The Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga and BattleKat Combat join forces to help create a stage combat community in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) Advanced Actor Combatant Will Snyder will lead the instruction for these first three classes.  Will has extensive experience in the world of stage combat performance, training, instruction, and choreographing.   Locally he has been involved with Notre Dame High School and the Signal Mountain Playhouse (GAMES AFOOT) and will be working with Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga on several projects this year including the upcoming SHE KILLS MONSTERS.

The February 12th class will feature instruction in Unarmed and Hand to Hand Combat Techniques

The February 19th class will feature instruction in Knife and Small Blade Techniques

The February 26th class will combine techniques from the previous two sessions into a choreographed routine

All SAFD trained Advanced Actor/Combatants have spent several hours becoming certified in safe performance and instruction and each participant will be asked to sign a Hold Harmless agreement.  It is strongly encouraged that if you plan on taking the class on the 26th, you attend the previous two classes.

Any questions about safety, accessibility, inclusion or Will's certification and experience should be directed to Will Snyder at [email protected]; and other questions should be directed to Garry Posey at [email protected]

for more information about BattleKat Combat visit them on the web at www.battlekatcombat.com 

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga is a 501c3 non-profit organization which serves to culturally enrich the Chattanooga landscape through compensated opportunities for artists and unique experiences for audiences.  Since 2007, ETC has presented more than 100 productions, toured locally and nationally, and partnered with several area non-profits in the creation of programming that benefits our great city.  Our goal is simple to create a living wage regional theatre that introduces the complexities and vastness of our craft through meaningful experiences that are reflective and personal for both the artist and audience.  

We are the Ensemble Theatre that CREATES, CONNECTS, COLLABORATES and CARES


  Stage Combat creates fun, excitement, tension, and a palpable energy that really connects an audience to what is happening on stage.  Well good stage combat does.  And the only way to have good stage combat is to have safe stage combat and safe stage combat comes from the professionals.  Professionals with the training, the experience, the vocabulary and the technique from hours of studying with masters of the craft.  Chattanooga finally has an Advanced Actor Combatant in Will Snyder and BattleKat Combat.  The partnership we are forming has two purposes:

  1. To create more professionally trained and experienced actors who are more marketable because they have developed these new skills
  2. To create a stage combat community in Tennessee (emanating from Chattanooga) further helping to establish Chattanooga as a destination city for professional and high level theatre.

   These first three classes will cover some basics and simpler techniques as we start to build a foundation of courses and classes that will lead to certification in each of the classes of stage combat (Rapier and Dagger, Single Sword, Broadsword, Broadsword and Shield, Smallsword, Knife, Quarterstaff, Unarmed).  This partnership is an amazing thing for the Chattanooga theatre community we hope you'll join us.