About SANKOFA - African Drum and Dance Ensemble

Kofi is the leader and artistic director of Kofi & Sankofa Drum and Dance Ensemble. Sankofa (meaning–‘ going back to the roots’ in the Twi language from Ghana, West Africa) Ensemble is very symbolic in promoting personal and community awareness of the positive role of the arts in the villages in West Africa demonstrated through our rich cultural values passed on to us by our great ancestors ‘Nananom’.. This group was originally formed in the summer of 1997 from my community drum circles in Allentown and Stroudsburg Pa. This group teaches togetherness in diversity and empowerment of the individual self image and the community building/teamwork through African drumming and dance. Sankofa is made of four drummers and three dancers led by Kofi (an Asante prince from Ghana) and Yacin (a Wollof princess from Senegal). We teach authentic drumming and dance techniques with their history and cultural origins. The latter become the basis for the staff/students of the schools and organizations in also developing their own. Our performances, assemblies, and workshops generate the same community spirit of sharing, oneness, joy and love where everyone gets involved; both audience and performers. Sankofa’s performance is electrifying in terms of the spiritual release in our drum, dance and songs (Chants). Sankofa has successfully completed over 800 residencies in schools and the community; from conferences to festivals. Notable amongst them are the 2006 UN Water Conference in Mexico City, Mexico; Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Folk Festival in Allentown, Pa; Indian summer Festival, Netcong, NJ; Jazz Festival, at the Delaware Water Gap, PA; International Festival and First Night at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, NY; Sussex County Farm and International Shows, in Newton, NJ and eight World Trade Center Benefits in NJ, NY and PA for the Red [Cross and other non- profit organizations. Sankofa also uses drumming as therapy for the youth at risk and also self-awareness/ self- esteem programs for the youth. We conduct from one day to 30 day residencies with effective planning with our host. Kofi has played with renowned drummers as Baba Olatinje of (Drums of Passion), Mickey Hart )of Grateful Dead), Baba Camara, Sikiru Adipoye (talking drum maestro), Arthur Hall, and many more.

For bookings contact his Orange County office at 847 Greenville Tpke., Middletown, NY 10940. He can be also reached at tel./fax: 845-645- 5150 fax 845-843-9065
[email protected]

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