Guys and Dolls Cast

Elsie Call (Adelaide)
Elsie Call is a junior at CVHS. She loves this show and getting to play Adelaide almost as much as she loves Taylor Swift. Her family is excited for her to perform outside her daily shower concerts. She’s been a part of 4 shows at CVHS and many others before. She loves this program so much, in fact she’s recruited nearly all her besties…. you know who you are ;). She’s grateful to her director, parents, and everyone behind the scenes.
Anya Mclelland (Adelaide)
I’m Anya Mclelland and I am so excited to take on the role of Adelaide in my Senior year at Canyon View High School. This will be my 7th show with CVHS and I have loved all the opportunities I’ve had. I have also participated in numerous community productions since age 6. I am looking forward to continuing my “dramatic” life by attending college to achieve a BFA in Musical Theatre. I love the energy of live theatre and I can’t wait to share this with all of you!!!
Kaelice Eastman (Sarah Brown)
Hi there!!:) my name is Kaelice Eastman. I'm a junior & this will be my 4th musical with cvhs, my 5th year of theatre, & my 3rd year of classically singing. these past months I feel I've been living the scene in luca where alberto teaches luca to scream "silenzio bruno" to his fears, & immerse himself in the exhilaration of chasing his dreams. & i hope, in a way, you might share that emotion from watching this production. I hope to see you there:)
Sydney Bartlett (Sarah Brown)
I am a senior at Canyon View high school, I have been in 5 shows and this is my first lead in a show. I have loved learning about myself through each show growing and becoming more confident in myself. Theses past years in theatre have been the best years of my life, I have made so many memories and new friends. I am so excited to be playing Sarah Brown.
Orlando Sham (Nathan Detroit)
Before entering high school, Orlando Sham worked professionally at a number of large theatre companies throughout his upbringing including the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Southern Utah University Department of Theatre, Dance, and Arts Administration, and the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah. Aside from acting, Orlando has a background in technical theatre, stage management, and graphic design. Last year, Orlando was seen in the CVHS Theatre Department’s production of Mamma Mia as Harry and in their production of The Crucible as Thomas Danforth. Orlando is currently in his sophomore year of high school and aspires to achieve success as a filmmaker after he graduates.
Ryen Bailey (Nathan Detroit)
Ryen is a senior at CVHS. He has performed in the high school’s musical all four years. Most recently he performed in CCCMT production of wizard of Oz as the Tinman. He’d like to thank his family, teachers, coaches and friends for the support they have all shown him.
Andrew Barrick (Sky Masterson)
Hey this is Andrew barrick. I’ve performed theatre for as long as I can remember. Since I was young my mom dragged me into community theatre, and from there I worked with many different theatre company’s around southern Utah. I’ve performed 3 seasons with the Utah Shakespeare Festival. And I love to work with people and make art that makes audiences have a new perspective on life. I loved this process of Guys and Dolls and am exited for future projects!!!
Max Cannon (Sky Masterson)
Hey! I’m Max Cannon. I’m a senior and I’ve been doing theatre since the 7th grade. I’ve been in 8 shows 4 of them with the high school. I’ve loved being able to work through the years and on this show with so many amazing and talented people, and while I’m sad that this is going to be my last show I couldn’t have asked for a better group of co-stars to share the stage with!