Six The Musical: Teen Edition Cast

Sara Ackley (Catherine of Aragon)
Sara is a senior at Camden Hills and this is her fourth production at the high school. She was previously in Mamma Mia, A Play With Words, and The Lecaster Fortune. In her spare time Sara likes to read books, listen to copious amounts of music, watch The Great British Baking Show, and do creative writing when time allows. She is very excited to play Catherine of Aragon in this production of Six the Musical and hopes you enjoy the show!
Rosie Fishman (Anne Boleyn)
Rosie is a junior at Chills, and has been in shows at the Strom since freshman year! She’s so excited for you to see the show and hopes you love it!
Kerrigan Peterson (Jane Seymour )
Kerrigan Peterson is a senior at Camden Hills! She has been a part of the theater department for the past 3 years and loves to sing! She plans to attend the University of Maine and major in music education! Kerrigan would like to thank all her teachers that have helped her become who she is today and hopes you enjoy the show!
Fen Forand (Anne of Cleves (2 shows))
Fen is a senior at Camden Hills! They have acted in 4 productions, and this will be their fifth, and final, show. They plan on going to college in New Brunswick, and (hopefully) continuing their love for acting with college and community productions. While they're sad to be leaving this space, they're excited for whatever comes next!
Charlotte Nelson (Anne of Cleves (2 shows))
Charlotte is extremely excited to show off all the hard work and dedication she and the cast have put into the show! She has loved playing the part of Cleves and putting on Six is a dream come true for her. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she does and is so ecstatic to be sharing it with you!
Annie Costello (Katherine Howard)
Annie is a sophomore and this is her third Camden Hills production. She grew up doing musical theater at her local theater in California. This show is one she has loved since middle school and she is very excited to be apart of it. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Chloe Day-Lynch (Catherine Parr)
Chloe Day-Lynch is a senior and this is her fourth production at Camden Hills! She’s involved in the choral program at CHRHS and also runs on the cross country team. Chloe loves to sing and is also a part of the a capella group Fortissima. She is super excited to be a part of SIX! She hopes you enjoy the show!