Spectrum 2022 Performers

Mark Buhl-Eaton (Repertory 1)
Mark Buhl-Eaton has been dancing since they were ten. They have taken dance classes in a variety of styles, all at Kinetics Dance Theatre. They've also been given the opportunity to choreograph multiple pieces for Kinetics. They hope you enjoy Kinetics' Youth Ensemble's Spectrum.
Aidan Burnham (Repertory 1)
Aidan Burnham found his interest in dance through the popular dance video game Just Dance, and he started classes at his high school, Marriotts Ridge, in his freshmen year. He’s a junior in their Junior Dance Company, and he has a love for modern and contemporary dance.
Abigail Cassino (Apprentice Company)
Abigail Cassino has been dancing for 14 years. She is currently a senior in high school and a 3rd year member of the Apprentice Company. She has taken ballet, jazz, tap, pointe, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, and modern classes in a variety of studios such as Kinetics Dance Theatre, Ihde Rather Be Dancing, Dancin’ J’s Studio. Abigail is a member of the River Hill High School Dance Company and has choreographed for several concerts. She currently volunteers as a front desk assistant at Kinetics Dance Theatre
Isabella Chavez (Repertory 2)
Isabella Chavez began dancing at 3 years old. She started off with dancing only ballet and tap and shortly moved from tap to modern dance. She has been in company for over 4 years at Kinetics Dance studio and she is currently in Rep 2.
Sadie Dorsey (Pre-Repertory)
Sadie Dorsey started dancing at the age of three and is now eleven years old. She enjoys studying ballet, modern, and jazz, as well as rehearsing with Kinetics Dance Theatre’s Youth Ensemble, Pre-Repertory. Sadie is a member of the Peabody Children’s Choir Choristers as well as the Waverly Woods Elementary School Band, playing the clarinet. She is excited to perform on stage as part of Pre-Rep!
Lee Dugan (Apprentice Company)
Lee Dugan has been dancing for 10 years, and in student company for 7. They have done ballet, modern, and jazz and have only gone to Kinetics. They are currently choreographing for the Kinetics student choreography performance.
Gracie Flippen (Apprentice Company)
Rina Frankford (Pre-Repertory)
Rina Frankford has been dancing for 6 years at Kinetics Dance Theatre. She has taken classes in modern, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. It is her first year in Pre-Repertory.
Autumn Hitchcock (Repertory 2)
Autumn Hitchcock has been dancing for 13 years. She started off at the age of 2 at a small rec center. By age 4 she started at Kinetics. She has experienced all different types of dance and appreciates each style equally. She also is member of Repertory 2 in the Youth Ensemble at Kinetics.
Miriam Kulansky (Pre-Repertory)
Miriam Kulansky has been dancing for 7 years. She has taken modern, ballet, tap and hip hop. She also enjoys karate, playing the piano and swimming. In the summer, she swims for the Wilde Lake Watercats. She is currently in the 4th grade at Running Brook Elementary School.
Rebecca Lassman (Apprentice Company)
Rebecca Lassman has been dancing for 13 years. She has taken ballet, modern, jazz, and pointe classes, and has been in Youth Ensemble at Kinetics Dance Theatre for five years. She has had experience taking a variety of additional styles during Kinetic’s summer dance intensive. During the summer, she has also helped with Kinetic’s summer camps. Additionally, Rebecca is in Junior Dance Company at Centennial High School, and is one of three J-Co captains.
Sophia Lippe (Apprentice Company)
Sophia has been dancing for 11 years in Howard County. She has been a part of the Kinetics Youth Ensemble for 6 years. She has taken ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, modern, lyrical, and musical theater. She is currently a part of the Marriotts Ridge High School Junior Dance Company.
Bethany Peng (Pre-Repertory)
Bethany Peng is 10 years old. She likes to dance and has been doing ballet since she was 5. Her hobbies include hanging out with her friends and playing with them. She has an older brother and two cats.
Arianna Pritchard (Pre-Repertory)
Arianna Pritchard has been dancing at Kinetics since she was 3 years old. She has studied ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, and musical theater, but her favorite is tap. She is currently a sixth grader at Patapsco Middle School who also enjoys reading and playing Minecraft.
Brenna Pritchard (Repertory 1)
Brenna Pritchard started dancing when she was 4 and fell in love with it. She's had 9 years of ballet, 7 of modern, 5 of jazz, and in the past 2 years started contemporary. Dance is her favorite form of self expression and she couldn't imagine her life without Kinetics.
Natalie Roberts (Repertory 1)
Natalie Roberts has been dancing at Kinetics Dance Theatre for eleven years. She has been a member of the Youth Ensemble for five years. Natalie has taken ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, and musical theatre during her time at Kinetics.
Rachel Roberts (Apprentice Company)
Rachel Roberts has been dancing at Kinetics Dance Theatre for the past fourteen years and has been a member of the Youth Ensemble for eight years. She has taken ballet, pointe, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, and hip hop. She is also a part of the Senior Dance Company at Marriotts Ridge High School. She has had the opportunity to assist with and choreograph various pieces, attend dance festivals, and participate in performances at both Kinetics and her high school. Aside from dance, she also runs cross country and track for Marriotts Ridge and a club team, Bullseye Running.
Harley Rosen (Repertory 1)
Harley Rosen has been dancing for 10 years. She started when she was three, in mommy and me classes at Kinetics Dance Theatre. Harley took lessons for a year at Misako Ballet Studio. Currently she is enrolled in ballet, modern and contemporary at Kinetics Dance Theatre, and is a part of Repertory 1 of the Youth Ensemble.
Yuval Rozenberg (Repertory 1)
Yuval Rozenberg has been taking dance classes from the age of 11 and she loves to dance. Her dream is to be on Broadway. Yuval has only danced at Kinetics Dance Theatre but loves every moment of it. Yuval takes a number of classes by her favorite class is Repertory 1.
Eli Singhal (Repertory 1)
Eli Singhal has been dancing for 10 years. They have taken ballet, modern, tap, musical theater, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, belly dancing and other styles of dance. They have been dancing at Kinetics since they were 8.
Sully Singhal (Pre-Repertory)
Sully Singhal has been dancing for 6 years. He has taken tap, jazz, hip hop, modern and musical theater. He has been dancing at Kinetics dance studios since he was 6.
Meredith Sorensen (Apprentice Company)
Meredith Sorensen was born and raised in Columbia, Maryland and has been dancing since she was two years old and has trained in ballet, tap, contemporary, modern, and jazz. Meredith first started dancing at Arabesque Dance Studio but then transferred to Kinetics Dance Theater where she is a part of the Apprentice Company.
Gwyneth Watson (Apprentice Company)
Gwyneth Watson has been dancing for 13 years, and has studied a variety of dance styles including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, lyrical/contemporary, and pointe. She has been a member of Youth Ensemble at Kinetics Dance Theatre for 7 years. She is also in Senior Dance Company at Mt. Hebron High School.