About Kenny Putnam & Gordy Pratt & Dalyce Sellers

Gordy Pratt and Dalyce Sellers combined their unique brand of Americana, music, comedy and virtuosic guitar performances to critical acclaim throughout the Midwest. The two bring together more than six decades of entertaining audiences, leaving them laughing and feeling good from concert stages, to corporate banquets and state fairs. 

The two combined forces in 2017 giving birth to a bran new family-friendly, character-driven comedy and music show. You're bound to meet Orville T. Saddlesore and his wide Ida Mae who offer up “Words of Western Wisdom.” Or Joe California and wife Jan, a cool couple struggling to survive their first winter in the great white north; or Sven and Olga Norskipoop with their somewhat off-kilter musical take on everyday events. It’s a family friendly show that engages and delights audiences of all ages.

Homestake Opera House

From its construction in 1914 until a catastrophic fire in 1984, the Opera House was the center of community life and lifelong education in Lead, South Dakota. The Historic Opera House Society is dedicated to its restoration, use, and preservation for future generations, in the belief that it is the cornerstone for the preservation, renewal, and development of our community.

The society’s focus is on fundraising to acquire funds as necessary to complete the restoration of the theater and recreation center building to bring back “The Jewel of the Black Hills” to its original 1914 glory. While these efforts continue, the Society makes use of the facility to the extent possible to generate revenue and advance its mission.