That Sinking Feeling: A Titanic Comedy Aboard Three Lifeboats Creative

Student Director
Theo Mastio
Theo is a senior who is co-directing for their first time. They are very excited to put out another show after last year's musical was cancelled, and can't wait for all of those long hours of working on the directing, and editing to finally come to fruition.
Stage Manager
Jannah Fawzy
Jannah Fawzy has been doing theatre at Broad Run since her freshman year. This is her 5th show, but her first show as a stage manager. She had lots of fun filming and kicking Mrs. Hudson out of the room when she starts laughing mid shot. Jannah would like to thank everyone a part of this show for the great memories.
Production Assistant/ Costume and Hair
Natalie Saint-Rossy
Natalie Saint-Rossy is so excited to be able to costume and work with this wacky cast of characters. She thinks that while the costumes looked good on the rack they looked even better on the cast, so kudos to yall you rock. Even when she was behind the camera she still ended up in front of it way too often but if anyone asks she was wearing her token gardening gloves for safety. "Thank you all! We should be uber proud of what we accomplished" she would say if this was in first person.
Technical Director
Zoe Anderson
Zoe Anderson is a proud technician ready to make an impact at Broad Run. Although she loves to act, the tech side of her holds her true strengths. She enjoyed the somewhat straight lines she had to paint on the boats and the slight bossing around she had to do. She would like to thank her tech family for teaching her and being her super dope friends. And her mom too for taking her to rehearsal
Video Editor
Noah Kaplan
That Sinking Feeling is Nicholas Kaplan's fourth show at Broad Run, his second one as a technician. He had a lot of fun steaming the monstrous green screen and helping design the lighting for the show. He also had a lot of fun burning his brain out editing the film. He would like to thank his computer for not murdering him as he edited the film.
Video Editor/Sound Designer
Joshua Metzger
Joshua Metzger is a passionate film student helping to produce Broad Run's newest upcoming movie, That Sinking Feeling. Metzger has admired the respect he has gotten from upper management and works harder for it. In an interview with Metzger he stated "I have loved working with broad run and producing this amazing movie, and I can't wait to release it to the public.
Make-up and Hair Designer
Winky Nguyen
Prop Master
Erika Abrillo
Erika Abrillo is a freshman who worked as the prop master for That Sinking Feeling and has a passion for creativity. She thanks Mrs. Hudson for giving her this opportunity, the crew for helping out when needed, and her parents for their loving support. She looks forward to working on upcoming BRHS productions in the future and had fun working on this one this year.
Set Crew
Jacob Metzger
Set Crew
Frank Ezui
Set Crew/Commercial Editor
Amann Iqbal
Set Crew
Aiden Presley
Makeup/Hair/Costume Crew
Christina Russell
Christina Russell had had such a great time designing costumes and makeup looks for That Sinking Feeling. This is the first show that she has ever worked on.
Makeup/Hair/Costume Crew
Kermena Sameul
This was Kermena’s first show with the BRHS Theater group, the first person she would like to thank is Mrs Hudson for giving her the opportunity to spend this amazing time. Secondly she would like to thank her crew team that she worked with because they were amazing. She will definitely be more involved with theater maybe as a cast member next time.
Light Crew
Kate Baltazar-Toral

Thank you to all the wonderful behind the scenes help we had to make this happen!