)
Parker is very excited to be taking on his first role as a named character when he plays Mr Mayor. Preparing for this role has been a very fun process for Parker. This is his second production at La Follette and he is very excited for people to get to see this amazing cast at work. He thanks all his friends and family for supporting him and being so excited for him.
Morgan Post (Lighting Assistant)
Morgan is a current 10th grader at La Follette High School and the lighting assistant as of last year. She works side-by-side with the director to plan the lighting designs for shows and loves to help the crew! Previous shows have been You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and Hairspray. Next year she will be the head of lights and will hopefully get pass down her knowledge to those willing to help run the lightboard!
Grace Reynolds (Mrs. Mayor)
A senior, “Seussical” is Grace’s sixth and final show with La Follette. She is excited to be portraying Mrs. Mayor. Previous roles include Lucy in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” and Martha Brewster in “Arsenic and Old Lace.” Grace also works with St. Bernard Players, where she just finished Assistant Directing “Jesus Christ Superstar.” She is currently auditioning for musical theatre schools. Thanks to Mom and Dad for supporting her in her dreams.
Lilyana Sims (Ensemble)
Lilyana Sims is super duper excited to be in the musical this year. She’s a freshman and has been casted as Who child number one. Thank you for coming and enjoy the show.
Ryan Vang (Stage Crew)
Ryan Vang is an ecstatic senior partaking in La Follette High School’s musical, seussical. This is his third musical at La Follette as well as his last show in La Follette. He's a member of Stage Crew, specifically in the lighting department and he is ready to light up this year's musical. He would like to show his gratitude to the wonderful stage crew who are like family to him as well as thank the director Josh for working with the La Follette crew and cast to make this musical a reality.
Amanda Welch (Ensemble)
Amanda Welch is excited to be doing the musical this year. This is her first show at LaFollette Amanda would like to thank her parents for chauffeuring her everywhere and listening to her sing endlessly and helping her keep all her assignments in check and her friends for putting up with her talking about the musical all the time.
Andréanna Wright (Sour Kangaroo)
Andréanna Wright (Sour Kangaroo) is a senior this year and this will be her first musical performance in association with La Follette. She performed with House Theater’s rendition of Hairspray, playing one the Dynamites. She also has been in the Wisconsin Children’s Choir, currently participating in the Youth Chorale and the elite Chamber Choir. She’s ecstatic to knock off this experience off her high school bucket list, and plans on doing many more musicals in college!
Alejandra Miranda-Naxi (Stage Crew)
Alejandra is a bit sad for seussical to be her last production at LHS but is very grateful for the opportunities given and friendships made during her time in stage crew. She was gosh dang surprised on how inviting the environment was. Little did she know how much joining would affect her. After 3 years of working with the team, she has learned the true meaning of friendship. She would like to thank all of stage crew for helping her find herself and for always being there for each other. She will miss everyone dearly and looks forward to seeing future LHS productions.
Sadie Quamme (Assistant Stage Manager)
Sadie Quamme is a sophomore at Lafollette High School, who has been apart of stage crew for one year. She is currently assistant stage manager and is excited to learn how to run future shows. She is also really sad that all the seniors will be leaving next year because they are the best this theater has seen.
John Verdecia (Sound)
John is very happy to return to lafollettes crew for sound, and exited to gain experience as an assistant director. John has done previous LHS shows including ‘Smile’ and ‘You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown’. He would like to thank Josh for his hard work and cooperation, as well as his fellow crew members.
Joe Haas (The Grinch)
Joe Haas is thrilled to be playing the Grinch in La Follette's production of Seussical. He wants to thank his friends, Jill, Eliza, Audrey, Taryn, McKenzie and the director Josh for their support and encouragement throughout the process. Lastly, he wants to express his excitement for the performances because his mom did drama in high school.
Oliver Merithew (Ensemble)
Oliver Merithew is excited to showcase his talents in La Follette's production of Seussical. While he was the designated piano man at rehearsals, his talents stretch farther than those 88 keys. He's happy he came to La Follette and became apart of the theatre department
Victoria Greer (Birdadette Tweeters)
Victoria Greer, an Early College STEM Academy student who takes her classes at Madison College, returned back to La Follette to help put on our production of Seussical. She enjoys manatees and matinees so she's looking forward to our day show on the ninth. She is excited to be a feature in this musical as Birdadette Tweeters, the most dazzling bird girl of the show.
Eliza Kuhlow (Cindy Lou Who)
Eliza Kuhlow is enthusiastic to be showing her talents in La Follette's production of Seussical. As a member of the dance team, Ellie was encouraged to audition and is looking forward to her debut as Cindy Lou Who. Next year Eliza will be studying Elementary Education at the University of South Florida. She wants to thank her family for their constant support and her Grinch, Joe Haas, for stealing her presents and her heart.
Jacob Jennissen (Wickersham)
Jacob Jennissen is exhilarated to be performing in Seussical along with his fellow Wickershams. He wants to thank them for their hard work, dedication, and help throughout the process. While Jacob is used to performing in La Follette's show choir, this is his first musical and he wants to thank everyone who encouraged him to audition. Buckets
Gisselle Barrera (Ensemble)
Giselle Barrera is thrilled to have Seussical be her first and last musical experience. She's a senior at La Follette and is incredibly grateful she joined because she met many amazing people. She's excited for her friends and family to see her hard work pay off.
Eduardo Castillo (Vlad Vladikoff)
Eduardo Castillo, president of DECA and the 2019 graduating class, is eager to play Vlad Vladikoff in La Follette's production of Seussical. His dedication and hard work was prevalent throughout the entire rehearsal process. He wants to thank his friends and family for the consistent love and support.
Mars Thornsen (Ensemble)
Mars Thornsen is thrilled to have auditioned for Seussical. A senior at La Follette High School, this is Mars' first show and he's incredibly grateful for joining. Even though he's the best dancer in the 608, he is also an amazing singer and actor. Lastly, he wants to thank his cousins, Annabelle and Grace, for encouraging him to join.
Alexandria Thao (Ensemble)
Alexandria Thao is delighted to be an ensemble member in Seussical. She always brought her positive and diligent attitude to rehearsal and was elated for the shows to finally begin. She wants to thank her friends and family for being her support system throughout the entire process. She also wants to thank her fellow cast members for being incredibly welcoming and kind.
Faith Stluka (Who)
Faith Stluka is thrilled to be in Seussical this year. This is her first show at La Follette and she is excited to be apart of such an unique production. She can't wait for this year's show where she plays a Who. Faith would like to thank her family and friends for always being there for her during this amazing experience and wishes that everyone enjoys the show.
Maxx Moran (Mayzie LaBird)
Maxx Moran is an 11th grade very courageous young lady and is so excited to be playing Mayzie LaBird in this years musical. This will be her second year in musicals with just last year being ensemble of last years show “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” and couldn’t be more happy about the family she has made during these times. She would like to thank all the people who have been super supportive and allowing her this opportunity. She hopes you all will enjoy the show and be proud of everyone.