Raise Your Voice Cast

Lucas Almedia (Soloist/Section Leader)
Lucas Almeida recently played Mr. Bumble in Dramafun's production of Oliver Jr. Other credits include Madagascar, Jr. this past summer and Michael Hobbs in Elf the Musical at The Cotuit Center for the Arts last season. In addition he has appeared with The New Classics Company in The Bureau as Brian and On the Other Side as Michael at the Guyer Art Barn. Other roles include The Dwarf in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Peter and Mr. Fezziwig in a Christmas Carol, Templeton in Charlotte’s Web and an Emerald City Guard in The Wizard of OZ. Lucas would like to thank his family and friends for supporting him through this amazing journey.
Gianna Boragine (Soloist/Dance Captain)
Gianna Boragine is 14 years old and attends Raynham Middle School. Gianna has been in eight Dramafun productions. Recently she played The Rose Seller in Oliver Jr. and Teen Fiona in Shrek Jr. She can’t wait to keep having fun on stage!
Kaya O'Brien (Soloist/Dance Captain)
Kaya O’Brien is 15 years old, attends Rising Tide Charter Public School in Plymouth, and is excited to be performing in Dramafun’s production of Raise Your Voice! Kaya enjoys being on the stage, and has performed in a variety of theatre productions, some of her favorite roles include Gloria in Wait Until Dark, Lilith in She Kills Monsters, and Rafiki in Lion King Jr. Kaya also looks forward to performing in the ensemble of Cotuit Center for the Arts production of Hello Dolly! this summer. Kaya wants to thank the amazing cast and crew for creating such a wonderful production.
Avila Rudd (Soloist/Section Leader)
Avila is 14 and attends the Waldorf School of Cape Cod. When she isn’t performing she can be found reading and going on long walks. She takes voice lessons with Courtenay and would like to thank her for being such an amazing music teacher and director.
Carmen Bartlett (Soloist)
Carmen Bartlett is in 8th grade at Mashpee Middle High School. In addition to singing and acting, she enjoys soccer, sailing, surfing and snowboarding. Carmen is very creative and loves spending time with her pets and family. This is her first Dramafun performance. You can also catch Carmen as Lucy in the Blue Falcon Theater Company’s upcoming production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown later this month. Carmen would like to thank her mom, dad, brother, and aunts for always supporting her and pushing her to do her best.
Cecilia Berger (Soloist)
Cecilia Berger has been a part of Dramafun for years! Most recently playing Shanti in The Jungle Book kids. Cecilia is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. This will be Cecilia’s 9th play with Dramafun! Drama has proven to be the perfect outlet for her to shine. Some of Cecilia’s parts have included, Molly in ‘Annie’s Kids’, Frog in ‘Frog & Toad’, Sour Kangaroo in ‘Suessical Jr’, The White Rabbit in ‘Alice in Wonderland Jr.’, Annie in ‘Pirates past Noon and Tommy in ‘Matilda Jr.’, and so many more. In addition to drama Cecilia takes voice lessons with Courtenay Harrington-Bailey and loves to spend time with her friends in person and online.
Eva Bogle (Soloist)
Eva Bogle is 12 years old and has been in numerous Dramafun productions since she was 6. She loves to perform in plays but also loves to play the flute and sing in the school chorus. She is working on writing and directing her own play at home with friends. Eva can be found on the basketball court or the softball fields when she’s not on the stage! She is very excited for the show because she gets to do something she loves alongside her amazing cast mates!
Ayla Cook (Soloist)
Ayla has extremely enjoyed participating in Dramafun’s production of Raise Your Voice. Ayla has performed in past productions such as Oliver Jr., Shrek Jr, Aladdin Jr, Annie, Peter Pan, Frozen and stared as Junie B Jones in the self-titled musical. Ayla enjoys all things theatre. Acting, singing, and dancing are her favorite activities. Ayla wants to thank her mother for making sure she is signed up for all these fun events!
