About Aquitania

A librarian is transported to a strange country where she matches wits with a bowler-hatted villain.
Magic cake and an ancient board game hold the secrets as our heroine adopts a new kind of logic to save the day. A trio of beautiful sirens add to the enchantment with a score of jazzy French songs.

“A work of haunting visual beauty and mythological resonance…an inventive synthesis of stage, dance, and song in a whimsical fable that plays off the archetypal heroic quest…Aquitania Works wonders!" -Los Angeles Times


Camden Shakespeare Festival

The Camden Shakespeare Festival is a professional, non-profit theatre committed to producing exciting live theatre chiefly in the Camden Amphitheatre. At the core of our mission is a passion to make Shakespeare’s plays accessible to contemporary Maine audiences, especially children. These plays are produced in association with the Camden Public Library.