Orpheus: A Love's Refrain Cast

Mars Elliot (Lachesis )
Mars is a senior at Empire and has happily been in this department since freshman year. They are a part of Advanced Drama and Technical Theatre. They have been in many shows including 110 Stories and Puffs. They are also a part of the costume design team. They are so excited to be here and in the upcoming shows.
Lin Clark (Apollo )
Lin is a senior this year at Empire and has proudly been in the department since freshman year. She has been in several shows including A Chorus Line, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Puffs, Young Playwrights at Live Theatre Workshop and more. She is excited to finish out her last year in high school with some amazing shows.
Rosie Hutchings (Atropos)
Is currently a Senior at Empire High School and the thespian secretary of Troope 7057. They enjoy acting both on the Vail Theatre stage as well as in community theatres. Her favorite roles have been Linda in Too Many Lindas at Live Theatre Workshop, Jason Cascone in 110 Stories, and Wayne Hopkins in Puffs. Aside from acting, Rosie is a part of Advanced Tech and loves having the opportunity to design for this show and the rest of the amazing shows coming up this year.
Ethan Pratt (Aristeus)
Is currently a junior at Empire High School. He has played a role in plays such as The Alibis and Page to Stage. He is excited to perform in the plays lined up for this year and can’t wait to see how the audience enjoys all of our work.
Caitlin Hirabayashi (Chorus)
Is a junior at Empire and they have been doing theatre for 6 years. They have participated in various Empire shows, but among their favorites are The Alibis (as the Child and Grandpa) and You're A Good Man Charlie Brown (as Chorus). Their favorite part of theatre is the new family they've created within the program and the ability to work together as part of a larger team to make works of art.
Emma LaPointe (Orpheus)
is a senior at Empire High School, and has been doing drama most of her life, and consecutively for almost 7 years! Emma grew up doing Live Theater Workshop locally, and still continues to do shows over the summer. She has been in various Empire shows over her four years, such as 110 Stories, Censored, Drowsy Chaperone, and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. A few of her favorite roles have been Lancelot in Spamalot Jr., Father Brown in 110 Stories, Harry in Puffs, and Cinderella in Into the Woods Jr. A fun-fact about Emma, is that outside of theatre she does All-Star Cheerleading! Emma is excited to give one more year to Troupe 7057, and cannot wait to bring all of the shows to life this season, and hopes you are there to see them!
Elizabeth Lonsway  (Iris)
is a senior at Empire and has been doing theater all 4 years of high school and 2 years in middle school. She's been a part of various shows like 110 Stories, A Chorus Line, and Puffs. One of her favorite roles being Frenchy in Puffs, best known for her “Baguette '' lines. She’s also done publicity design for last year's shows, 110 Stories, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and Puffs. This show she is playing Iris and is part of publicity design. Elizabeth is excited for this years performances and hope you all enjoy the show!
Sophie Bartholomew-Gonzalez (Persephone)
is a Senior at Empire High School and she is in the Advanced Drama and Advanced tech classes at Empire. She is also a thespian and the President of Thespian Troupe #7057. She has loved acting in many Empire shows including her favorite roles as Chris in #Censored, Michelle Wylde Williams in 110 Stories, and Sally Perks in Puffs. She is currently acting as Persephone in Orpheus: A Love's Refrain. Along with her love for acting, Sophie is very passionate about technical theatre. She has designed costumes and lights for shows at Empire, and she has worked as deck crew, board operator, stage manager, and sound designer outside of school. Sophie is very excited to take part in such a creative and artistic show.
Giannna Gibbons (Nymph)
is currently a junior at Empire high school! This is her third year doing theatre. She had the lead role in her Drama 2 show, The Alibis. Along with that, she did Young Playwrights 2021. She is also a huge techie and is currently in tech 3 as well! She plans on continuing throughout the rest of her high school experience. For Orpheus, she’s playing Nymph along with doing makeup design for the entire show!! Thank you for seeing our shows!
