About ETHS Jazz Fest

We are thrilled to feature Orbert Davis “Soul Migration” Octet for our evening concert!  The program begins at 7:00 p.m. in the ETHS main auditorium with a set from ETHS's own Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Matt Bufis.

All proceeds from ticket sales go towards the expenses of the ETHS Jazz Fest which provides fantastic music opportunities for ETHS students and others.

About Orbert Davis and "Soul Migration"

Excerpted from an article in Crosswind Jazz, by Phil Arvia

The ETHS Jazz Festival is excited to welcome Orbert Davis, jazz trumpeter and founder of the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, as our evening talent and featured guest artist. Orbert’s composition for the performance, titled “Soul Migration,” draws on the stories of some of the 6 million African Americans who took part in what is known as the Great Migration, moving from the rural south to the industrial north beginning a century ago.  Premiered at the 2016 Chicago Jazz Festival, “Soul Migration” features an octet of musicians from Orbert’s Chicago Jazz Philmarmonic.

Commissioned by the Jazz Institute of Chicago’s executive director, Lauren Deutsch, “Soul Migration” was not merely given the title to elude to the style of music, it was written specifically to “hit people in the soul,” says Davis.  “It’s a consciousness of a people,” he said.  “I didn’t want the piece to report history, but to sort of be an epic that starts in the present tense and flashes back to the past and forward to the future.”

Through this composition, Davis and his bandmates will transition between acoustic and electric instruments with specific intention.  “The band itself will be an acoustic band and an electric band at the same time,” he said. “The audience will be able to tell that we’ve moved to a different time.  But it’s not going to be play acoustic, then play electric. I’ll have an acoustic upright bass player playing jazz, an electric bass player playing funk. The vibraphonist, a 23-year-old named Joel Ross, also plays electric piano. The pianist plays an acoustic piano and an electric synthesizer.”  “Soul Migration” will feature vocal passages, both sung and spoken word - the latter will feature journalist John Fountain.