Jazz with Jim Performers

Bonnie Quintana (Guest Vocalist)
Bonnie Quintana has been singing professionally in the greater Tampa Bay area since 1977. Getting her start as a young girl in church choirs and ensembles; she quickly evolved into a solo artist, winning several awards and scholarships for her many performances in plays, concerts and glee club programs. As an adult, Bonnie has performed and toured as the fronting vocalist with dozens of bands. Her dynamic voice and 3 ½ octave range has allowed her to excel in diverse styles of music, with a strong propensity for blues and jazz. She’s currently circuiting as guest vocalist with several central Florida Big Bands, and is the lead vocalist for The Jazz Cellar Underground Orchestra.
Jim Burge (Saxophone)
Ron Delp (Keyboard)
Jeff Henson (Drums)
Mike Ruven (Bass)