Claire Doble (Soloist)
Claire Doble is a seventh grader at Bourne Middle school. She enjoys performing in theatrical productions. Her previous show credits include: BMSDC’s Matilda Jr. (Younger student), The little mermaid Jr. (Mersister), Dramafun’s Shrek Jr. (Wicked witch), and All Star Revue’s Peter Pan (Wendy). When Claire isn’t performing she takes part in the select choir group & sewing club at BMS. Claire would like to thank her parents for all of their love and support and weekly rides to rehearsal!
Avery Garrity (Soloist)
Avery Garrity is 14 years old and excited to be performing in her third show with the Dramafun Players. Avery loves participating in her school's Choral program and attending all types of performances, from high school theater to Broadway musicals. Avery would like to thank her fellow Dramafun friends and Courtenay for welcoming her into the group and making it such an amazing experience.
Emma Gniadek (Soloist)
Emma Gniadek is 11 years old and is excited to be in another Dramafun production. Previously she played the role of Charlotte in Dramafun’s Oliver Jr, and was an ensemble member in The Jungle Book. Emma also was in the school productions of The Music Man and The Little Mermaid. Emma is excited for the show and very thankful for the opportunity to grow.
Daelyn Henry (Soloist)
Daelyn is 11 years old and a 5th grader at Barnstable United Elementary School. She enjoys singing, drawing, and making digital animations. Daelyn has participated in hip hop dance, jazz, volleyball, and is currently on her local basketball travel league. Daelyn enjoys animals and spends a lot of time playing with her cat Stella.
Francis Leopold (Soloist)
Francis is 13 years old and is so excited to be part of Raise Your Voice! Francis has also preformed in Willy Wonka Jr. last spring. Francis attends BMS and is part of peer leadership and community band. Francis enjoys figure skating, volleyball, playing piano and going on walks with her dog in her free time. She is grateful for the support from her family and friends.
Angel Lopes (Soloist)
Angel is an 8th grader at BMS. This is Angel's first Dramafun production! She currently takes voice lessons with Courtenay Harrington-Bailey.
Jackson Murchison (Soloist)
Jackson is excited to perform for a second time with Dramafun. He played Pinocchio in Shrek Jr. with Dramafun last year and really enjoyed himself. When Jackson is not on stage, he practices the saxophone, plays lacrosse, scooters, skateboards, and BMX races.
Sophie Perry (Soloist)
Sophie Perry is 10 years old and attends Rising Tide School in Plymouth. She has performed in several shows with Dramafun and takes voice lessons with Courtenay Harrington-Bailey. She has also performed in school productions. In addition to singing and acting, Sophie is learning to play the bass guitar and takes Karate at Seven Stars Martial Arts in Falmouth. Sophie is grateful for all Ms. Courtenay has taught and her mother for all her support.
Natalie Ring (Soloist)
Natalie Ring is so happy to be back on stage performing in Raise Your Voice this season. Natalie has enjoyed being a part of some past productions with Dramafun such as Oliver Jr., Frozen Jr. and Aladdin Jr. When she's not busy acting, she loves to make art, play outdoors, and hang with her tortoise, Hopper. Natalie would like to thank her parents, her sister Brielle, and fellow Dramafun Players for all their love and support.
Diego Santos (Soloist)
Diego is 12 and attends Bridgeview Montessori School. He has appeared in many productions, with roles including the Artful Dodger in Dramafun's production of Oliver Jr., Donkey in Shrek, and King Julien in Madagascar. Diego loves to dance, sing and play video games.
Sophia Sodekson (Soloist)
Sophia Sodekson is thrilled to appear with the Dramafun Players after appearing in Oliver Jr. and The Jungle Book as Baloo. Sophia takes voice lessons with Courtenay Harrington-Bailey and sings solo performances at the recitals. In addition to acting and singing, Sophia is part of student council at her school. Sophia would like to thank her family for their support and chauffeuring and is grateful for the friendships she continues to make being part of Dramafun!
Taliesin Taylor (Soloist)
Taliesin is eleven years old and a student at Oak Ridge School. She is excited for her first Dramafun production. She enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. In addition to singing, she also plays the trombone. Taliesin would like to thank her family for supporting her.
Caitlin Wells (Soloist)
This is Caitlin’s sixth production with Dramafun. She is so exited for Raise Your Voice! Besides being part of Dramafun and taking voice lessons with Courtenay, she loves playing the flute in her school band, doing karate and playing with her pups. Caitlin knows this show is going to be great and is excited for more to come!