Brooke LeRoy (Chorus)
is a senior at Empire and has been part of the department throughout all her years of high school. This is her second year serving as an officer for Troupe 7057, and she’s enrolled in Advanced Acting and Technical Theatre. Lighting design has become a huge passion, but she also hopes to explore set design and construction later in the year. Brooke’s favorite role was the Artist in #Censored, and she’s beyond excited to be dancing in the Chorus for Orpheus.
Kathrine Prince (Fury)
is a Junior at Empire, an inducted thespian, and has been doing theatre throughout middle school and high school. She is in both Advanced Drama and Advanced technical theatre, and worked on the sound design team for this show. She is very excited for all of the shows this year, and hopes to participate as a crew member for the ones she will not be in, possibly as spot op.
Raeanna Bejarano (Eurydice)
is a Senior at Empire High School. She is currently an Honor Thespian in Advanced Drama, and has been doing theater since the 4th grade. She specifically has a huge passion for musical theater, and loves to sing and dance. Some of her favorite Empire shows she has been casted in includes 110 stories, #Censored, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Puffs. She is beyond excited to be starting her first show of the year as Eurydice in the production Orpheus: A Love’s Refrain. She can’t wait for you to see the show, and also can’t wait for you to see the upcoming shows throughout the year!
Emily Felchlia (Chorus)
is a Junior at Empire High school this year. She is an inducted thespian and this is her first year in Drama 3. She has been doing drama at Empire for her entire high school career. Some of her favorite castings were as chorus members in A Chorus Line as well as You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Her favorite part of theater is forming a community that supports each other and builds each other up. The show she is looking forward to most is Brave Knight, Sir Lancelot. In Orpheus: A Love’s Refrain, she is a chorus member.
Amelia Caporale (Chorus)
Amelia is a Junior at Empire and has been part of the school’s theatre productions for the past three years. While at Empire Amelia has been in two musicals and played the role of Davina in the production The Alibis. They are looking forward to the productions this year and being able to help with more of them. They have been passionate about theatre since elementary but would like to go into a science based career after high school. Amelia would like to thank their friends and family for the continued support!
Stephen Norton (Chorus)
Stephen Norton - Stephen is a Junior at Empire high school and has been in their theater department for 3 years. Stephen’s notable role has been his part in Empire’s production of The Alibis and Page to Stage. Stephen hopes to become a writer and director after high school. In Orpheus he is playing Chorus and would like to thank his parents for supporting him in his endeavors.
Mazzy Carls (Chorus)
is a junior in high school. Throughout elementary school and middle school, they participated in many plays at Live Theater Workshop including The Wizard of Oz (Glinda), an adapted version of Romeo and Juliet (Customer/Ensemble) and Sleeping Beauty and the Beast (Town Crier/The Narrator). Last year they performed in The Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery (Erica), The Alibis (Titus) and the musical Groovy (Mrs. Porter) at LTW.
Kyleigh Trevino (Messenger)
is a Junior at Empire High School. She has been a Thespian since her Sophomore year. In 5th grade she participated in the Disney Musical: The Aristocats (played Amelia the Goose). She was also apart of Page to Stage last year and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (ensemble). She is excited for this year in the Advanced Drama course and to progress more as an actor.
Emilee Tanner (Chorus)
is a Junior at Empire HS. She started theatre in 2nd grade at Live Theatre Workshop in the play Robin Hood (Friar Tuck). Also, she was in Romeo and Juliet (Muse 3) and Sleeping Beauty and the Beast(The Good Witch of the West) at Old Vail Middle School in 7th and 8th grade. It is her 3rd year doing Theater at Empire, and second as an inducted Thespian. She was in the musicals A Chorus Line and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown (Chorus), along with the Drama 2 Shows The Alibis (Carlotta Carlyle) and Page to Stage. She’s very excited for you to see all the great shows Troupe 7057 has to offer this year!
