About Baybra's Tulips

Baybra’s Tulips is a compelling family drama that pivots around Baybra, an African American man returning home after a 10-year stint in prison to live with his sister, Tellulah, and her born-again Christian husband Charles. Estranged from his daughter who was an infant when he was sentenced, Baybra struggles to reconnect with the world that seemingly left him behind. Faced with the reality of his present and the secrets of his sister’s past, Baybra reaches a crossroads where vengeance and the desire to build a new life crash head-on into the fate of the family. 


Time: Present Day 

Location: Charles and Tellulah's Home

Act 1, Sc 1 - Late evening- Baybra's first night home 

Act 1, Sc 2 - Two weeks later

Act 1, Sc 3 - A few days after Act 1- Sc 2

Act 1, Sc 4 - Later that week 

Act 1, Sc 5 - Later that week


Act 2, Sc 1 - Three days since  Act 1 Sc 5

Act 2, Sc 2 - A week later

Act 2, Sc 3 - One month later

Act 2, Sc 4 - 6 months since the end of Act 1




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