About Breaking the Sound Barrier -- Spring Showcase 2022

This year’s theme explores the concept of sound and how we can break from the norms of typical dance accompaniment. Whether they are diverting from the typical music that would accompany a dance genre, creating their own music on stage, or abandoning instrumentation altogether, the students and teachers at Kinetics have been finding unique ways to challenge and reinvent the use of music for dance. 

Before purchasing, please check the show orders below, to ensure you're purchasing tickets for the correct show!



Apprentice Company

Creative Dance (Monday 4:30pm; Jodi)

Level 2 Ballet (13+) (Friday 5:30pm; Teresa)

Pre-Ballet/Jazz (Tuesday 5:30pm; Pam)

Level 4 Modern (Wednesday 6:30pm; Liz)

Level 1 Jazz (Saturday 12:00pm; Angelika)

Ballet Babies (Saturday 12:15pm; Teresa)

Level 1/2 Contemporary (Thursday 5:00pm; Alex)

Dance Fundamentals (Monday 5:25pm; Jodi)

Level 3 Ballet (Thursday 5:15pm; Jodi)

Level 3/4 Tap (Tuesday 6:30pm; Colleen)

Pre-Hip Hop (Monday 4:45pm; Liz)

Level 1 Modern (Wednesday 4:30pm; Alex)

Level 5 Ballet (Thursday 5:00pm; Teresa)


Senior Farewell Dance



Apprentice Company

Creative Dance (Tuesday 10:40-11:40am; Jodi) 

Level 1 Modern (Friday 6:30-7:30pm; Teresa)

Pre-Hip Hop (Saturday 10:00-11:00am; Angelika)

Level 3 Jazz (Tuesday 8:15-9:15pm; Colleen)

Mini Movers (Thursday 4:30-5:15pm; Jodi)

Level 1 Ballet (Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm; Teresa)

Level 2 Tap (Tuesday 7:30-8:15pm; Colleen)

Ashlee Faith Solo


Level 1 Pointe (Thursday 6:30pm; Jodi)

Pre-Ballet/Modern (Thursday 6:30pm; Teresa)

Level 2/3 Hip Hop (Friday 6:30pm; Angelika)

Beginning Adult Ballet (Friday 6:30pm; Pam)

Level 3 Ballet (Monday 5:45pm; Teresa)

Dance Fundamentals Ballet/Modern (Saturday 11:00am; Angelika)

Level 1/2 Ballet (13+) (Tuesday 4:30pm; Alex)


Level 5 Modern (Wednesday 6:30pm; Alex)

Senior Farewell Dance



Level 4/5 Jazz (Monday 7:45pm; Liz)

Level 1 Modern (13+) (Tuesday 5:30pm; Christina)

Creative Dance (Saturday 9:15am; Teresa)

Pre-Ballet/Jazz (Tuesday 5:30pm; Cara)

Level 3 Modern (Wednesday 6:30pm; Levi)

Level 1 Tap (Friday 6:30pm; Lee)

Pre-Ballet/Modern (Thursday 6:00-7:00pm; Alex)

Rep 1

Level 1 Ballet (Friday 4:30pm; Pam)

Ballet Babies (Tuesday 4:30pm; Christina)


Level 2/3 Pointe (Thursday 6:30pm; Erin)

Level 1 Musical Theatre (Wednesday 5:30pm; Alex)

Creative Dance (Thursday 4:15pm; Teresa)

Level 4 Ballet (Thursday 5:00pm; Erin)

Level 2 Ballet (Friday 4:30pm; Teresa)

Pre-Ballet/Jazz (Tuesday 6:30pm; Cara)

Rep 2


Senior Farewell Dance



Level 4/5 Ballet (Monday 5:30pm; Erin)

Mini Movers (Tuesday 4:45pm; Pam)

Rep 1

Level 1 Hip Hop (Friday 5:30pm; Angelika)

Pre-Ballet/Modern (Friday 5:30pm; Lee)

Level 2 Musical Theater (Wednesday 5:30pm; Liz)

Rep 2


Level 2 Modern (13+) (Tuesday 5:30pm; Alex)


Pre-Ballet (Monday 4:45pm; Tori)

Int. Adult Modern (Friday 7:30pm; Pam)

Pre-Tap (Friday 5:00pm; Lee)

Level 2 Jazz (Tuesday 6:30pm; Alex)

Dance Fundamentals (Friday 5:30pm; Pam)

Level 3/4 Contemporary (Tuesday 8:00pm; Alex)

Senior Farewell Dance

Kinetics Dance Theatre

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