Haley Ehlert (Chorus)
is a Senior at Empire High School, and will be play the role of Chorus 10. She has been in theater since her sophomore year of Highschool. She began her acting career with the play of Too Many Lindas, as the mom at Live Theatre workshop. The next year she played in plays such as The Alibis, and Page to Stage. She also had her play, Robert and the Robots performed in Page to Stage at Empire HIgh School. It is her third and final year performing as an actress at Empire High school, she plans to improve upon herself and make the best of it. She is looking forward to being indicted into Trope 7057 in the Fall and cant wait to see the rest of the shows this year has to come.
Violet Park (Chorus)
is a Junior at empire high school, and part of publicity for Orpheus: A Love’s Refrain. They have been doing Theater for around five years now, and tech for two years. They are very excited to do Spongebob: The Musical this year, and are also excited to see how Orpheus is going to turn out. They have been in a few plays over the years, such as Murder Myster at the Murder Mystery (Brett Donahue), The Alibis (Paper-Bag girl) and Groovy (Mrs. Koffman). They are super excited to see how the rest of the year will go.
Xander Jones (Chorus)
Xander is a junior at Empire and this is his third year in theatre. Past performances Xander has been a part of are The Alibis, and Page to Stage. He hopes to pursue a career in acting after high school. In this performance he will be playing Chorus, He would like to thank his family for supporting him in every way possible.
Zophia Zamora (Calliope)
is a senior at Empire Highschool and has been enjoying the wonders of theatre for 7 years. She has been in several shows here at Empire including, A Chorus Line, 110 Stories, Censored, The Drowsy Chaperone, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Puffs and now Orpheus: A Love’s Refrain! She is currently in Tech Theatre 3 and working on sound for the show which she enjoys very much. Some of her favorite parts about theatre are sharing a passion with others who feel the same way and putting on amazing shows that others can look forward to seeing. Zophia is beyond excited to play Calliope in this show. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Lilyia May (Chorus)
is a junior at Empire Highschool. She has been doing theater since fourth grade, acting in shows such as The Alibis, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and A Chorus Line. She also works in the technical side of the theater program, working on the props crew for Orpheus. She is looking forward to showing you what the theater department has been working on for the last month, and hopes you enjoy watching the cast perform as much as they enjoy performing.
Jynx Zavala (Clotho)
is a junior at Empire High School and they are in their second year of Advanced Drama. They were apart of all of the advanced drama shows last year and was Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Outside of school, Jynx has done shows at community theatres in the area. Recently they starred as Skylar in Arts Express’s production of Bring it On. In Orpheus: A Love's Refrain they will be playing Clotho, one of the Fates. They are beyond excited for this year's selection of shows and hope you will come check them out!
Rae Kirberger  (Chorus)
Rae is a junior at Empire. He’s been in theater ever since he was a freshman, and has enjoyed each year. They hope to continue to do theater for as long as they can. In the past years as an actor at Empire, Rae’s previous roles in plays include Mickey in The Alibis, and a turkey and robot in Page to Stage. After high school, he hopes to go to college, get a degree, and become a veterinarian, and possibly be a part time artist. Thank you for coming tonight, we hope you enjoy the show!
Morgan Neubert (Chorus)
It’s his third year here at Empire. He started out in acting freshman year, no other prior experience before hand. He’s preformed as Clyde Bartlett in the Alibis, and amongst various roles in Page To Stage. Plans to take what he learns in high school, and get into the Movie/Tv side of acting.
Nathan Williamson (Chorus)
Nathan is a junior at Empire and has been interested in Empire’s theatre since middle school. He has been doing theatre shows before at Gaslight which gave him the interest of doing shows. His goal this year is to have a better understanding of what to do as a show and have bigger roles. He’s been in theatre as a freshman, enjoys building for the shows, and enjoys doing acting in his free time. His favorite show he has seen is Puffs.
Race Postelwait (Hades)
is a senior at Empire High School and has been doing theatre for 6 years. They’ve enjoyed being in shows for various schools as well as community theatre productions. Some of their favorite roles have been Man In Chair in The Drowsy Chaperone, J. Finch Fletchley in Puffs, Linus in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, and Beast in Beauty and the Beast. Race is looking forward to being in this year's performances, and can’t wait to perform as Hades in Orpheus: A Love’s Refrain. They hope you enjoy the show!
