Jane Eyre: The Musical Cast

Eve Pierce (Jane Eyre)
Eve is a spunky and beautiful eighteen year old here at ConVal High School. She spends most of her time reciting Shakespeare or fawning over her gorgeous friend Ella. She has thoroughly enjoyed the process of pulling this show together and can't wait to show you what she's done with her character.
Reagan Riffle (Young Jane/Adele)
Reagan is a ConVal freshman this year and enjoys her 6th year of theater this spring. She loves to run and play soccer as well as sing and act in musical theater.
Patrick LaCroix (John Reed, Colonel Dent)
Kylie Boyle (Mrs. Reed)
Kylie is a Junior and she has been in so many shows she has lost count!
Liam McCall (Brockelhurst, Mason, St. John Rivers)
Liam McCall is a sophomore. He has performed in ConVal shows for two years. He is excited to perform in "Jane Eyre."
Alexis Cleary (Miss Scatcherd, Louisa Eshton, Props)
Alexis is currently a sophomore at Conval. She has been in 2 other Conval shows other than Jane Eyre. She started acting at the beginning of middle school and has since loved it! Alexis has had the honor of playing previous roles such as the Greek goddess Persophone, the Dutchess in Alison in Wonderland, a Mersister in the little mermaid and a lilypad pushing the boat in the "Kiss the Girl" scene.
Katie Whitaker (Helen Burns)
This will be Katie's third time acting in a show and her first ever ConVal theatre production! When she isn't acting she can be found stage managing shows, writing anything from short stories to songs, and driving her friend Eve places. She has had a great time bonding with the cast and crew whilst working on this show and is very happy her friends convinced her to audition.
Abby Theberge (Mrs. Fairfax)
Abby is a Freshman at ConVal and a resident of Hancock. She is a huge thespian and loves all things music! She reads, writes, and sings in her free time, and is a member of ConVal’s girls A cappella group, “The Clef Hangers”. She’s currently writing a play based on the story of The Lost Colony. This is Abby’s fifth show with the ConVal Drama Department. She hopes all of her castmates break a leg and find their liberty.
Sean Roberts (Robert)
Sean Roberts is in his Junior year at ConVal and has been doing theatre since seventh grade. His very first role was as Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at South Meadow Middle School. At ConVal he has been involved with shows such as Beauty and the Beast, Sprung- A Rite for Festival, Singin’ in the Rain, Today’s Soul Sales, Illusions in Crimson and a few more. Sean is looking forward to his Senior year of highschool and can’t wait to continue further with his high school theatre experience.
Katorina Keenan (Grace Poole)
Tori is a Senior at ConVal Regional High School. This will be her second appearance in a ConVal Production. She previously was in the student written and produced show, Today's Soul Sales. She is looking forward to putting on an amazing performance for everyone attending.
Riley Bemont (Edward Fairfax Rochester)
Riley is a senior at ConVal and is participating in his 8th ConVal Theater production. Outside of theater, you can find Riley participating in the Music Department in 3 choirs and the Morin Tune A Capella group. He hopes to continue theater and music while attending Plymouth State University.
Grace Christensen (Blanche Ingram)
Grace Christensen is a Sophomore at ConVal Regional High School. This is her second musical as a student at the high school, and she has previously acted in four other summer musicals at ConVal. Past roles include: Joanne in Godspell and Kathy Selden in Singin in the Rain Jr.. Grace also acted in plays all throughout her time attending middle school; her favorite role was playing Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She has been singing in choral groups since she was seven years old and has been taking voice lessons for four years. She is very excited to have the opportunity to play Blanche Ingram in the musical Jane Eyre and she hopes that you enjoy this production.
Anna McGuiness (Lady Ingram)
Anna McGuiness is a junior at ConVal. She serves on Thespian Council, and loves participating in shows in every capacity.
Ella McCullough (Mary Ingram)
Ella Mccullough is a sophomore at ConVal High School. She somehow is able to be the human form of beauty and talent all in one. Ella likes acting, french fries, and moderate walks on the beach. She can’t wait for you to immerse yourself in this show, enjoy!!!
Anna Taylor (Amy Eshton)
Anna Taylor is a freshmen at Conval. She has done many plays in the past but this is her first musical!
Paulina Allen (Mrs. Dent)
Paulina is a homeschooler who takes several classes at Conval. She belongs to two choirs outside of school. She has participated in several plays at Conval including Beauty and the Beast and Pride @ Prejudice.
Cheyenne Heinselman (The Figure/Bertha Mason)
Cheyenne is a junior and this is her fifth musical production at ConVal. She enjoys goblins, writing, and Star Wars and will one day control an entire flock of birds.
Odessa Vassar (Vicar)
Odessa is a sophomore at ConVal and she has participated in three other ConVal shows, besides "Jane Eyre." She can't wait to show you this fantastic production that the cast and crew have put their heart and soul into!
Ashlie Chandler (Schoolgirl, Ensemble)
This is Ashlie’s first theater production. She has been in chorus as a soprano since 5th grade and is now swapping between that and alto. Ashlie is very excited to give it a try and see where it goes. Hopefully she will do more productions.