Whisper into the Ground by Olivia Haller Creative

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Lillian Grace
Lillian Grace is a youth artist who specializes in both writing and performance. Her debut poetry book, "i am the love letter," was published in March of this year, and she has written for Adolescent Content, Guided Magazine, Double-Take Magazine, and the New Jersey Live Poets' Society. Lillian is currently very engaged in the Ventura County community theatre scene, both acting and directing with the Elite. She was lucky enough to receive a Four Star Theatre Alliance Outstanding Youth Award in 2018, and she was recently awarded a valedictorian medal as a part of the Rancho Campana Class of 2020. She will be attending NYU Gallatin in the fall and hopes that she can continue to find ways to lift up the voices of other young artists. Her script Portraiture will be Produced as a streaming production through The Elite Theatre Company early this fall!
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Mike Marsalisi
Michael is thrilled to be a part of the production team for Whisper into the Ground. Michael is the Artistic Director at The Elite Theatre Company and is so thankful to our wonderful cast and amazing volunteers for all of their hard work during these troubling times. He hopes you can all join us at The Elite when we are able to safely open our doors again. Michael has volunteered with The Elite Theatre Company for several years, acting, directing, producing and doing production photography for various events. It is his love an passion to see the theatre succeed and grow.
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Lucy Adler
Lucy Adler is a musician and poet who is enthused to be working with such creative people to combine arts and enhance theatre. She has been studying music for seven years and currently plays four instruments - three of which appear in the original score of Whisper Into the Ground. Lucy is incredibly thankful for the work everyone involved has put into this production and hopes you find it a complex and thought-provoking experience. Download the score below!

Download the Score for Whisper Into The Ground by Olivia Haller, scored by Lucy Adler here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12Si8g2PqOyD8-sYYYdAFVSwWp-a8oGko?usp=sharing