Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR: Be Our Guest Cast Cast

Villager 1 (Morgan Eastman)
Hello, I am Morgan and Eastman and I am 12 years old. I have been in theater since the fourth grade and have been in Peter Pan, Shrek, and played Cruella Deville in 101 Dalmatians. I enjoy being part of theater and I love when my big family comes to watch me.
Sausage Curl Girl (Penny Flanders)
This is Penny's first production with GMS Theatre. She would like to thank Mr. Demko and the rest of the cast and crew for making this such a fun experience.
Milkmaid (Isabella Fogg)
This is Isabella Fogg's first production with GMS and she is very excited! She participated in the summer tech camp, which she enjoyed very much. She would like to thank the production team and her family for always supporting her.
Butcher (Hayley Merriam)
This is my first year in GMS theatre and I am enjoying it very much. I would like to continue it throughout middle school. I want to thank my family for encouraging me and supporting me.
Mother, Narrators 1-4 (Allie Baron)
Allie Baron has been part of GMS Theater for almost 2 years, participating in the Ensemble in High School Musical Jr. and Elf Jr. She is excited to perform in Beauty and the Beast Jr., playing the role of Narrator this winter. She would like to thank her family for their support and the GMS Theater production team!
Lumiere (Lainey Reese)
Lainey has been involved with theater for 3 years. She has played roles such as Anita in 101 Dalmatians, a jock in High School Musical, Lucy in Charlie Brown, and the Genie in Aladdin. She would like to thank Mr. Demko for believing in her and for passing on his love of theater.
Gaston (Tanner Olson)
Tanner Olson is a 6th grader at GMS and has been involved with theater for 6 years. Some of his past favorite roles include: Charlie Brown in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Jr., Ryan in High School Musical 2 Jr., Michael Hobbs in Elf Jr., and Flounder in The Little Mermaid Jr. He would like to thank everyone who made the show possible. Enjoy the show!
Lady with baby, Villiger 3, Female Solo (Mob Song) (Olivia Tucker)
Olivia Tucker is in the fifth grade. She is playing villager 3, Lady with a baby and she has a solo. She was in Aladdin over the summer and has also been in 101 Dalmatians. She would like to thank Mr. Demko and her family for their support!
Male Solo (Mob Song) (Dennis Etchells)
This is Dennis’s first play. Dennis is playing the part of the male solo. He will be singing in all of the mob songs.
Belle (Taryn Limanni)
Taryn Limanni has been doing Gilford Theater for 4 years now and she's really glad she joined this group of wonderful classmates, she's taken roles such as Wendy-Jo in Footloose, and at the one Light Theater, Nala in the Lion King. Now she's taking on the role of Belle in this wonderful show of Beauty and the Beast! Taryn is honored and so thankful for the amazing cast, and production team she has!
Villiger 2 (Maddy Breton)
My name is Madilyn. Last year was my first year doing theater, I enjoyed it a lot. I am excited to be doing this year's Beauty and the Beast, I have always had a passion to sing. I hope you all enjoy the show!
Chip (Olivia O'brien)
This is the first show I have ever done so I'm really excited. I would like to thank my family and the theater directors for supporting me.
Silly Girl 1 (Ripley Kiedaisch)
Ripley is in 6th grade and has been in multiple performances at Gilford such as Peter Pan, Footloose, Willy Wonka (canceled by covid) and High School Musical 2 She is very excited to be playing Silly Girl 1 (Claudette) in Gilford's production of Beauty and the Beast. In her free time she likes crafts, painting, drawing, skiing, snowboarding, boating, hiking, being in the woods, and being with friends!
Lefou (Carter Peña)
This is Carter’s first musical at GMS. He’s a fifth grader who enjoys singing and drawing. He would like to thank his family for all of their support.
Aristocratic Lady (Maria Peña)
This is Maria’s second production at GMS. She’s regularly seen walking down the seventh grade halls wearing any form of black clothing. She would like to thank her friends and family for all of their support and acceptance.
The Beast (Matthew Carsen)
Matthew will be playing the Beast in Beauty and the Beast Jr. He has done GMS theatre for two years and played Zeke in High school Musical 2 Jr.
D’ Arque (Oskar Karlsson)
This is Oskar’s first production at GMS. He previously played Horace in 101 Dalmations. He is not evil in real life.
Silly Girl 2 (Emily Aguiar)
Emily is super excited for the show and would like to thank everyone for coming out to support her and the whole GMS theatre team. She’s been in shows with the Gilford summer theatre programs and in a One Light production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, she’s also been in several GMS theatre shows. She hopes you enjoy the show!