Once Cast

Girl (Laura Houle)
Laura is so excited to be playing the part of Girl for her first musical at Concord High School. She has participated in the Senior Directed One-Acts for two years, and she played in the pit orchestra for Concord High School's production of 26 Pebbles. Laura would like to thank all of the directors and people involved in bringing this production to life. She would also like to thank her parents and her friends for always encouraging and supporting her. Enjoy the show!
Guy (Jake Orlen)
Jake is "pumped" to be a part of this production of Once. This is his last show at Concord High, but his first musical at CHS due to COVID. Jake is going to college to study Musical Theatre in the fall, and is thrilled to improve his craft a little bit more every day for the rest of his life. Past Credits Include: "Man" in "When She Had Wings", Combeferre and Bamatabois in Les Miz, and one of his favorites: Bert in Marry Poppins when he was in Middle School. He is so grateful for everyone who has helped and supported him through his journey, and hopes that you say Hi after the show. Hope you enjoy!
Billy (Caleb Jackson)
Caleb Jackson (Billy) - This is Caleb's first Musical here at Concord High School and he is super excited to be preforming in one of his favorite musicals. Past credits include: Frozen Jr. (King of Arendelle), All Shook Up Jr. (Sheriff Earl) and Pirates of Penzance Jr. (Pirate King). Caleb would like to give a big thank you to the amazing cast, crew, music directors, and mastermind Klose for all of the skills and fun they bring to the production. He would also like to thank his family for all of their support. Now go get something from the bar and enjoy the show!
Bank Manager (Chris Renaud)
Christopher Renaud is a senior at Concord High School and is excited to perform in his final performance with CAST. Some of his past credits include Gomez Addams (The Addams Family), Ralph (Lord of the Flies), Evan Goldman (13 the Musical), and Billy Elliot (Billy Elliot). Although Chris enjoys performing, his passion is in playing and writing music. He has played in many orchestra pits and written music for many shows, including When She Had Wings, 26 Pebbles, Beyond Us, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He would like to thank his family, particularly his stage managing sister Courtney and his friends for supporting through this production and through the years. He would also like to thank Mr. Klose, Mr. Cohen, Ms. Cowette, Mr, Hatab, and Ms. Head for all they’ve done to make this production happen. Enjoy the show!
Reza (Thuy Schmitz)
Thuy Schmitz (Reza) - This is Thuy's ("Twee") first musical here at Concord High and they are incredibly thrilled to be participating in this production. She has been playing the violin/fiddle for almost 11 years and Once is the perfect fusion of her two passions. Past credits include: 'Night, Mother (Jessie), Almost, Maine (Shelly), the Lion King Jr. (Timon) and Alice in Wonderland Jr. (the Queen of Hearts.) Thuy thanks Mr. Klose, Mrs. Cowette, and Mr. Cohen for all of their hard work, along with all of the other techies who helped bring this show to life. She also wants to say thank you to her cast for being the most welcoming, supportive, and astonishingly talented group of people. Lastly, Thuy hopes their senior friends have an amazing time after graduation, and wants them to know that they've inspired her everyday. Enjoy the show!
Baruska (Myrick Oxnard)
Myrick Oxnard (Baruska) - Myrick is a freshman at CHS, and this is her first musical here and second time onstage! Her first acting experience was playing one of the Three Little Pigs in Shrek the Musical. She is very excited to be playing Baruska, and wants to thank everybody who helped make this musical possible, especially Dr. Varga, who lent her his accordion for the show. She also wants to thank her family and friends for tolerating her constant singing :) Enjoy the show, everybody!!
Svec (Ryder Fisk)
Ryder T. Fisk (Svec) - Ryder has performed in a vast variety of performances however none as unique as this. One may say it is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity to see this production. Of the over 25 shows Ryder has performed in, the most notable include Frozen Jr. (Duke of Weaseltown), Pirates of Penzance (Major General), and Hairspray (Wilbur Turnblad). When not on the stage you may find Ryder practicing the saxophone, watching Jeopardy, or enjoying some Sunday Night Football. Ryder would like to thank his cast mates as well as Mr. Klose, Mr. Cohen, and Ms. Cowette for making this show such an enjoyable experience to try something new and get back into musical theater after a nearly two year hiatus. Lastly, despite the name of the show, Ryder would hope that you consider watching this performance TWICE. Thanks Mom & Dad!
Eamon (Gavin Johnson)
Gavin Johnson (Eamon) Gavin is thrilled to be a part of the CHS production of Once. Past credits include: Almost Maine (Jimmy/Steve), When She Had Wings (Wingman), The Secret Garden (Colin), and others. Gavin would like to thank his director and everyone in the cast for making Once such a great experience. Enjoy the show!
Andrej (Ryley Nash)
Ryley Nash (Andrej) - This is Ryley’s third musical at Concord High School and they are so excited to be playing Andrej. They are a senior and have been in the CHS drama club since freshman year. Past Credits include: Almost, Maine (Hope), Chicago (Ensemble), The Addams Family (Ensemble). Rye would like to thank everyone involved in this production for making their last show at Concord High extra special. They would also like to thank their family for all of their support throughout the years. Enjoy the show!
Ensemble (Kathryn Langille)
Kathryn is ecstatic to be finishing off her time with CAST as a member of Once's dynamic ensemble! A member of her various school's orchestras for 8 years and a vocal student for 2 years, she has truly relished in the chance to grow through this show. Past Credits include: Shrek Jr. (Storyteller #2), Any Body For Tea? (Elizabeth), Les Misérables: High School Edition (Montparnasse/Prostitute), It's Not You, It's Me (Catherine). Kathryn would like to thank the fantastic CAST community for all of their support, and the CHS music department for giving her a space to find herself. Kathryn will be continuing her studies at Saint Anselm College as a Psychology major, and hopes to pursue theatre in her extracurriculars. Enjoy the show!
Ex-Girlfriend (Angela Vasquez)
Angela Vasquez (Ex-Girlfriend) - Angela is a senior at CHS and is excited to be performing in this year's production of Once. Her past credits include: Once on this Island (Asaka) and The Lion King (Zazu). She would like to thank her family for all of the support and her director, Mr. Klose, for giving her this opportunity. Enjoy the show!
Ensemble (Sarah Malette)
Sarah has been doing theatre for 7 years, and has been in over 13 shows. Previously she has been Dorothy in Wizard of Oz (RB) and Frances in Mourning House (Senior One Acts) and B in When She Had Wings (Festival). Besides theatre, Sarah spends her time singing, dancing, playing the clarinet, and biking. Enjoy the show!
Ensemble/Guitar (Taylor Minery)
Taylor Minery (Ensemble)- Once is Taylor's first time in a drama production, and he is looking forward to be supporting his fellow cast members. Taylor has had past musical performances with CHS, including the school's Jazz Band, along with the since dissolved Pit Club, and is excited to add this production to his portfolio. Taylor would like to thank his cat Buddy, and his Gibson Explorer for helping him and encouraging him to practice and perfect his craft, and he is ready to rock and roll. 🎸🥁🎷
Ensemble/Percussion (Karl Surmanis)
This is Karl’s first musical at Concord High, and he’s excited to be joining the cast of talented actors and musicians that make up the show. Karl gives a big thank you to the music and stage directors, as well as the choreographer, stage manager, and everyone else working behind the scenes to get the show running.
Da (Ryan Sheehan)