Dying to Party Cast

Trish (Lynn King)
Lynn King is a native of Kansas City Kansas and has been performing for Kansas City Audiences for over 30 years.  She received her MFA in Acting from the University of Missouri, Kansas City and has regional and national credits in theatre, commercials, and film.  During her career as a theatre instructor, she directed over thirty productions. Lynn is one of the original members of the KC Melting Pot Collective, appearing in their first-ever production of Old School Ghetto Gospel, in 2013. Lynn was last seen in KCMPT’s production of Begetters. She also stays busy working in other capacities with KCMPT. KCMPT provided Lynn with her directorial debut in 2019 and she was privileged to be one of the all-female directors in the 2021-22 season and will direct again this season. Sincere thanks to Linda, Harvey, Nicole, Melonnie, and Shashone. Special thanks to Dennis for our partnership on, and offstage. It is a true blessing sharing the stage with Dennis in this original work.
Allen (Dennis Jackson)
Dennis Jackson is a Kansas City native. He has appeared, most recently, in August Wilson’s “King Hedly” and “Two Trains Running” and Robert O’Hara’s “Barbecue,” to name a few, all with KC Melting Pot Theater. He also crafted the sound designs for these productions. Thanks to director Melonnie Walker, for the opportunity to perform and craft the sound design, for this production. Special thanks Harvey and Linda Williams and Dr. Nicole Hodges-Persley