Crazy for You Cast

Bobby Child (Jameson Zoller)
Bobby is a New Yorker in love with musical theatre but is forced to work in a bank by his controlling mother. He has been engaged to Irene Roth for 5 years but doesn’t want to marry her. When he goes to Deadrock to escape Irene, he meets Polly, falls instantly in love with her and decides to put on a show to pay off the mortgage on her father’s theatre. To receive respect, he entices the Zangler folly girls to come to Deadrock and disguises himself as Bella Zangler, the established producer. Bobby is involved in 12 songs so needs to be a strong singer, actor, tapper and ballroom dancer for his “Fred and Ginger” type numbers with Polly.
Polly Baker (Samantha Heilman)
Polly is the only female living in Deadrock where she is the postmistress and “all American girl”. The men adore her, but Lank Hawkins is always asking her to marry him. She tries not to show her love for Bobby when she discovers that he is from the bank which wants to foreclose on her father’s theatre. Then she falls for Bobby disguised as Zangler but naturally true love prevails and the pair finally end up together. Polly is involved in 9 musical numbers and needs to be a good tapper, soft shoe and ballroom dancer with a strong voice.
Bella Zangler (Connor Defevers)
Zangler is an established New York musical producer and theatre owner. He follows Tess, his dance director, to Deadrock despite being already married. Zangler enjoys a very funny drunk scene and duet with Bobby so needs to be a good character actor.
Irene Roth (Ashley Kelly)
Bobby’s domineering fiancée engaged to him for 5 years. Irene follows him to Deadrock and finally accepts the fact that Bobby won’t marry her because he loves Polly. Then Irene falls madly for Lank Hawkins whom she seduces with her only song “Naughty Baby.” She needs to move well.
Lottie Child, Ensemble (Sophia Veshapidze)
Lottie is Bobby’s business orientated and controlling mother who gives him an allowance. She wants him to forego his ideas of being in musical theatre and make a career in the bank. She is a very bossy and overbearing woman.
Lank Hawkins (Aidan Greenwell)
Owner of the Deadrock Saloon. No solos but sings in many of the chorus numbers. Lank wants to buy the Deadrock theatre from Polly’s father and has some very funny lines of dialogue. He wants Polly to marry him until Irene throws herself in his direction.
Tess (Katie Buschle)
Female follies dance director who is pursued by Zangler even though he is married. Tess sings and dances with the other follies girls.
Patsy (Emmarie Brewer)
Patsy sings and dances with the other follies girls.
Everett Baker (Logan Holbrook)
Everett is always reminiscing about how lovely Polly’s mother was when she performed in the Gaiety Theatre, Deadrock. Finally, he falls instantly in love with Lottie Child when she arrives in Deadrock.
Eugene Fodor, Jimmy (Jackson Higgason)
an English tourist who with his sister is writing a guidebook to the American West.
Patricia Fodor, Ensemble (Grace Shuley)
Eugene’s English sister and fellow tourist.
Moose (Evan Stuart)
Part of the Cowboy Trio
Mingo (Jonah Moore)
Part of the Cowboy Trio
Sam (Sam Hopper)
Part of the Cowboy Trio
Pete, Chauffeur (Griffin Sanders)
Cowboy of Deadrock.
Billy, Perkins (Kyle Schnelle)
Cowboy of Deadrock.
Mitzi (Belle Fischer)
Follies Dancer (Olivia Kohler)
Follies Dancer (Eva Sarakatsannis)
Follies Dancer (Campbell Smith)
Follies Dancer (Ruby Smith)
Follies Dancer (Rebecca Wright)
Stage Manager, Townsperson of Deadrock (AJ Street)
Stage Hand/Designers, Townsperson of Dead Rock (Chloe Caudill)
Stage Hand/Designers, Townsperson of Dead Rock (Erica Kruse)
Stage Hand/Designers, Townsperson of Dead Rock (Jonah Listerman)
Stage Hand/Designers, Townsperson of Dead Rock (Em Varland)
Stage Hand/Designers, Townsperson of Dead Rock (Grace Walsh)
Wyatt (Treiston Collins)
Cowboy of Deadrock.
Junior (Adam Wallace)
Cowboy of Deadrock.
Custus (Caleb Lindsey)
Cowboy of Deadrock.