Tatum Wong (Soloist)
Tatum Wong is 11 years old and is so excited to be in another Dramafun performance! Tatum was previously the Widow Corney in Oliver Jr., Amanda Thripp in Matilda Jr, Peter Pan in Shrek Jr, and Kaa in The Jungle Book Jr. Besides singing and acting, Tatum enjoys reading, Girl Scouts, and drawing. Tatum would like to thank Ms. Courtenay for finding time to help every actor be the best they can be.
Shea Crofford (Soloist, Jr. Player Ensemble)
Shea is 9 years old and goes to Oakridge school. Although this is her debut with Dramafun, she has always performed for her family and friends. Shea loves her dog, two cats and bunnies at home. She would like to thank her parents and three older sisters for always being the best audience.
Wynnie Wilcox (Soloist, Jr. Player Ensemble)
Wynnie Wilcox is a nine year old student at BIS. She is thrilled to be in her fourth Dramafun production! When she is not singing and dancing, Wynnie enjoys crafting, swimming, and reading. She wants to wish all her Dramafun friends the best of luck!!
Owen Chase (Jr. Player Ensemble)
Owen Chase is 9 years old and attends The Waldorf School of Cape Cod. Owen is thrilled to return to Dramafun after performing as an ensemble member in Oliver Jr. this past December and Shrek Jr. last spring. In addition to acting, Owen enjoys collecting antiques and listening to his record player. He is grateful for the support of his family and friends.
Savannah Garrity (Jr. Player Ensemble)
Savannah Garrity is 8 years old and making her debut with Dramafun! Her love for theater was born from watching her older sister perform in Dramafun musicals.and attending high school theater performances. Savannah would like to thank her mom for bringing her to her rehearsals and Courtenay for teaching her and making this so much fun!
Emery Gilrein (Jr. Player Ensemble)
Emery is 9 years old and this is her debut with Dramafun. Emery loves performing and can't wait to do it on stage. In addition to drama, Emery is in competitive gymnastics and enjoys playing soccer. She is so excited for this opportunity and can't wait for the show!
Grace Liebowitz (Jr. Player Ensemble)
Grace is very enthusiastic about acting for the first time with Dramafun!! Grace is a fifth grader who loves to play the piano and enjoys creative writing. She is so happy that, with the support of her family, she can get to enjoy the spotlight of the stage.
Olivia Michniewicz (Jr. Player Ensemble)
Olivia Michniewicz is 9 years old and lives in Sandwich, MA. Olivia attended Dramafun camp this past summer and was part of The Jungle Book production in addition to Dramafun’s recent production of Oliver Jr. In addition to singing and acting, she enjoys playing sports, dancing, drawing and spending time in nature. Olivia is so grateful for her drama teacher and her parents for all their support.
Fallon "Luz" Myers (Jr. Player Ensemble)
Fallon is 9 and a half years old. This is her 4th performance with Dramafun and she is looking forward to continuing on with it next session. When Fallon isn't performing she can be found playing with her friends in the neighborhood, drawing, painting, sculpting, playing her viola, and hanging with her Dogs, Rabbit, and Guinea pigs.
Brielle Ring (Jr. Player Ensemble)
Brielle is excited to be a part of her first Dramafun production this spring. Inspired by her older sister, Natalie, Brielle has come to enjoy her time singing and dancing and is eager to make her debut in Raise Your Voice. In her free time, she loves to go horseback riding, play outside, and spending time with her family. Brielle would like to thank her mom, dad, and big sister for all of their love and encouragement.
Maggie Seymour (Jr. Player Ensemble)
Maggie is in 2nd grade, and she loves to sing, draw, and play with her three cats. She is excited for her first production with Dramafun!
McKinley Strand (Jr. Player Ensemble)
McKinley Strand is 9 years old and in 3rd grade. In addition to acting/singing, she enjoys baseball, soccer, reading and loves dogs. She is very excited to be a part of Raise Your Voice and perform with her friends. McKinley is very grateful for her supportive family.