Sophia Jaramillo (Hymen)
is a senior at Empire High School and has been in drama since freshman year. Sofia has been in many shows including; The Drowsy Chaperone, The 24 Hour Plays, 110 Stories, Puffs. Sofia is beyond excited to be in Orpheus: A Love’s Refrain as Hymen, the marriage god and chorus. Sofia loves being in theatre and plans to continue performing throughout college. They are very excited for what this year will bring, and is looking forward to performing in the other shows this year.
Tyler Mattson (Chorus)
Is currently a senior at Empire High School and this is his third year being apart of Empires Theater Department. He played the Getaway Driver in the Alibis, along with various other parts in Page to Stage and the 24 Hour Playfest in his junior year. After High School he hopes to pursue videography or acting as a side job. He hopes to make this last year the best year he can before leaving.
Amanda Jung (Chorus)
is currently in her Senior Year at Empire High School and will end the year with 3 years of Drama under her belt. Previously she has played a role in performances such as The Alibis and Page to Stage. In the future, she hopes to continue acting as a side career as she simultaneously pursues Computer Science. Amanda is excited to finish her last year of High School with the people she loves and a Theater group she considers family and hopes to make the most of it.
Chloe Brown (Chorus)
is currently in her junior year at Empire High School. She has been in theater for three years, two of those have been at Empire. She has played fun roles such as Lu the Pirate, in The Alibis, and has also taken part of Page to Stage. She is looking forward to another great year in an amazing theater department.
Scott Morong (Chorus)
is currently in his junior year at Empire. He has been doing both acting and technical theatre for 3 years and has been involved with shows such as The Alibis, Page to Stage, 24 Hour Playfest, and You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown. He is looking forward to making connections with new people and helping to make a great show.
Kaytie Todd (Chorus)
is a Junior at Empire and is in her third year of Drama. She was also in middle school theatre. Last year, in Drama 2 she played Marina in their production of The Alibis along with being various roles in Page to Stage 11. In this show she will be playing a Chorus Member. She is very excited to continue her journey in theater. She’d like to than her family for all their support.
Joanna Hutchings (Chorus)
is a junior at Empire High School and is acting as Chorus Member 16. This is her third year in Theater and is currently taking Drama 3 and Choir. She has been in The Alibis, as the doctor, Charlie Brown the musical, and in Page to Stage last year. She loves acting and is looking forward to being in this show! She would like to thank her family for encouraging her to be in Theater, especially her cousins. She would like to shout out to her friends and extended family who all were in theater and helped her develop her love for acting! She's especially grateful she gets the opportunity to act with one of her cousins this year as well.
Charlie Palmer (Charon)
is a junior at empire and was happy to be able to be a part of the Orpheus prediction. In his middle school drama at old vail he took part of the play sleeping beauty and the beast as igor. Now in high school he has took apart in charlie brown, alibes, and page to stage . As well as being in the empire game club. He is planning to continue in drama arts as well as being an engineer after college. He will be expecting you in the newest empire hit Orpheus: A Love's Refrain.
Taylor Weitz (Chorus)
is a Junior at Empire High School. They have been doing theatre at Empire for the past 3 years. They have acted in the Alibis as Bonnie and have helped behind the scenes in The Puffs. They are looking forward to future productions that Drama 3 will be doing.
Sarah Haak (Chorus)
s a junior at Empire High School and has been in the theater program since freshman year. She has previously played Professor Vivian Strict in Alibis and was a few fun characters in Page to Stage (yes that sloth that crawled across the stage was her!) She’s a chorus member in Orpheus: A Love’s Refrain but couldn’t be more excited to narrate! Theater has been one of her favorite parts of her highschool journey, as she’s met amazing friends and learned so many new skills from all those more experienced than herself. Lastly, Sarah is proud to say she is an inducted thespian of Troupe 7057, an official drama queen!