Mamma Mia! Cast

Brooke Gucker (Sophie Sheridan)
Brooke Gucker (junior) is beyond excited to put on the musical "Mamma Mia!" and play the role of Sophie Sheridan. She has been in multiple shows throughout her high school career such as "Little Women" and "Beauty and the Beast". Brooke is also involved in the cross-county, basketball and track team, along with the crescendo show choir, student council, student leadership, and NHS. She is so proud of the group's work and hopes you “lay all your love” on the show!
Madison Vasel (Donna Sheridan)
Madison Vasel (senior) is excited to perform in her final musical for you! Though this is her last year on stage, she has been a member of the Drama Club for the past four years! You may have seen her in "Steel Magnolias", "Beauty and the Beast", "Clue", "Little Women" and "Twelve Angry Jurors". While Madison is the current president of the Drama Club, she is also a member of National Honors Society, Crescendo Choir and works in a group home for the developmentally disabled. After graduation, Madison plans on attending the University of Akron in pursuit of her Bachelor of Nursing Science degree. Madison hopes you enjoy the show because the rehearsals have been “slipping through her fingers”!
Claire Vaughn (Tanya)
Claire Vaughn (junior) is excited to be a part of Drama Club again this year. She has been in the understudy performance of "Clue" as Mrs. White, in "Beauty and the Beast" as part of the ensemble, and in one of the casts of "Steel Magnolias" as Clairee. Outside of drama she is a member of Student Council, NHS, and Hope Squad. She is also on the varsity volleyball team. She wishes everyone the best of luck with the show and hopes that you enjoy it!
Aubrie Hayhurst (Rosie)
Aubrie Hayhurst (senior) is eager to perform her role as Rosie in her tenth production for the CHS Drama Club. Her past shows include "Steel Magnolias", "Fortunes Tell $1", "Beauty and the Beast", "Clue", "This is a Test", "Little Women", "12 Angry Jurors", "All Shook Up!", and "You’re Driving Me Crazy!" Aside from displaying a wide range of characters onstage, she also participates in several activities with the CHS, including Marching Band and the Varsity Swim Team. After graduation, she plans on attending Bowling Green State University to major in English and Education, in hopes of becoming a high school English teacher. She has worked efficiently and enthusiastically on this production, and hope you can take a chance on this show! :)
Brett Gucker (Sam Carmichael)
Brett Gucker (senior) is ecstatic to get the opportunity to put on a musical this spring and play the role of Sam Carmichael. You may remember him as Cogsworth in "Beauty and the Beast" last year. Outside of drama Brett is also a part of the track and cross country teams, the robotics team, CRU, chess club, student leadership team and NHS. After high school Brett is undecided on a college but is planning to study biomedical engineering with hopes to get a master’s. He hopes you all think the show is pretty cool!
Ethan Vaughn (Harry Bright)
Ethan Vaughn (senior) is a cool guy, and he’s very happy to get to play Harry Bright in Cloverleaf’s production of "Mamma Mia!" this year. Outside of the musical, Ethan is involved in Cross Country, Track, the robotics team, student leadership team, NHS, and chess club. After high school, Ethan plans to study Biomedical Engineering at either Ohio Northern or Miami. Last year, Ethan played Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast", and he hopes you enjoy this production just as much as he does!
Vladimir Herdman (Bill Anderson)
Vladimir Herdman (senior) is in his second show ever! His past experience was with last year's "Beauty and the Beast" musical production as Gaston. Off the stage, Vladimir is involved in NHS and the robotics club, as well as varsity cross country, swimming, and track. Vladimir is excited to work alongside a wonderful cast this year for the show!
Dylan Bresnahan (Sky)
Dylan Bresnahan (junior) is excited to be a part of this spring’s musical. He was in the musical last spring. Outside of the musical, Dylan is on the football and soccer teams, he runs track, and he is involved in Student Leadership, NHS, choir, and a class officer. He hopes that you enjoy the show.
Grace Goldsberry (Ali)
Grace Goldsberry (junior) is very excited to play Ali in "Mamma Mia!" this year. She has performed in past shows including "Beauty and the Beast", "Steel Magnolias", "Clue", "12 Angry Jurors", "Little Women", and several one acts. When she is not performing, Grace is part of the volleyball team, swim team, track and field team, student leadership, NHS, and class officers. Grace has had so much fun being a part of the cast this year, and she wishes the cast the best of luck and hopes everyone enjoys the show as much as she does.
