That Sinking Feeling: A Titanic Comedy Aboard Three Lifeboats Cast

Kyleigh Loy is a senior who has been a part of the Broad Run Theater department since her freshman year. She's been in shows such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and The Great Gatsby. In her junior year, she assistant directed Clue: On Stage and helped to choreograph Little Shop of Horrors. Outside of school, she dances at Studio Bleu Dance Center. She would like to thank everyone for making these past few years so amazing.
Maggie Kapczynski (JOHN “JOCK” HUME)
Maggie Kapczynski has been with Broad Run Theatre since she was a sophomore and is excited for That Sinking Felling to come out! This is her sixth show and she enjoyed the whole process of filming as a way to keep theatre open during COVID. She would also like to thank her family for supporting her and all of the other Thespians in theatre for being so awesome! Enjoy the show! "
Gabriel Saines (PERCY TAYLOR)
Gabriel Saines is performing in his first play at Broad Run, and the 5th show he has ever been in. He had so much fun working with new people. He also had a great time working on this during these times and he can't wait to do more.
Anna Koutsouftikis (MARIA)
Anna K is preforming in her second play at Broad Run, and the third show she's ever been in. She had so much fun throwing bread at a plastic duck and writing weird scripts. She would like to thank her mom, her sister, and Mrs. Hudson for being so swag! :)
Natalie Saint-Rossy (GEORGE SYMONS)
Natalie Saint-Rossy is stoked to be working with this amazing set of cast/crew/directors! Through being on book for most of the other film sessions, she probably knew everyone else's lines better than her own, and she still managed to screech her way through her own part. Nat would like to give a special shout out to her water-repellent pants for making the "pees himself" blocking really hard (the audacity of her pants to ruin the suspension of disbelief ).
Naomi would like to thank her dog Eli for barking at her family to open the door when she came back home from rehearsal. It was very cold outside and she did not like waiting out in the cold. Eli also provided warmth right as she got inside
Juliann Jacobs is excited to be performing in her 7th production here at Broad Run. She is thankful that during her senior year, there is still a production going on and that with these different times, Broad Run Theatre can still make an impact within the community with entertainment. Good luck to all!
Katelyn Smith is a freshman at Broad Run who is participating in their newest production, "That Sinking Feeling." She is loving playing Sam and Fredrick, and can't wait for future productions. Katelyn loves theatre and performing, and loves being a part of productions. She wants to thank her parents and other family members for being supportive, and her brother for performing with her, or cheering her on
Hannah Scarlatoiu (CARMELITA VARGAS)
Hannah Scarlatoiu has been involved with the performing arts since she was very young. She loves singing, acting, and dance. Thanks to Broad Run Theatre, she was able to learn how to say ‘pregnant’ and ‘shirt’ in spanish.
Swing/Commercial Actor (Eugene Channell)
Skyyla Mark is honored to act in this production and would like to thank Broad Run's theatre for all the memories made and the stellar people she's met
Grace Nambo (VIVIAN)
Sarah Jakubowski (CLAIRE INGRAM)
Sarah Jakubowski is overjoyed to be playing Claire in That Sinking Feeling. She thoroughly enjoyed making the crew laugh behind the camera and She would like to give a shout-out to the cast and crew who donated their time to put on a wonderful show in the midst of the pandemic.
Kaitlyn Kirkpatrick (TABITHA BUTTONS)
Kaitlyn Kirkpatrick is thrilled to be in this amazing show. She has enjoyed playing buttons, and can't wait to see everything come together. She would also like to thank her director and the cast for all of their hard work on this show.
Tristan Fishel is a junior who is excited to return to Broad Run Theater this year. He enjoyed playing Jacques Futrelle in the brief spaces of time he was able to keep his cat from blocking the camera, and he looks forward to seeing the final product despite his intense hatred of the ocean.
Amarissa Salama (Swing/Commercial Actor)
Amarissa Salama is a very strong theatre lover and is so glad to have been apart of her second play and third show that she’s done at Broad Run. She’s to thankful for the experience and getting to learn so many different roles, while also learning so many new things and techniques. She would like to thank her family for being so supportive and she would also like to thank everyone who took part in this show for being so amazing!
Madeline Dearie (ALLISON CARVER)
Madeline Dearie is extremely excited for her final play here at Broad Run High School. She’s loved getting to meet all of the amazing people involved in this department, and she couldn’t ask for a better senior year production. Madeline has had a blast working with the cast and crew of That Sinking Feeling, and hopes everyone enjoys the play as much as she did working on it! She wants to thank everyone for all of the amazing hard work and love put into this production!
Samantha Fila is ecstatic that she gets one last great show at Broad Run. She’d like to thank the entire boat 3 cast, our amazing director Theo, and Mrs. Hudson. Thanks for making her Covid senior year worth it.
Mike spage has had a great time participating in the show "that sinking feeling" and is excited for it to be shown at the Alamo. He has never done anything like this before, but he did not let that stop him. He gives thanks to the extraordinary work of the technical team, his dad for helping get this shown at the alamo, and Mrs. Hudson for stepping up during quarantine and creating a great show.
Rachael McNutt is delighted to be making her Broad Run debut as non other than the famous actress Dorothy Gibson. Rachael is a passionate actor, photographer, writer and director who will pour her heart into any creative project she can get her hands on. She is grateful to her friends and family for their unwavering support and would like to thank the cast and crew of That Sinking Feeling for making this such a rewarding experience.
Jack Brodsky is a freshman who is participating in his first production at broad run. He is enjoying playing the tastyman Richard parker. He would like the he's looking forward for his friends and family to see the final production.
Ailish Cole (HUDSON/Commercial Actor)
Ailish is a theatre addict, and can't get enough of performing. This is her second time being, "on stage," at Broad Run and her third show she's been apart of. She would like to thank Jesus Christ for blessing her with this opportunity, and the cast and crew of That Sinking Feeling for being so amazing.