About The Education of Angels

Witty and extremely funny with a message that will touch every heart - that is the domain of The Education of Angels and the formula that will endear this play to audiences for years to come.

Two unlikely characters, Nick and Jenna, are thrown together in this hilarious tale of two angels in training sent back to earth to help Dave, who is having cold feet on his wedding day. The journey is hilarious, the resolution poignant, and the fact that not everyone can see the angels only enhances the comedic situation, as everyone bumbles their way to a happy ending. Toss in an "angelic" New York cabbie as transportation from heaven, a domineering ex-wife who has remarried, but believes that Dave shouldn't and a kindly minister and you have a mixture of characters that is sure to entertain. Ah yes, the heart of the play. Well, lets just say that you will enjoy this journey and be moved by its ending.

Fountain Community Theater

Fountain Community Theater is located in the Fountain YMCA build across the street on the south side of Fountain Middle School. 


We are arranging for Food Truck to providing Tasty Food before the show start times. See posts on Facebook for updates