Sarah Naftzger (Lisa)
Sarah Naftzger (junior) is very excited to be a part of the musical this year. This is her fourth time performing on stage with the High School Drama Club. She played the understudy for Mrs. Peacock in the 2021 fall production of "Clue", and was part of the ensemble in "Beauty and the Beast" last spring. Outside of Drama Club, Sarah is also involved in Huddle, Student Leadership, Chatter, soccer, swim, and track. She hopes that everyone enjoys the show as the cast and crew have worked very hard for this performance!
Landon Southam (Pepper)
Landon Southam (sophomore) is thrilled to be a part of "Mamma Mia!". This is his first musical and first time being involved with CHS drama club. Landon also enjoys family and friends, running cross-country and track, and is a kids leader at his church. He looks forward to his first musical and hopes you enjoy the show.
Caleb Neville (Eddie)
Caleb Neville (freshman) is excited to be part of the "Mamma Mia!" and take on the role of Eddie. This is Caleb’s first drama production in high school. Outside of school Caleb participates in Cross Country and is in Student Council. Caleb enjoys spending time with his family and friends.
Gavin Oakes (Father Alexandrios)
Gavin Oakes (sophomore) is amazed that he gets to be a part of a performance like the ones he's seen in theaters his whole life. Gavin is excited to use the skills he's learned from choir to contribute to the musical. This is his first time ever performing in theater and is excited to watch and see how all these amazing performances come to life from an actor's perspective.
Addison Leonard (Sophie [Understudy]/Ensemble)
Addison Leonard (sophomore) has been in multiple shows in the past, including "Clue" and "Beauty and the Beast". She has also been assistant director in a few productions at Cloverleaf Middle School. Outside of school, Addison participates in the girls golf team, the Colt’s gymnastics team, competitive club gymnastics, D.A.R.E. mentoring, and the student leadership team. Especially since most of the cast and crew members are involved in sports and clubs, she is so proud of everyone who came together to create this awesome show. She hopes everyone has a great time!
Alyssa Bergman (Donna [Understudy]/Ensemble)
Reese Swiney (Tanya [Understudy]/Ensemble)
Reese Swiney (junior) is at the MCCC for cosmetology. She’s a cheerleader and has been in 4 musicals. She hopes you enjoy the show.
Elizabeth Stensaker (Rosie [Understudy]/Ensemble)
Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stensaker (junior) is performing in her third CHS production, the most recent being the fall play, "Steel Magnolias". She is performing as an understudy and in the ensemble for this production! Outside of theater, she is included in organizations such as World Language Club, NHS, and the Boy Scouts of America. She is extremely excited to share the stage with her fellow cast and crew, and can’t wait to show this production to the Cloverleaf community!
Abby Bates (Ali [Understudy]/Ensemble)
Abby Bates (freshman) is very excited to be an understudy and part of the ensemble for this year's production of "Mamma Mia!" She played the part of Annelle in the fall production, "Steel Magnolias", and is thrilled to be in her first musical at Cloverleaf. During her free time, Abby enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her friends. She loves being part of this cast and hopes everyone will come and enjoy the show.
Gabrielle Colahan (Ensemble)
Gabby Colahan (junior) is going to perform her best in the ensemble this year! In the past, she was in the ensemble of "Beauty and the Beast". In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering at her church and playing on the school’s varsity tennis team. She hopes that you enjoy the show!
Ethan DeCoster (Ensemble)
Ethan DeCoster (freshman) is ecstatic to join the ensemble this year. Recently, for his first play, he was on light duty for Steel Magnolias. He is very excited to finally be on stage and sing his heart out in this next performance. When he is not in drama, he enjoys swimming for the swim team, biking, and camping. He has enjoyed his time on set with all the cast members and hopes to work with them again next school year.
Julia Nagy (Ensemble)
Julia Nagy (sophomore) is in their fourth show with the CHS Drama Club. The shows Julia has participated in so far are "Clue", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Steel Magnolias". At first, Julia started out on crew, however, they are now trying out on stage. Julia hopes you enjoy the show!
Estelle Rasch (Ensemble)
Estelle Rasch (sophomore) is thrilled to be a part of the ensemble in Cloverleaf’s production of "Mamma Mia!" Estelle has been involved in a few other shows, such as "Clue" (2021) in the role of Mr. Boddy, "Beauty and the Beast" (2022) in which she was a part of crew, the role of Angela in the senior-directed one-act "Gossip" (2022), and "Steel Magnolias" (2022) where she played Clairee. Besides Cloverleaf’s Drama Club, she is also involved in the school's Creative Writing Club. Estelle hopes you enjoy this production, and thanks all who are involved in making it possible. She wishes luck to everyone involved and hopes you will love it as much as she does!